11 roses bouquets delivery in Ukraine

11 White Roses
$ 35
11 Pink Roses
$ 38
$ 38
11 Red Roses
$ 38
11 Red Roses Ltd.
$ 48
11 Luxury Red Roses
$ 55
11 Luxury White Roses
$ 55
11 Roses Mix in Box
$ 58
11 White Roses in Hatbox
$ 59
11 Luxury Pink Roses
$ 65
Love in the Air Set
$ 69
Perfect Love Set
$ 105

11 Roses Bouquets Delivery in Ukraine

Order delivery of 11 roses across Ukraine in Ukraineflora company - make your loved one's holiday brighter! We offer traditional or express delivery of luxury roses at an affordable price. A large selection of flowers and gifts, the highest quality, and the work of professional florists Ukraineflora will not leave anyone indifferent. Our elegant bouquets look luxurious, telling the addressee about his importance and your sincere attitude with just one look.

How to express feelings with 11 roses

The magic of the number "eleven" has attracted people since ancient times. A powerful doubled energy was associated with him, which directs a person in a supernatural way. This number symbolizes creativity, the explosive power of initiative, delicacy, and inspiration. The meanings embedded in a flower bouquet will endow the gift with deep content and warm feelings.

A bouquet of 11 roses in Ukraine is our favorite in the category "Elegance and Beauty". It is laconic and simple and therefore fits so perfectly into any event format. Depending on the color of the buds, it can carry a different meaning:

  • Scarlet flowers are a symbol of strong feelings, about which it is impossible to remain silent. He demonstrates true delight and genuine admiration. It is appropriate to give red roses to your beloved, mother, or respected man.
  • The pink color of the buds is a symbol of openness and serenity. Roses of delicate shades, together with a sophisticated scent, exude awe and anticipation of the meeting. Such a bouquet seems to say: "I miss you and dream of being around!"
  • Flowers with white petals are elegant both in themselves and in composition. The solo in any bouquet, emphasizing sophistication and good taste. 11 white roses are a welcome gift for a long-awaited celebration and a perfect interior decoration.
11 roses bouquets 1 11 roses bouquets 2

Roses are beautiful, but when combined with irises, chrysanthemums, carnations, or lilies, they become a work of art. In Ukraineflora you can order stunning compositions with locally produced roses or elite varieties from Holland and Ecuador. The beauty of their diversity will set the mood and convey your sincere congratulations.

Where to order delivery of 11 roses in Ukraine

Each bouquet is special for us. We create it from fresh, carefully selected flowers and deliver it anywhere in Ukraine. Florists of Ukraineflora will arrange it according to your wishes, and couriers will hand it over with sincere feelings.

During a celebration, finding a vessel for a bouquet can be a lot of hassle. In this case, it is appropriate to choose a laconic vase. A soft toy, an elite fresh dessert, or a balloon, which will convey enthusiastic feelings to the recipient, will also be a good addition to the gift.

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  • What colors of roses do you offer for 11 roses bouquets? We offer beautiful 11 roses bouquets in classic colors like red, pink, white, and yellow roses. We can also do mixed color bouquets.
  • Do you deliver 11 roses bouquets on weekends or holidays? Yes, our delivery for 11 roses bouquets is available 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.
  • What is the best way to extend the life of an 11 roses bouquet? Trim the stems and put the roses in a clean vase with fresh water and flower food. Keep in a cool spot out of direct sunlight for longest life.
  • Can I add a stuffed animal or balloon to an 11 roses bouquet order? Certainly, we have many cute stuffed animals and foil balloons that make great add-on gifts to make an 11 roses bouquet extra special.
  • Do you offer same-day delivery for 11 roses bouquets in Ukraine? We offer same-day delivery for 11 roses bouquets when ordered before 10am based on availability in your area.
  • Are your roses for 11 roses bouquets grown in Ukraine? Our roses are sourced from the best rose growers in Ukraine, Holland, and Ecuador to ensure only premium quality.