Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and Coupons

We continue providing a list of discount coupons for our customers. Why do we do it? Because we love our customers. This time, the list is dedicated to March 8th, International Women's Day, widely celebrated in Ukraine. So, do not wait. Grab your discount coupon now and make an order by March 8th (or maybe longer? Every day can be a holiday!).

15% discount - 1 coupon available, enter 15offmrraccoon

10% discount - 5 coupons available, enter 10offhellospring

9% discount - 10 coupons available, enter 9offseeyousoon

8% discount - 15 coupons available, enter 8offmissyoumuch

How would you like to use a discount coupon?

Just do the usual shopping on our website. During the checkout, a field will be called "Discount Coupon." Enter one of the words in bold above into this field and click "Click to Apply the Code". That's it, enjoy your discount. No discount? This means you are already late with the discount coupon you entered. Please try another one. If it does not work again, it means all coupons have already been used. But, no worries. We have an unlimited number of 5% discount coupons. Just enter 5OFF and enjoy the discount.

I can apply for a personal discount! What should I do?

Well, you are probably one of the few regular customers* who still needs a personal discount. Email us at [email protected], and we will reply with your personal, for you only, discount coupon.

*regular customer - a customer who has made at least two orders on our website.

Ukraineflora provides discounts and coupons for every customer, even from the very first order. We love and respect customers. All you need to do is enter the discount coupon word in the "Discount coupon" field and click to apply it when entering order details (video instructions are at the bottom of this page). 

   Discount coupon      Size of the discount   Discount period
5OFF5%   Always. From the very first order. All cities of Ukraine 
KIEVKIEV8%  Always. Valid for orders with delivery in Kyiv
ilovesummer10%  Summer only. All cities of Ukraine.


Just fill in the short survey - answer ten short and funny questions and get a 10% discount coupon from us for your next order (sorry, valid once only). Yes, take me to the survey!


A list of unique propositions and free gifts will be developed. Just visit this page more often. Or just write to us directly and demand your special discount or free gifts for your orders. Do not be shy!  We have always something to propose to you. Yes, we know that it sounds impossible, but this is our uniqueness and distinctive feature. We are simply the best in our love for our customers!

Our fantastic head of customer support, Mr. Raccoon, wishes you a nice day and a happy mood! 

Please take a look at the short video instructions on applying the discount code during checkout. Visit this page more often, or write to us directly and demand your special discount or free gifts for your orders. Do not be shy! We always have