Easter Gifts Delivery in Ukraine

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Easter Basket Delivery in Ukraine

Easter (or Great Day) is celebrated by all Christians of the world. This is one of the biggest religious holidays, which adults and children in Ukraine are waiting for. He is filled with a premonition of joy and enlightenment, receiving forgiveness from higher powers. It is this day that gives absolution to the people who repent. We know that Jesus Christ selflessly gave up his life in order to give all people the immortality of the soul. We sincerely praise him for it! Easter is celebrated every year. But the date of the celebration does not coincide annually. It is determined by the lunar calendar. Celebration necessarily falls on Sunday (after the vernal equinox), which occurs after the appearance of the first full moon on the horizon. Ukraineflora has prepared a great article about gifts and flower delivery for Easter.

Celebration Traditions

The atmosphere of celebration comes to the house of Christians on the Eve of Easter. These days, every Ukrainian family is preparing for the Sunday celebration carefully. Clean rooms, festive pastries, and colorful Easter eggs are permanent attributes of Easter. It is necessary to glorify the Son of God - Jesus Christ, by announcing "Christ is rising" to the whole world about his resurrection, adhering to certain traditions. It is also on this day that the Great Fast ends - a forty-day period of time, which takes place in prayers, subject to a certain diet. Believers who have undergone such purification can now try all the dishes on the Easter table.

Festive Dishes

The owners must prepare a certain meal for a festive breakfast, which is accepted to try by the whole family after the consecration in the church. The same products are usually collected in a festive basket for a traditional exchange with relatives, friends, and close people:

  • Easter cakes - sweet aromatic pastries, generously seasoned with raisins or candied fruits, decorated with egg fudge and holiday symbols on top;
  • bright painted eggs "pysanky" (boiled chicken eggs with traditional painting or decoration)
  • ham, bacon, sausage;
  • cheese and butter;
  • horseradish;
  • salt.

They also use a cake called "Easter lamb", which is a symbol of God's lamb for the consecration - the sacrifice of Christ. In ancient times, people believed that He would certainly bring them the commitment of higher powers, nature, to protect the family from harm. The Easter basket is decorated with greenery, decorated with embroidered towels (napkins), candles.

Best Easter Food Basket

Today, due to the huge choice of products on the shelves of stores, the wishes of modern people are also growing when forming a festive basket. Food that did not exist in antiquity, or was previously considered off-season, enters the Easter's set. Now it can be easily purchased in supermarkets. The main thing when completing the Easter food basket is that the presence of individual products in it does not contradict religious, national principles.

We offer our services in the delivery of food baskets in Ukraine according to individual needs. Among the options offered there is an opportunity to choose both ready-made kits for Easter, and to assemble them according to your wishes. Depending on whom the Easter basket is addressed to, it should consist of relevant products:

  • sweets for children (candy, nuts, chocolate figures, surprise eggs)
  • wafer cakes, cookies, various pastries;
  • fruits and dried fruits;
  • wine;
  • versatile decorations;
  • religious attributes.

The cost of the food package for Easter depends on the size and filling of the basket. We accept orders on our website in advance in order to deliver the order to the address on time. We propose to add a card with warm wishes of bright holiday celebrations to the recipient. We guarantee high-quality products, the original design of the gift set, presentable appearance. We are here to help you!

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  • What is the significance of Easter in Ukraine, and why is it considered one of the biggest religious holidays? Easter is a significant religious holiday in Ukraine that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's eagerly anticipated by both adults and children as a time of joy, enlightenment, and receiving forgiveness from higher powers.
  • Can you explain the traditions associated with Easter in Ukraine? Ukrainian families prepare for Easter by cleaning their homes, baking festive pastries, and decorating colorful Easter eggs. It's a time to glorify the resurrection of Jesus Christ and mark the end of the Great Fast, a 40-day period of prayer and fasting.
  • What are some traditional dishes prepared for Easter breakfast and included in the Easter basket? Traditional Easter dishes include Easter cakes, sweet pastries with raisins or candied fruits, decorated with egg fudge and holiday symbols. The Easter basket typically contains Easter cakes, painted eggs (pysanky), ham, bacon, sausage, cheese, butter, horseradish, and salt.
  • What is the significance of the "Easter lamb" cake in the Easter celebration? The "Easter lamb" cake is a symbol of God's lamb and is used for consecration during Easter. In ancient times, it was believed to bring protection to the family and a commitment from higher powers to safeguard them from harm.
  • How has the tradition of Easter food baskets evolved with modern times, and what can be included in them today? With a wide variety of products available in modern stores, Easter food baskets can now include items that didn't exist in antiquity. These may include sweets for children, fruits, dried fruits, wine, and various decorations. The key is to ensure the products align with religious and national principles.
  • Do you offer Easter food basket delivery services, and can customers customize the contents of the basket? Yes, we offer Easter food basket delivery services in Ukraine. Customers can choose from ready-made kits or customize their baskets according to their preferences. Baskets can be tailored to different recipients and may include a variety of items, from sweets and pastries to religious attributes. Orders can be placed in advance to ensure timely delivery.