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Shop Gifts by Recipient

If you think about it, once a month, or even more, people celebrate something: a promotion at work, birthday, anniversary, a memorable date, the birth of a child, etc. You have to spend a lot of time choosing gifts because it is important to take into account the many features of the occasion. You can go shopping in the supermarket for 2–3 hours, but leave it without a purchase. On the Ukraineflora website, you can select gifts according to the recipient in a few minutes - all because of the perfect service, loyal pricing policy. We would like to ask you to trust us very important things - sending inexpensive gifts of high quality in Ukraine!

Send gifts to your recipient: 5 advises

The French writer Andre Maurois once said: "A gift chosen with love is recognized immediately by the desire to guess the taste of the addressee, by the creativity of the plan, by the very way to present a surprise." Our online store Ukraineflora has been operating in the market for about 10 years, but we say with confidence that the statement of the writer is true. After all, a real gift creates a positive emotional field between people, which is a powerful tool in a relationship. If you want to buy a gift, then be guided by the recipient's preferences::

  1. Character and habits. Of course, you can give a box of chocolates to the hero of the occasion, but there will be an embarrassment if he follows a diet or is forbidden to eat sweets for health reasons. In this case, the present will be useless and humiliating. Particular importance is required to be given to the color of the presentation. For example, calm, assiduous people like neutral tones, and people who spend their whole lives in motion like bright, rich, catchy shades.
  2. Hobby. The hero of the occasion will be pleased to receive as a gift what relates to his hobby. If she grows exotic plants, then she will be happy to complement the collection with an orchid or a rose under an elegant bulb.
  3. Profession. It is important to consider whether the recipient likes the job and at what level of the career ladder it is. If you are preparing a surprise for a business partner, then it should not reflect personal relationships.
  4. Age and gender of the recipient. People in adulthood enjoy practical, useful gifts. Present for a guy is much easier to choose than for a girl. If you order flowers, then you should consider the shade of buds, the size of inflorescence, and a bouquet.
  5. Originality. It is always interesting to receive unusual presents, but if they are not too frank, they are specific.

The most valuable gift is one that is made with your own hands. Our clients can order an author’s bouquet or gift set. When composing a flower arrangement, it is enough to indicate the variety of flowers, their color, and quantity. The gift set can be supplemented with exotic fruits, chocolate from your favorite manufacturer, a toy.

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What kind of gift to choose? Proposition from Ukraineflora

If the gift is being shopped by the recipient for a traditional holiday (New Year, March 8, Mother's Day), then it must be appropriate to the theme. In our store on the eve of these celebrations, there is no shortage of presentations! We present the photos of gifts on the catalog pages so that you can plunge into the atmosphere of expectation of a holiday miracle. Follow the advice of professionals from the Ukraineflora online store, take advantage of their help, and the recipient will definitely like the surprise. The system "Selecting gifts by recipient" developed on the site allows you to quickly find the suitable option:

  • For her. Here are gifts that are romantic. You will find red roses symbolizing passion, as well as excellent tulips, delicate lilies. With the help of floral arrangements, you can express your feelings without being afraid to seem stupid or funny.
  • For Mom. On the pages of the catalog, there are elegant bouquets and classic delicate flowers, sweet sets, fruit baskets, skincare products. Indulge the dearest person with quality goods.
  • For him. Exclusive floral arrangements, compiled in accordance with all the rules of etiquette. Men's bouquets welcome blue and purple flowers, symbolizing courage, courage, and its importance in your life.
  • Gifts for kids. The range allows you to buy a gift, both for little pranksters and for the younger generation. Do not forget to decorate the gift with a bunch of balls, greeting cards, beautiful packaging.
  • Gifts for a wife. The section includes all kinds of bouquets, gift sets, flowers under a bulb, and in a vase.
  • Gifts for friends. It offers delicacies, grocery sets, alcoholic drinks of noble taste, bouquets for any occasion. Presentations are complemented by positive inscriptions, cool postcards.
  • A surprise to business partners. You can order business gifts to business partners in the form of a flower arrangement, a basket of exotic fruits, a set of noble wine, and snacks for it at a low price.
  • Gifts for newborns and young parents. Florists offer floral arrangements composed according to a special principle. For the birth of a girl, flowers of delicate color are presented, and for the birth of a boy, buds of blue shades are presented.

The catalog contains photos of gifts by the recipient, according to which florists form an order. Flower bouquets and food baskets are being collected and prepared for the delivery maximum 2–3 hours ahead. This ensures freshness of the goods, presentability of the order, and satisfied reviews of numerous customers.

Gifts Delivery to the recipient in Kyiv, Ukraine

Ordering a gift for the recipient on the Ukraineflora website is very simple and safe. Your request or order instantly arrives to managers, and is processed and sent to talented florists - this guarantees the shortest possible delivery of gifts in Ukraine. For convenience, various methods of placing an order have been developed:

  1. You can order a gift at an affordable price in Ukraine via the phone number indicated on the website. A competent consultant will help you in choosing a presentation.
  2. It is proposed to place an order online by adding the option you like to the basket.
  3. Contact us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

If you need help in placing an order, be sure to contact the Customer support service representatives. They will give answers to all questions at any time of the day. Let us give joy to our family, colleagues, friends together!

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  • What types of gifts can I find on the Ukraineflora website? Ukraineflora offers a wide range of gifts suitable for various recipients and occasions. This includes floral arrangements, gift sets, exotic fruits, chocolates, toys, skincare products, grocery sets, and alcoholic drinks. They also offer the opportunity to create a custom bouquet or gift set.
  • How can I choose the right gift for the recipient? Ukraineflora suggests considering the recipient's character and habits, hobbies, profession, age, gender, and preference for originality when selecting a gift. Their online system "Selecting gifts by recipient" also allows you to quickly find a suitable option.
  • Can I order a custom bouquet or gift set? Yes, Ukraineflora allows customers to order an author’s bouquet or gift set. When composing a flower arrangement, you can specify the variety of flowers, their color, and quantity. The gift set can be supplemented with exotic fruits, chocolate from your favorite manufacturer, a toy.
  • How does the delivery process work? Once you place your order on the Ukraineflora website, it is instantly sent to their managers and then to their talented florists. The flower bouquets and food baskets are prepared for delivery maximum 2–3 hours ahead to ensure the freshness of the goods.
  • What methods are available for placing an order? You can order a gift via the phone number indicated on the website, place an order online by adding your preferred option to the basket, or contact them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.
  • What if I need help in placing an order? If you need help in placing an order, you can contact the Customer support service representatives of Ukraineflora. They are available to answer all your questions at any time of the day.