Photos of Deliveries

Photos of Deliveries

Photos of Delivery in Ukraine

Ukraineflora proposes a useful and important service of photos of the delivery. Our company provides services of flowers and gift delivery in Ukraine. Usually, the sender lives at a great distance from the recipient of the gifts and flower bouquets. This service of photo report is not unique. Many floral and flower delivery companies in Ukraine and other countries provide such service for its customers. Ukraineflora is proud to provide photos of delivery for free of charge, using the best equipment and making photos and videos in the best quality possible. The option of photos of deliveries is not switched on by default, so it is recommended that the sender point the request for the photos of delivery to be made in special or additional notes for Ukraineflora during the ordering process.

The photos of delivery work in both directions. They send confirmation and sweet hello from the recipient to the sender. And in return, the sender gets the confirmation that his or her gifts and flowers arrived at the right person at the right time.

Why They Need Photos of Delivery

There are several reasons why the sender or recipient needs photos of the delivery. First, let's do a short classification of why the sender needs photos of delivery: 

  • It is one more proof, and sometimes the only proof, that order was done properly, and all items were delivered as requested.
  • It is one more chance for the sender to see the recipient(s), even though skype and other messengers can be used, but it is still great to see your special beloved person on the photo. 
  • Photos provide the real confirmation of the company that makes the delivery is real, eligible, and deliver ordered items as they are presented in the online catalog. 

Other classification why recipient needs photos of delivery to be made and sent to the sender of gifts and flowers. But please allow us to remind that Ukraineflora makes the photos of delivery with the permission of the recipient only, even though the sender requested such photos to be made. So, there is a couple of factors why recipients do have profit from posing for the photos:

  • Posing for photos can become an act of appreciation to the sender for the gifts and bouquet of flowers.
  • It is one more chance for the recipient(s) to send "virtual" hello on the distance to the sender. 
  • The recipient can be sure that he or she receives exactly what has been ordered by the sender. Photos will show what exactly was delivered and in case of misunderstanding, a claim will be raised. Ukraineflora has never had such a situation, so we just place this factor as a hypothetical one. 

Types of Photos of Delivery

Ukraineflora proposes several types of photos of the delivery. Every type of photo of delivery is based on the situation and circumstances that happen in every case of the ordered delivery. Sometimes, the recipient does not want to show her or his face. Sometimes, the recipient informs Ukraineflora that she or he will make the pictures of and with the gifts by herself/himself. Very seldom, but it also happens, the recipient refuses to pose for the pictures, and to have the proof of the delivery, Ukraineflora makes the photos of the items to be delivered. Customers can enjoy the following types: 

  1. Photos of the recipient together with the flowers or (and) gifts delivered with a clear face and other information.
  2. Photos of gifts and flowers right before the delivery made especially for the sender on his/her request.
  3. Photos of flowers and gifts delivered, held by the recipient, but without showing the face and other information. 
  4. Photos of the items delivered made by the recipient herself or himself and sent directly to the sender. 

Free Photos of Delivery

Ukraineflora provides free photos and videos of delivery. But there are several important things that should be taken into account about this service. Unlike other flower delivery companies, Ukraineflora's service is completely free of charge. No request for the minimum order, no request for flowers only, and other conditions. Another important feature is the fact that this option cannot be ordered. Some companies use a photo of delivery as one of the options that can be ordered. In Ukraineflora, we think, if an item or service were ordered and paid for, it must be provided. There are two very important things about it. What happens if the recipient refuses to pose for the photo of the delivery? Another thing - what are the quality criteria for the photos of delivery? Some will want to see more of the flowers delivered, some will want to see more of the recipient, some will want to see the bouquet closer, some will want to see the area around... These are the main reasons Ukraineflora does photos of delivery with the recipient on them by the special request of the sender. Customers cannot order this service, but can request it for free of charge. 

Dear clients, every item, presented in the catalogs of our online flower shop is available for the delivery. We welcome to order any and every item - Ukraineflora will deliver them in the best way. Photo of delivery - your confirmed proof of delivery and pleasant option in seeing your recipient again.