Chocolate Gifts Delivery in Ukraine

Nutella Hazelnut Spread
$ 6
Deluxe Assortments Candy Box
$ 8
Merci Candy Box
$ 9
Ferrero Rocher Small Box
$ 14
Ferrero Collection Candy Box
$ 23
Ferrero Prestige Candy Box
$ 25
Luxury Chocolate Candy Box
$ 25
Choco Bars Gift Basket
$ 42
Tasty Treat Gift Basket
$ 45
Sweet Evening Basket
$ 52
Respect Gift Basket
$ 52
Red Hearts basket
$ 55
Say Hello Gift Basket
$ 55

Discount %

Sweet Heart Box
$ 59
Kinder Gift Basket
$ 61
Strawberry Fun Basket
$ 62

Chocolate Delivery in Ukraine

Even if you made your choice with beautiful flowers, and the bouquet is just a perfect one, adding just a small box of chocolate, will double the impression of your gifts. Yes, please agree, chocolate is making real miracles and help you to deliver all your sweet feelings to someone special living in Ukraine. At the same time, you can never miss with chocolate, because of people who cannot stand chocolate are an instinctive breed of humans. Everybody loves quality chocolate. A universal language of chocolate is one more perfect preference for this type of food. You can present chocolate to a beloved sweetheart, to a child, to a business partner, to an old friend, to your parents. Hey, you know what? There is one more thing about chocolate delivery in Ukraine. It is suitable almost for every occasion. One can send chocolate for a birthday, which is natural. Sweet chocolate candies will suit the best for almost every holiday, with appropriate packing.

Chocolate Gifts - Best Gifts

The variety of types of chocolate for delivery in Ukraine is huge. Ukraineflora proposes to choose from different types and forms of chocolate. First and the most popular option is to order different types of chocolate or chocolate bars delivered in baskets with premium packing. You can choose from baskets with chocolate bars, or with chocolate candies, or with Kinder chocolate (this is the best option if you send gifts to children), or sets that have different types of chocolate. The prices for such sets are quite affordable.

Another popular option is to add the box of chocolate to your order. For example, you can choose from quite affordable Ukrainian chocolate. By the way, it does not mean that it is cheap and not tasty chocolate. No, Ukrainian chocolate is considered to be one of the best ones in Europe. There is a little secret for you - European factories buy Ukrainian chocolate in huge packs, warm them up upon arrival, add their own secret ingredients, fill in the forms, pack it in their own boxes and bars and sell it 3–5 times more expensive, without actually doing any chocolate. Also, Ukrainian recipient is used to the taste of Ukrainian chocolate.

Of course, Ukraineflora proposes the option of ordering imported chocolate. It is quite expensive compared to ordering Ukrainian one, but the recipient of your gifts will see and will know that you have ordered more expensive items and will value that. Needless to say that Swiss and Italian chocolate delivered are of the highest quality available in Ukraine and you just can not miss the right impression with them.

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Send Chocolate for Holidays

Delivery of gifts in Ukraine by Ukraineflora company, including the delivery of chocolate, is something where Ukraineflora is experienced and reliable. The choice of chocolate gifts delivered in Ukraine is limited to years of successful deliveries. If you see this or that item on the pages of the website, it means that it can be delivered in every city of Ukraine and you can order it with confidence. We deliver fresh chocolate, including chocolate cakes. The delivery will be made in special packing which will keep the products clean and fresh. Thus, Ukraineflora will deliver your feelings in the best possible way. 

Just the small reminder from Ukraineflora. We do courier delivery only. It means that we call the recipient, arrange the delivery at the comfortable for the recipient's time and date and place, and only after that we start collecting the order. So, when your recipient opens the door she or he sees our good-looking professional courier holding your gifts in very holidays and nice packing and when they taste your gifts - they get the best taste of the chocolate you ordered.

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  • Why should I consider sending chocolate along with other gifts? Adding chocolate to your gift can enhance the overall impression and sweetness of your present. Chocolate is universally loved and is a thoughtful addition for any occasion, making it an excellent choice to convey your feelings to someone special in Ukraine.
  • Who is the ideal recipient for chocolate gifts? Chocolate is a versatile gift that can be given to a wide range of recipients, including a beloved sweetheart, children, business partners, old friends, and even parents. Its universal appeal makes it suitable for various relationships and occasions.
  • Are there specific occasions or holidays when sending chocolate is particularly appropriate? Chocolate is suitable for a wide range of occasions and holidays. You can send it for birthdays, as well as for many other holidays, as long as it's accompanied by appropriate packaging that suits the celebration.
  • What options do I have when choosing chocolate for delivery in Ukraine? Ukraineflora offers a variety of options for chocolate delivery, including baskets with chocolate bars, chocolate candies, Kinder chocolate for children, and sets with different types of chocolate. You can also choose between Ukrainian chocolate or imported chocolate, such as Swiss and Italian options, depending on your preference and budget.
  • Is Ukrainian chocolate of good quality? Yes, Ukrainian chocolate is considered to be among the best in Europe. It is known for its quality and taste. Some European factories even buy Ukrainian chocolate, enhance it with their own ingredients, and sell it at a higher price, recognizing its quality.
  • How does Ukraineflora ensure the freshness and quality of chocolate during delivery? Ukraineflora takes great care to ensure that chocolate remains fresh during delivery. They use special packaging to protect the chocolate from damage and maintain its quality. Additionally, they provide courier delivery, which means they arrange the delivery time with the recipient to ensure the chocolate arrives in the best condition.