Roses of All Colors Delivery in Ukraine

$ 38
11 Roses Mix in Box
$ 58
21 Mix Color Roses
$ 65
Big Bright Red bouquet
$ 79
29 Red White Roses
$ 87

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Bright Roses Heart
$ 89

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35 Red White Roses
$ 115
Roses in Heart Box
$ 145
My Heart is Yours
$ 145

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51 Roses Mix
$ 150
Elite Passion Mix
$ 150
51 Red White Roses
$ 150

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101 Red White Roses
$ 289
101 Mixed Roses
$ 290
Rainbow Roses Basket
$ 350
One Thousand Roses
$ 485

Roses Mixes Delivery in Ukraine

If you are asked to name flowers, there is a 99,99% chance that you will name rose among some other flowers. No wonder, as a rose is considered to be the queen of roses. It has its own traditions, customs, meanings, and world exhibitions, unlike other flowers. Rose is used to be presented as flowers gift for just every occasion - for holidays, for anniversaries, for celebrations, weddings, and even for condolences. And a rose is always the first choice to be seriously considered.  Every florist, every flower shop always order several types of roses to be always presented for the choice of the customers. They are sure that those roses will always be bought and a minimal quantity of items will fall and stay in the shop represented.  The same situation is with the internet-shop. Bouquets and mixes of roses are widely presented in their online catalogs and keep the high record in online sales. In other words, when you choose the rose as the flower gift - you cannot make a mistake and such a gift will always be appreciated. Ukraineflora proposes a great selection of roses of different colors, shapes, and sizes that can suit any requirement and occasion. The best feature is that any of the bouquets can be delivered to every location in Ukraine in the best, fresh way possible. 

Roses of all Colors

One more excellent and amazing feature of roses is their variety of colors. And it happens that every color is considered to have its own meaning or two or even more. At the same time, it is not confirmed that every meaning is real and can do something to the recipient. Though, people do try to choose the right color to send his or her feelings in a special way.  They choose a red color to shop passion and love, pink color to show tenderness and elegance, white color - to show kindness and respect. And many other colors.

But what to do if the customer wants to send all the feelings altogether, or vice versa, does not know what color to choose in order for the message from the heart to be delivered in the right way. Ukraineflora prepared that solution for such cases. The bouquets made of roses of different colors. They are mixes of white and red, or pink and red, or pink and orange, or white and pink or just several colors in one place. So, no more worries and troubles about the right meaning. Just pure sincere feelings from the deep of your heart.

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Roses Mixes - Mix Up your Passion

The bouquets made of roses of different colors are attractive, beautiful, amazing, and fascinating. It is confirmed with hundreds of deliveries that unlike mono-colored bouquets, mixes call for more feelings, more appreciation, even more, actions. The recipient likes checking every bud of the bouquet because every bud is different, and sometimes they even try to guess the right meaning not just in the color of the flowers, but the meaning of the mix by itself.

Ukraineflora used only fresh roses, local or imported, tall or with usual height. Every type of roses is available to be arranged in the bouquet. The online catalog of Ukraineflora presents a huge selection of bouquets. It is easy to make the order of the roses mixes. Just think what you want to express, just name two-three main feelings or thoughts or concerns that you would like to be delivered to your recipient in Ukraine. Also, imagine what colors of roses should be used in your very special bouquet. Now, you are ready to proceed and make the choice of your right flower arrangement. Add the bouquet you like to the shopping cart, fill in all the fields, and make the payment. That is all - you are done with the correct ordering of mixed roses bouquet for the delivery in Ukraine. It is important and useful that Ukraineflora will be keeping you on track about the status of your order. You will get notifications with confirmation of your order, of the delivery to be made, and when the delivery is made. 

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  • What makes roses such a popular choice for flower gifts in Ukraine? Roses have a long-standing tradition and cultural significance in Ukraine, making them a top choice for various occasions. They are associated with love, respect, and celebration, making them suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and even condolences.
  • Can you explain the significance of different rose colors? Certainly, different rose colors convey different meanings. For example, red roses symbolize passion and love, pink represents tenderness and elegance, while white signifies kindness and respect. Ukraineflora offers a wide range of rose colors to help customers express their feelings effectively.
  • What if I want to express multiple emotions or don't know which rose color to choose? Ukraineflora offers bouquets made of roses of different colors, allowing you to express a mix of emotions. These mixed rose bouquets combine various colors to convey sincere feelings without the need to select a single rose color.
  • Why are mixed rose bouquets so attractive and popular? Mixed rose bouquets are visually stunning and thought-provoking. Each rose's color adds depth and complexity to the message, making the gift more meaningful. Recipients often enjoy the process of deciphering the bouquet's overall message.
  • How can I order a mixed rose bouquet for delivery in Ukraine? Ordering a mixed rose bouquet from Ukraineflora is easy. First, consider the emotions and thoughts you want to convey. Then, choose the colors of roses that best represent those feelings. Add your chosen bouquet to the shopping cart, complete the required information, and make the payment. Ukraineflora provides order status notifications to keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Are the roses in these bouquets fresh, and can they be delivered to any location in Ukraine? Yes, Ukraineflora uses only fresh roses, whether they are locally sourced or imported. They are available in various heights, ensuring a wide selection for your bouquet. These bouquets can be delivered to any location in Ukraine in the freshest condition possible.