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Flowers and Gifts Delivery in Lviv

Ukraineflora is a timely, fast, and high-quality flower delivery in Lviv 24/7. Congratulations on a name day or anniversary, an extract from the hospital, a surprise in honor of a public holiday, or a gift just like that - in the assortment of our online store you will find a product for any occasion. It is easy for us to show care for a close relative and to show attention to an unfamiliar person.

Round-the-clock flower delivery in Lviv gives us special pleasure because at every time of the day the city has a different mood. In the morning it is unusually quiet: you can only hear the birds singing, and the waiters open the windows of small but very cozy establishments. It seems that even the trams are still sleepy at this time and, just leaving the depot, they gently knock on the rails of the central street. During the day, Lviv is saturated with the smell of Robusta and dark chocolate, and there is a bustle of Rynok Square: tourists are taking pictures, souvenir shops are chirping, passers-by are lively discussing the latest news. In the evening, lantern lights, lively terraces, and the singing of street musicians create a truly magical atmosphere. The nightlife is not hectic like in other metropolitan areas. The liveliness on the streets is not obtrusive here but conveys a sense of general fun and celebration.

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5 Facts about Courier Flower Delivery in Lviv by Ukraineflora

We deliver orders throughout western Ukraine and navigate the area as well as within the walls of our home. Delivery of bouquets in Lviv is carried out:

  • In the Galician district - the heart of the city, the most popular tourist destination with a developed infrastructure and masterpiece architecture. We drove thousands of kilometers along its cobblestones, raced with deliveries in the pouring rain, in a blizzard, and in a thirty-degree heat, but we always delivered the goods on time and in excellent condition.
  • In the Zaliznichny district, we have to visit this administrative point at least as often. The more modern part, located in the southwest of Lviv, is famous for its numerous sleeping areas.
  • In the Lychakiv region, covering the northwest of the city. It is comfortable to walk here, ride scooters or get around by car. The area is buried among the crowns of tall trees and is famous for an impressive number of historical monuments.
  • In the Sykhovsky district - a spacious, densely populated area with wide avenues and high residential areas. Moving here from the center with low and ancient buildings, it seems as if you are making a small trip.
  • In the Frankivsk district, there are buildings of educational institutions and student dormitories, cozy parks with shady alleys, and spacious streets. The population seems to share with him their youth, progressiveness, and activity.
  • In the Shevchenko district - the central and northern part of the city, which continues to grow and develop rapidly.

For us, Lviv is not only a place of work but also a point on the map that never ceases to amaze. If you happen to be here, try to pay attention to details, listen to stories, get to know the population, and be attentive to the feelings that arise within you. At some point, curiosity will be replaced by sincere interest, surprise - by affection, and the thirst for adventure will develop into a deep love for this area. Lviv has a lot to tell both tourists and old-timers. In the meantime, to warm up your interest, we will share with you a few interesting facts about your beloved city:

  • Over the history of its existence, it was part of eight states, therefore it absorbed the features of Western and Eastern culture. It is often referred to as an "architectural gem". More than 2500 cultural monuments are concentrated here - more than in any other city of Ukraine. Lviv itself is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • More than a hundred different festivals are held here every year - from jazz and book festivals to chocolate, coffee, or street food. Once you get to one of them, you will bring a lot of impressions from your trip and, for sure, take with you several unique gifts from Ukraine.
  • Lviv has 60 museums of various themes and times. It is not for nothing that it is called the “city museum”. According to the latest statistical calculations, the interest of tourists in this western corner of Ukraine is growing by 15-20% every year. The route is becoming more popular among residents of both neighboring countries and remote corners of the planet: Japan, Canada, USA.

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Main attractions and flowers to order in Lviv

Even an ordinary walk without a goal is inspiring here. Allow yourself to experience a whole spectrum of emotions: gratitude for the present, enjoyment of beauty, tranquility and inspiration. The main attractions should not be ignored:

  1. Market Square is the soul of the city, framed by old buildings with large windows, rough facades, relief stucco moldings, narrow streets with bright flowers on the terraces of local establishments. The Town Hall, built-in 1835, offers a panoramic view of the old town.
  2. Lviv Opera House, located in the city center. The impressive façade with elements of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicism attracts the eye with its majesty.
  3. The Pototski Palace and the Italian courtyard in the Kornyakt Palace. Unique monuments of architecture, made in the tradition of elegant and majestic Classicism. A city decoration that cannot be ignored.
  4. Temples and churches with stunning facades: they can be viewed and photographed from different angles for an infinitely long time. Cathedrals of St. George, Dominican, Armenian, Latin, the Church of St. Elizabeth - only a small part of the must-visit points in Lviv.
  5. Stryisky Park is a cozy recreation area with neat alleys, a green lawn, and flowering plants.
  6. Vysoky Zamok is an atmospheric corner, from the highest point of which a picturesque view of the old and new parts of the city opens.

Order flowers in Lviv, from Ukraineflora, invite your soul mate for a walk, and go to the park in the late afternoon: it's very romantic here at sunset. Even if you are not a fan of gastro tourism and prefer your usual food, check out at least a few establishments. You need to come here to enjoy the surroundings, plunge into a completely new atmosphere, and feel the spirit of the good old Lviv. The choice is great: the coffee mine, The Most Expensive Restaurant in Galicia, the Gasova Lyampa Museum, Kryivka, Masoch Cafe. Even small and seemingly unremarkable cafes here are created with a special love for the culture and history of the area.

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Stylish Bouquets and Sweet Gifts in Ukraine

Lviv is a city from which it is impossible to return empty-handed, so set aside at least a couple of hours of your time for shopping. Stop by local shops and grab some chocolate gifts from Ukraine. Sweet, with nuts, candied fruits, berries, made in the form of figurines - such souvenirs are appropriate under any circumstances. Be sure to visit the Chocolate Workshop, the Vernissage market, and the drunk cherry liqueur bar.

The development of floristry in Lviv is no less impressive. In addition to the fact that many local schools and studios teach flower art, the inhabitants themselves do not refuse to bring bright elements to the streets of the city. Pelargoniums look out from the windows of residential buildings, imperious petunias hang from the terraces of institutions, and marigolds are compactly settled on the flower beds, like bright suns. Showcases in flower studios are treated here as art: here you can see laconic, contrasting, and miniature bouquets, and even full-length compositions. The imagination of specialists is limitless!

Florists of Ukraineflora regularly visit thematic exhibitions, are interested in Western trends, and improve their skills. Our catalog contains exclusive compositions created according to all the rules of color and proportions.

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What flowers and gifts to buy in Lviv

It is difficult to surprise a person living among such an abundance of products and goods. Westerners are aesthetes who know how to surround themselves with beauty and enjoy simple pleasures. Ukraineflora company is engaged in inexpensive flower delivery to Lviv and knows a lot about the preferences of the local population. The most popular compositions here are:

  • Elite roses on high stems. The large buds and luxurious aroma of these flowers captivate at first sight.
  • White ones are often presented to middle-aged women - mothers, grandmothers, aunts, red ones symbolize passion and attraction, they are chosen for lovers. Men are presented with rich burgundy shades as a sign of respect.
  • Roses in a box are also popular in Lviv. They look presentable and complement the interior successfully.
  • "Elegance" bouquet is a bright present dominated by juicy crimson shades. It is often ordered for young girls, colleagues, and close relatives. Lush compositions of colorful alstroemerias, chrysanthemums or tulips. A great option to emphasize the solemnity of the event. Pay attention to the options "Smile and Shine", "Colored Feelings", "Pink Explosion".
  • You can also buy a wedding bouquet in Lviv from us, order themed compositions for any holiday, or add flowers with an original gift:
  • Custom Cake. Despite living in the "chocolate center of Ukraine", each of its residents has their own preferences in sweets. Some love biscuit cakes, while others enjoy the fruit filling. Order your loved one their favorite dessert.
  • A soft toy. A cute and delicate gift for a newborn, a younger family member, or a young girl. It can be presented with a miniature bouquet in pastel colors.
  • A bunch of balloons. Isn't it a surprise for a birthday boy or a newly-made mom?
  • Cosmetics, certificates, perfumes, sweets are ideal options for corporate gifts in Lviv.
  • Food basket. It can contain alcoholic drinks, tea with cookies, cheeses, or sweets.
  • Indoor plant. There are never too many flowers! Especially if the recipient loves to decorate the home and plant the space around him.

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How to order the bouquet with delivery in Lviv

To make a purchase, you only need a gadget and access to the network. Select the desired product from the catalog, add it to the cart and go through the ordering procedure. It takes no more than three minutes: you just need to enter the recipient's data and, if necessary, leave your wishes. Payment also takes place online. To do this, you can use a credit card or PayPal, GooglePay or ApplePay systems.

Immediately after the receipt of money on the account, we start processing the order. We form all bouquets and grocery baskets a couple of hours before dispatch. Thanks to this, the goods are delivered fresh and unharmed. We transport plants and food in special packaging in an air-conditioned vehicle. We exclude the possibility of damage and deliver the bouquets as fresh and crisp as possible.

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Benefits of flowers and gifts delivery in Lviv from Ukraineflora

We do not stop improving in order to please recipients and customers. We guarantee to all clients:

  • 24/7 support. If you have any questions or wishes for an order, we are ready to advise you and do our best to make your idea a reality. We can capture the positive emotions that the recipient will experience in a photo or video with his permission. Complete your order of flowers in Lviv with a postcard with warm words of congratulations.
  • Intime delivery of orders on time, convenient for the recipient. In order not to catch your loved ones by surprise, we agree in advance about the time of the meeting. We deliver flowers and gifts all over Ukraine on time: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc.
  • Affordable prices for bouquets in Lviv. The cost of our services is low: it depends on the specifics of the order and the delivery address. Also, the site has a system of discounts from 5%.

Please contact us if you need urgent flower delivery in Lviv. We will form and send the order within a few hours after payment.

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  • What is the process if the recipient declines to accept my flowers or gifts? If the recipient refuses to accept your flowers in Lviv before we start arranging the delivery, we typically notify the customer and seek instructions on the next steps. In most cases, a full refund is issued. However, if we've already arranged the delivery with the recipient, confirmed the date, time, and address, and our courier arrives at the location but there's no one there or no one answers the phone, we do not issue a refund. Instead, we inform the customer about the problem.
  • What forms of payment are accepted? Ukraineflora accepts a variety of payment methods for its services. These include all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bank wires, Western Union, and MoneyGram transactions. This covers 99% of all requests from customers who want to order flower and gift deliveries in Ukraine and prefer to pay in the most convenient and secure way.
  • If I request a refund, what is the typical timeframe for processing it? In terms of refunds, if we agree to a refund less than 12–24 hours after the actual payment, there's a high likelihood that your money will be back in your account quickly. However, if we issue a refund much later, it may take 3-6 business days for the money to return to your account. These timelines are standard for banking activities in nearly every country.
  • How much in advance should I make a reservation for flowers in Lviv? When ordering flowers in Lviv, we recommend doing so 10–15 days in advance at most. The ideal timeframe would be 24–48 hours before the required delivery date. However, Ukraineflora strives to provide express and same-day delivery services.
  • What is the pricing for flowers in Lviv? The cost of flowers in Lviv can vary depending on the type of bouquet or arrangement selected, as well as any additional customizations or add-ons. Prices are listed on the product page. Typically, Ukraineflora offers three cost ranges - regular, premium, and prestige. Prices for roses start from 15 USD per 5 stems, flower arrangements start from 19 USD, and gifts start from 9 USD per box of the finest Swiss chocolate.
  • Is there an option to place orders for flowers in Lviv over the phone instead of online? While Ukraineflora can assist with inquiries and answer questions over the phone, we do not fully accept orders for flower delivery in Lviv via phone call. We will need to email you to gather essential information about the recipient and the order in general, and to provide an invoice along with a payment link.
  • How can I reach out to you regarding flower and gift delivery in Lviv? Customers and website visitors are welcome to contact the Ukraineflora team via email at [email protected], or through WhatsApp and Viber at +380677088480. You can also reach us by phone at +19807295075 or +380677088480, or through the contact form on our website at
  • What are your operating hours and days of the week? Ukraineflora accepts and processes orders 24/7 without breaks for lunch or holidays. However, customer support is available daily from 10:00 to 20:00 Ukrainian time. For quick responses to inquiries and questions, customers are encouraged to reach out via email, WhatsApp, or Viber.
  • Where is the recommended online destination for purchasing flowers in Lviv? Ukraineflora is a well-regarded online flower and gift delivery service operating in Lviv and throughout Ukraine. With its high-quality and reliable service, it is a popular choice for customers looking to purchase flowers online for delivery in Lviv.
  • Is same-day flower delivery available in Lviv? Yes, Ukraineflora offers same-day flower delivery within Lviv. This means you can place an order and have it delivered on the same day. However, please note that only a limited number of flower bouquets and gifts are available for same-day delivery. Therefore, customers are advised to check the product description or contact customer support first if they want to ensure fast delivery.
  • To which areas of Lviv do you provide delivery services? Ukraineflora provides flower and gift delivery services to all areas of Lviv and its metropolitan area, including small towns and villages within a 20-30 km radius. We also deliver to every city and village in Ukraine, although additional costs may apply. If a customer wishes to order delivery to a location not listed on the website, we recommend contacting Ukraineflora for additional information and a price quote.
  • Can specific delivery times be accommodated? Yes, Ukraineflora can deliver your order of flowers and gifts in Lviv at a specific time without any extra charge, unlike some other flower delivery services. However, two conditions must be met: the delivery time should be between 8:00 and 23:00 Ukrainian time, and the recipient should be prepared to accept the flowers at the requested time.
  • Am I able to make alterations to my order? Customers can change their orders, but there are certain rules and requirements to do so without incurring additional costs. We recommend checking the "Change or Cancel Order" page on our website at, or contacting our customer support for information on order changes and any associated terms and conditions. If a customer wants to add additional items to an order, the process is simpler. Just contact customer support, and we will send a separate payment link for the additional items.
  • How can I obtain discount coupons when placing an order for flower delivery in Lviv? Every customer of Ukraineflora, even first-time visitors, can use the discount coupon code "5OFF" for an immediate 5% discount on their order. After making even one order with our company, customers can receive an 8% personal discount coupon code by submitting a review about our services. Regular customers can enjoy other types of discounts, so we encourage you to become a regular customer to receive pleasant surprises and discounts from Ukraineflora.
  • What should I do if I do not receive an email confirming my order? Ukraineflora always sends detailed order information to its customers. After successful payment, we send confirmation emails with all the details. If a customer does not receive such a confirmation email containing the order number, recipient's phone number, items ordered, costs, and other important information, it may be due to one of two issues. The first could be that the email was sent to the spam folder. If this is the case, we recommend checking there. The second issue could be that the payment did not go through or there were issues with the payment, and thus the confirmation email was not generated.