Non-delivery locations | Flowers and Gifts Delivery

No Delivery Places 

Ukraineflora makes the delivery of flowers and gifts to almost all cities, towns, and villages of Ukraine. But there are locations, in these cities, where we do no delivery.  It is important for the customer to know it before making the order of flowers and gift delivery.

Ok, undeliverable locations are:

- intensive care units and emergency units (but we do delivery to hospitals as far as it is allowed)

- in trains

- in terminals of airports and train stations (but we do delivery to Arrivals Halls, and we will need also arrival information) 

- to and in ships and ferries

- inside the military bases and other alike objects (but we do the delivery to the entrance)

- post office boxes

- cemeteries (but we do delivery for or before the ceremony)

- temporary in Crimea and some Donetsk and Luhansk regions