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Best Seller Roses in Zhytomyr

Discount 5%

Bright Roses Heart
$ 89 $ 85
29 Red Roses in Box
$ 97
11 Roses Mix in Box
$ 45
21 Mix Color Roses
$ 55
$ 35

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35 Red White Roses
$ 99 $ 94
9 Red Roses
$ 27
11 Red Roses
$ 33

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25 Red Roses
$ 69 $ 66
True Feelings
$ 89

Best Seller Flowers in Zhytomyr

Need You Much
$ 45
White Elegance
$ 35
Spring Splash
$ 65
Simply Miss You
$ 34
Spray Color Mix
$ 42
Elegance Bouquet
$ 45
Elegant Stars
$ 48
Amazing Feelings Bouquet
$ 45

Best Seller Gifts in Zhytomyr

Giant Teddy Bear
$ 89
Nutella Hazelnut Spread
$ 6
I Love You Balloon
$ 10
Luxury Sparkling Gift Basket
$ 66
Choco Bars Gift Basket
$ 39
Orchid two stems
$ 30
Carolina Herrera Good Girl
$ 75
Semi-sweet Champagne
$ 12

New Arrivals

Cake Knyazhiy
$ 19
Pistachio Ice-cream Cake
$ 65
Poster with your photo
$ 35
ChocoBasket 8 (via Post Only)
$ 69
ChocoBasket 7 (via Post Only)
$ 65
ChocoBasket 6 (via Post Only)
$ 49
ChocoBasket 5 (via Post Only)
$ 45
ChocoBasket 4 (via Post Only)
$ 42

Flowers and Gifts Delivery in Zhytomyr

Premium delivery of flowers and gifts to Zhytomyr (Ukraine) at an affordable price - is this possible? With the international courier company Ukraineflora, nothing is impossible! We deliver flowers and gifts to order from various parts of the world to any Ukrainian locality to recipients personally, offering American-level service at a reasonable cost and with a guarantee of the quality of each product. The freshest flowers, fruits, cakes, alcohol, food baskets in Zhytomyr and other luxury goods - each of our clients is surrounded by care and attention, regardless of the volume of the order.

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Flowers and gifts delivery in Zhytomyr region

One of the main features of our company is the ability to send to any district of the Ukrainian city and to other parts of the regions. Ukraineflora is proud to provide fast delivery of flowers and gifts to the center and throughout Zhytomyr (home, office, hospital, etc.), namely:

  • Bogunsky district – here are various monuments to the past, such as barracks and the S.P. Korolev Institute. Also in this place you can enjoy the beauty of the Kamenka River, parks and squares for walking.
  • Korolevsky - the district is named after the outstanding Ukrainian designer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. There are educational and scientific institutions here, including the Zhytomyr Military Institute.
  • ZIL is a microdistrict with a diverse industrial heritage. Commercial enterprises, shops and restaurants are located here.
  • Maryanovka is famous for its cultural attractions. In this area there is the Maryanovskaya Church and the History Museum, traditional events and festivals are held.
  • The northern region is one of the most diverse and picturesque. Here you can find both residential areas and numerous shopping and entertainment centers.
  • Polevaya (“East”) is a modern microdistrict with developed infrastructure. There are many shops, restaurants, and sports clubs here.
  • Korbutovka is an area with beautiful nature and cozy streets. On the shores of local lakes, in the silence of the forest, there are dachas and cottages.
  • Khmilniki – in this area you can see the Khmelnytsky temple, unique ancient buildings and streets.
  • Kroshnya is an area with a diverse character of development. It contains both residential buildings and commercial buildings.
  • Malevanka is a residential neighborhood with a well-developed infrastructure. There are many shops, schools, kindergartens and small parks for family recreation.
  • Smolyanka is a beautiful green area with a lot of natural areas.
  • Putyatinka is an area named due to the Malaya Putyatinka River, as well as its proximity to the areas of Levkovka, Vostochny, Smolyanka, Music Factory and Old Town. In the past, food warehouses and the Market Square were located here, and in the 19th century the area was considered a place of rural development. In the post-war period, two-story residential buildings, as well as high-rise apartment buildings, were actively built on Putyatinka, including the tallest residential building in the city with 16 floors.

We work not only in the city itself, but also in the region: in Zhytomyr, Berdich, Zvyagel and Korostensky districts. Contact us if you are interested in affordable delivery of bouquets, gifts, cakes to Berdichev, Korosten, Zvyagel, Korostyshev, Radomyshl, Baranovka, Olevsk, Malin, Ovruch and other large and small settlements.

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Ukraineflora in Zhytomyr - flowers and gifts delivery service #1

Through dedication, thoughtful service and the widest range of products for any event, we have won the trust of literally thousands of customers from all over the world. Our range includes flowers and gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, weddings, anniversaries and other events: from romantic meetings to corporate events. Ukraineflora's team of professional florists, with the ability to process orders around the clock, is ready to help you choose the perfect bouquet to suit your budget. You can look behind the scenes of our creative process and see how our masters create custom-made bouquets in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnepr, Lviv, Kriviy Rig, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, etc.).

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Super fast and urgent flower delivery in Zhytomyr

The moments when we need to order a bouquet often happen spontaneously. This could be urgent congratulations on your anniversary, an apology for a misunderstanding, or even a simple desire to make a pleasant surprise. In such situations, every minute matters, and that is why fast delivery of gifts to Ukraine becomes necessary. Our team of professionals is ready to complete your order as quickly as possible so that the flowers arrive on time and in excellent condition.

It doesn’t matter how urgently you need bouquets delivered in Zhytomyr - our service is ready to do everything possible to turn your important day into a bright and memorable event. Surprise your loved ones and friends with colorful flowers by ordering same-day delivery from our trusted service.

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5 reasons to choose Ukraineflora in Zhytomyr

  1. Quality guarantee. We cooperate only with reliable suppliers and purchase flowers from florist bases with an ideal reputation, and not from dubious resellers. This allows us to guarantee the premium quality of each bud and keep affordable prices for flowers delivered to Zhytomyr.
  2. Professional florists. Our staff includes only experienced specialists who will lovingly select the most beautiful bouquets and gifts for any event.
  3. Protect shipping. Items will be shipped in an air-conditioned vehicle to preserve their freshness and beauty. We do not use ready-made kits - all orders are collected no earlier than 2 hours before departure, which is an additional guarantee of excellent quality and premium appearance.
  4. Special offers. With us, you can get discounts on your first and subsequent orders, as well as fair prices without crazy markups.
  5. VIP service. Ukraineflora works 24/7 without weekends, lunches and holidays. We provide premium quality services, combining the best of American service with the Ukrainian soul. In addition, you have the opportunity to receive a photo or video report of the delivery of the order to the recipient, if necessary.

With us, you can order delivery of gifts personally in Zhytomyr or to a Nova Poshta branch. In any case, we undertake to control excellent quality and agreed deadlines.

Decorate any day of your family and friends with original gifts and fresh flowers from Ukraineflora!

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