Chrysanthemums Delivery in Ukraine

Red and White Mix
$ 31
Because I Need You
$ 35
Out of stock
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White Elegance
$ 35
Pink Roses in Daisies
$ 37
Autumn Mix
$ 38
White and Pink Mix
$ 45
Pink Inspiration
$ 45
White Cloud
$ 45
White and Yellow Mix
$ 48
Rainbow Hello
$ 48
Love Heaven
$ 49
7 Pink Roses Pure Mix
$ 55
Need You Much
$ 55
Pink Super Mix
$ 55
Good Morning
$ 59
Spring Splash
$ 65

Chrysanthemums Delivery in Ukraine

Chrysanthemums are one of the most beautiful flowers that came into our lives from the Far East. China and Japan still dispute the right to be called the birthplace of this magnificent flower, where it is considered a symbol of the sun. It is for certain is known that the chrysanthemums grew in the imperial gardens of these countries for more than two thousand years. Ukraineflora chrysanthemums delivery service provides the opportunity to choose and order any daisies you like in the form of the bouquet in Ukraine made up of these amazing flowers.

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Meaning of Chrysanthemums

Translated from the Greek language, Chrysanthemum means "golden-headed" - this name was received from judges of beauty in Europe. This flower, according to ancient Japanese legend, owes the origin of the country of the Rising Sun. According to legend, in ancient times, China was ruled by the cruel emperor,  who was afraid of death most of all. He came in trembling with the thought that after death he will have to appear before the supreme deity and to give an answer for all the crimes which he did on earth. One of the wise men of the court, he learned that in the distant desert island grows a wonderful sunny flower from which you can prepare a drink of immortality. However, the only man with the pure soul can break and have the flowers

And the ruler of the Celestial Empire ordered to collect 300 boys and 300 girls and send them in search of a magic flower. But, contrary to the orders of the Emperor envoys refused to go back, under the rule of the cruel ruler. On a desert island, they founded their own state, one of whose characters and became this sunny flower.

In memory of this, the Japanese emperor's throne is the name of "Chrysanthemum" and the image of the flower is placed on the state seal. For residents of Japan the chrysanthemum and the sun - two inseparable concepts. In Shintoist religion, there is even special celebration worship this flower as the earthly incarnation of the sun. That's why in the East, chrysanthemum is a symbol of abundance and longevity of the home, pure thoughts, and solar joy.

In European countries, the flower has appeared only in the 17th century, with the Portuguese and Dutch merchants. In the next, the 18th-century chrysanthemums appeared in Ukraine, where due to its beauty, they are also becoming one of the most popular flowers. In Europe, the traditional values of the oriental flower somewhat transformed, and it became the symbol of pure love and fidelity. For example, in Italy, the chrysanthemum is accepted to give his beloved girlfriend, thereby expressing his affection for her.

Present Chrysanthemums to Beloved

Today, with the help of the Ukraineflora flower service, each person in love can present an amazing bunch of flowers for his or her beloved. From now there is no need to waste time on the selection of original bouquet in specialized stores. If you use the services of Ukraineflora, you will be able to express everything you have in your heart in the language of flowers. Your lover will not be able to remain indifferent to such a sincere expression of affection and love, which are represents by the beautiful flowers. Love, purity, and loyalty - all these feelings can be brought to your most special person by the arrangement of sunny flowers created by our florists. Today chrysanthemum in Ukraine is among the most popular flowers, which is due to their amazing beauty and variety of colors and shades and of course the price of the bouquets made of daisies. Ukraineflora online service offers you to select and order delivery of any bouquet of chrysanthemums. Here is a wide range of stunning flowers, which include this sunny flower. Professional florists are ready to create unique floral arrangements that can meet the highest aesthetic needs of any client. Fresh flower arrangements created by our Ukrainian florists embody all the best - cheerful beauty, elegance, and richness of natural colors. On cold winter days, a bouquet of chrysanthemums can warm a woman's heart, recalling the bright colors of summer, sunny and warm, of course, the most tender feelings. Order delivery of chrysanthemums produced by our delivery couriers at any time, on any specified address.

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  • What types of chrysanthemums do you offer? We offer a wide variety of chrysanthemums including traditional mums, spider mums, daisy mums, and more in colors like white, yellow, pink, purple, red, and orange.
  • Can chrysanthemums be combined with other flowers in a bouquet? Absolutely! Our florists can design beautiful mixed bouquets that incorporate chrysanthemums with roses, lilies, tulips, and other seasonal blooms.
  • How long do cut chrysanthemums usually last? With proper care and watering, cut chrysanthemum blooms will generally last 1-2 weeks on average if kept in a cool spot out of direct sunlight.
  • Do you offer potted chrysanthemum plants in addition to cut flowers? Yes, we have a selection of chrysanthemum plants in decorative pots that can be purchased alongside or instead of a cut flower bouquet.
  • What are the meanings associated with chrysanthemums? In many cultures chrysanthemums symbolize longevity, fidelity, purity and optimism. They make excellent gifts for dear friends and romantic partners.
  • What areas of Ukraine can you deliver chrysanthemums to? We deliver chrysanthemum bouquets, plants, and arrangements nationwide to all major cities and regions of Ukraine including Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and more.