Quality and Services Guarantee

Our Guarantees

Two best friends living in the USA and Ukraine founded Ukraineflora. They decided to unite their experience, possibilities, abilities, finances, and sincere desire to work in order to create a company. The company will provide people from all over the world services for flowers and gift delivery in Ukraine they and their recipients do deserve. It happened in 2007.

Brand. The team at Ukraineflora has been working with passion and complete dedication to providing services of high quality to all customers since 2007 with the brand name Ukraineflora.  So, we honestly and proudly can tell you that our name Ukraineflora is the one you can trust, and it is a guarantee of excellence. You will not find any adverse report about our company over the Internet, and you can be sure that you will never find it as we shall do our best to provide full customer satisfaction in everything we do.

Customer support – you can call us, visit us, chat, or Skype with us anytime you want. We are open to communication. Our phones and our addresses did not change since 2007.  Just test us, and you will see that we are here always for you and your requests, in order to deliver your feelings to Ukraine with the help of flowers and gifts of premium quality.

Safe and Secure Payment.  We provide an absolutely secure checkout process. Yes, secure payment via credit card or PayPal is your best guarantee that your order will be done in the best possible way. If we do not do your order - you can demand a refund or make the chargeback. Yes, this is very simple, and no more words are needed - just ask for your money back from FONDY.IO or Wayforpay.com our credit card processors, or PayPal. Tell them that your order was not done, and you will have your money back. We could do nothing about it if we did not do your order in the proper way. But we are sure it will never happen. More about secure payments and systems that we use are Secure Payments in Ukraine.

Free photos or videos of delivery. We are providing this service free of charge, and it is one more piece of evidence for you that your order was done properly, and all the items you have ordered were delivered. It is also your chance to see the kind of flowers and gifts we offer. 

Fresh flowers and fresh foods only. Ok, here you can read words only and no proof can be given to you; we are to tell you that we deliver fresh flowers only. As you can see from our catalog, from the list of the arrangements we deliver, we do not propose a very broad choice of flower arrangements for delivery. It is because we live in the real world and our florists work with the flowers that are imported to Ukraine and retail delivered to all cities on a regular basis.  We do not have pre-made flower arrangements. We do a new bouquet every time we get an order from the customer, just 1–2 hours before actual delivery to the recipient. The same situation is with the food baskets. All the products are bought, arranged, and packed just before the delivery. 

We do not save on flowers and gifts. Yes, it is true, and it is what makes us different from most of the flower delivery services in Ukraine. Just take a look closer - even if the price for the red rose is the same as we propose, nobody writes you exactly the size of the roses for delivery. The difference is in the price. Smaller rose (50-60 cm) costs much cheaper than rose with 70-80 cm stem (the one that we use in most of our flower arrangements). We also deliver from the Netherlands or Ecuador imported large roses, and these roses are more expensive.  Food basket delivery is our other distinctive feature. We do not save on products, fruits, cheeses, or the chocolate we put into the baskets for delivery. Honestly, we have several customers who order our baskets for their relatives and beloved in Ukraine for delivery on a regular basis, because recipients tell them the truth - they do love what we put inside as it is really quality, tasty, and expensive food. 

Probably, you still have some questions about guarantees, or we missed something, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We shall be glad to hear from you, even if you called us to ask how is the weather in Kyiv or Odesa right now. 

By the way, since you have read this article to the end, we recommend you also read our article in the News Section of our website. It will help you to make or not to make orders on the Flowers and Gifts Delivery website. There are many hints and tips. Please read Trust and Reputation in Flowers Delivery in Ukraine.