Food Baskets Delivery in Ukraine

Red Caviar (small jar)
$ 24
Huge Citrus Gift Basket
$ 39
Yummy Fruits Gift Basket
$ 39

Discount %

Original Fruits Gift Basket
$ 40
Fruits Set Gift Basket
$ 40
Choco Bars Gift Basket
$ 42
Chocolate Surprise basket
$ 43
Tasty Treat Gift Basket
$ 45
Fruits & Foods Gift Basket
$ 45
Happy Birthday Gift Basket
$ 45
Cheese & Fruits Gift Basket
$ 49
Sweet Evening Basket
$ 52
Respect Gift Basket
$ 52
Kinder Small Gift Basket
$ 53
Tropical Gift Basket
$ 53
Say Hello Gift Basket
$ 55

Delivery of food baskets in Ukraine

On a holiday, on a special occasion and without any reason to sincerely express admiration, respect, gratitude, congratulations on the occasion can be an exquisite way, being far from loved ones - order delivery of baskets and sets in Ukraine in our online store. You can order festive sets from us depending on the season and for any holiday.

Birthday, wedding, anniversary

Even in winter, we will deliver the best varieties of fresh local and exotic fruits (apples, grapes, bananas, oranges, kiwi, and many others) and berries. Complete with cookies, crackers, and tea, they are assembled by the company's specialists in exquisite, colorful natural styles. Aesthetic, fragrant, healthy, and very tasty. Fresh fruits and berries - a charge of summer energy, vigor, and excellent mood!

Valentine's Day

Even being abroad, you can pleasantly surprise your chosen one in Ukraine by delivering a basket with a pleasant surprise on Valentine's Day. Pink premium set (roses, sweets, plush rabbit) will make you smile and melt even the coldest hearts, tell about tenderness to your beloved. On this day, the store will give you a huge discount. 15–19 white, red or pink roses, “Mercy” candies in a company with a pink rabbit or a white bear will tell about your feelings.

Chocolate sets - and you are settled with the right gifts.

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Originality and creativity are your success

Having ordered surprise-pleasure, excellent chocolate, including Swiss chocolate with roasted almonds, you will make an elegant, pleasant sweet gift to a dear person, parents, partner.

You can order sets of chocolates, various chocolate bars, cookies in a wicker basket decorated with scarlet lush satin ribbon bows. Chocolate treats - sets with cheese, nuts, combined with exquisite chocolates.

The best gift is a grocery basket

It includes cheeses and sausages, red caviar, sushi, caramel and chocolate, crackers and pretzels, even a sparkling drink. A full basket of products is the best gift that will become more personal if, in addition to the message card, you add:

Tenderness and delight with "Raffaello";

Transparency and convenience with a small vase. Your relatives or partners will not have to worry about what to put in the bouquet - they will simply pour water into the vase and immediately put flowers in it, while in the office, in the hospital or at home;

The warmth of feelings with an elegant plush "Bear Kelly" with a festive burgundy satin ribbon bow. The bear may be beige, brown or white;

Airiness, sparkling, touching with a bright ball (or several), and the inscriptions on it of your choice.

While abroad, you can pleasantly surprise your child by delivering a basket and set in Ukraine with a whole heap of Kinder surprises and chocolate. The little boy will be extremely happy with such a gift!

Choose a basket and a set that you like and order the delivery in Ukraine!

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  • What types of fruit baskets do you offer? We offer a wide variety of fruit baskets featuring fresh, seasonal fruits. Popular options include citrus fruits, apples, pears, bananas, grapes, and tropical fruits like pineapple. We also have fruit and cheese combinations.
  • Can I customize a fruit basket? Yes, we can customize a fruit basket to your specifications. Let us know if you have any special fruit preferences or want to add other food items like chocolates, nuts, or wine.
  • How soon can you deliver a fruit basket? We offer same-day and next-day fruit basket delivery within Ukraine. For same-day delivery, please place your order by 2 PM local time. We deliver 7 days a week.
  • How are your fruit baskets packaged? Our fruit baskets come artfully arranged in a decorative basket or box and wrapped in cellophane. The presentation is beautiful for gift-giving.
  • Are your fruits fresh? Absolutely! We source only the freshest, seasonal fruits and hand-assemble each fruit basket to ensure top quality. The fruits arrive direct from orchards and markets.
  • What areas of Ukraine do you deliver to? We deliver fresh fruit baskets to recipients located in all major cities and regions of Ukraine, including Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and more. Delivery fees vary by location.