Customized Gifts. Delivery in Ukraine

Perfumes on Demand
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Cup with Your Photo
$ 9
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T-shirt with Photo
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Silver Electronics Card
$ 25
Sweet Escape Card
$ 31
Poster with your photo
$ 35
Gold Electronics Card
$ 40
Silver Gift Card
$ 55
Relax Darling Card
$ 68
Platinum Electronics Card
$ 75
Photo Custom Cake
$ 75
Custom Cake
$ 78
Happy Birthday Cake
$ 85
Royal Spa Card
$ 90
Gold Gift Card
$ 110
Luxury Retreat Card
$ 110

Customized Gifts in Ukraine

Those who want to express attention and reverent attitude prefer to order individual gifts with fast and high-quality delivery. On our pages, you will find interesting souvenirs, elegant flower arrangements, and exclusive sweets that will cause sincere admiration and delight to the recipient. Ukraineflora delivers flowers and gifts in Ukraine. Anniversary, March 8, Birthday, declaration of love - we offer the best products for any special occasion.

How to choose customized gifts for a close person

Gifts with history are especially delightful. Remember the details of conversations with a loved one, happy moments that you experienced together, or your future plans:

  • Give your mom a perfume from her favorite brand of her youth.
  • If a new addition is coming to your family, a plush toy will be a lovely gift.
  • You can express love and affection to your beloved sister by ordering the delivery of a cake with a photo from your childhood.
  • If your bride is crazy about romantic photoshoots, surprise her with pair of t-shirts with funny images.

In order not to be mistaken with a gift, pay attention to the universal and always relevant option - a certificate. It can be presented to both close relatives and lovers, as well as colleagues, acquaintances, business partners. Rely on sincerity, emotion, and love, and you will never go wrong. It is doubly pleasant to receive spontaneous signs of attention because the effect of surprise only enhances pleasant sensations. At Ukraineflora you can order urgent flower delivery 24/7 to please your loved one on an important day for you.

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Ideas of Customized Gifts

The best impression will be made by a thing that corresponds to the person's age, habits, hobbies, tastes, and the reason for which you order flowers delivery or a pleasant souvenir. Here are some examples to help you find the perfect individual gift with delivery in Ukraine.

  • The child will be delighted with a bright souvenir that will make him feel like a holiday. Enthusiastic emotions and the broadest smile on your face will create an armful of balloons. No less joy will be caused by the delivery of a cake to order in Ukraineflora with figures of characters or a soft toy.
  • It is more difficult to please a teenager, but in this case, there is a suitable option. Order delivery of her favorite chocolate, candy, or fruit, choose an original souvenir like an everlasting rose, or hand over a treat you can't resist - chocolate peanut butter.
  • Present an exclusive floral arrangement in pastel shades to a gentle young girl. Pink roses and a bottle of your favorite perfume will help to express love for the young lady. Give your spouse an exclusive and iconic item, for example, cups with your photo. They will preserve the memory of the holiday for many years. You can also present a certificate for going to the spa - this will appeal to women of any age.
  • Middle-aged ladies will be pleased to receive a flower bouquet of juicy, bright colors as a gift. If you want to please your mother, arrange the delivery of a cake to order in Ukraineflora. You can also present a flower in a flowerpot, which will delight your loved one every day.
  • It is more difficult to choose a gift for men, but thanks to the rich assortment of offers in our online store, this task can be coped with. Give a discreet bouquet in noble shades to your father, brother, or other close relatives. Baskets with exclusive fruits and cheeses, complemented by elite alcohol and chocolate, are in great demand.
  • A colleague or business partner with little knowledge of their tastes can present a certificate to an electronics store.
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Where to buy customized gifts in Ukraine

On the company's website, you can order flower arrangements and exclusive goods with delivery to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and other cities of Ukraine. The range of gifts for any occasion:

  • Perfumes on Demand. Choose a popular fragrance offered on our website, or enter the brand and product name you want to surprise. Choose exactly those perfumes, from which the other half, mother, sister, daughter will be crazy, and we will gladly fulfill your wish.
  • A cup or a t-shirt with a photo. Such things give a piece of your love to a loved one and will remind you of a pleasant event every day. A portrait shot, a memorable moment in life, or a symbolic picture with an inscription - choose what is closer to you in spirit.
  • Custom Cake в Ukraineflora. The moment when a sweet gift is created exclusively according to the taste preferences of its future owner. With chocolate or biscuit cakes, berry or cream filling, traditional round or in the shape of a typewriter for a little birthday boy - we will offer a treat according to your instructions and deliver it to the addressee in the best possible way.
  • Cake with Photo. We offer to order a sweet gift - two kilograms of a delicious treat with an individual design. It will take us several days to prepare an order for shipment, but imagine what emotions the addressee will experience when he finds not only a sweet but also a creative surprise!
  • Gif Certificates and Cards. Every person is pleased to go shopping, choose a thing that he has long dreamed of, and not pay a penny for it. Gift cards are available for perfume, cosmetics, electronics stores, or a trip to the spa.

Buy flowers and gifts with delivery in Ukraine on the Ukraineflora website, and we will deliver them to your loved ones at the appointed time. You can pay for your order using a credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. We provide all clients with discounts of 5%.

We are attentive to the quality of our products, so custom-made cakes are made by the best confectionery in the cities where delivery is carried out, and bouquets are made by experienced florists who are in love with their work. All gifts are handed out the same day in special packaging and transported in an air-conditioned vehicle. You do not have to worry about the safety and attractive appearance of the selected product. You can complement the order with a spectacular bouquet and a postcard with warm and special words in any language.

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  • What occasions are suitable for giving customized gifts? Customized gifts are perfect for a wide range of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and declarations of love. They add a personal touch to your thoughtful gesture.
  • How can I choose a customized gift that truly resonates with the recipient? Consider the recipient's age, hobbies, tastes, and the reason for the gift. Think about shared memories, inside jokes, or future plans to find a gift that holds sentimental value.
  • Can you provide examples of customized gifts for different age groups and preferences? Certainly! For children, consider balloons or a cake with fun characters. Teenagers might appreciate chocolates, sweets, or unique souvenirs. Adults might prefer personalized mugs, flower arrangements, or gift certificates.
  • Where can I buy customized gifts in Ukraine? You can order customized gifts in Ukraine, including perfumes, mugs, cakes, and more, through the Ukraineflora website. They offer a variety of options for every occasion.
  • How do you ensure the quality and safe delivery of customized gifts? Ukraineflora works with experienced confectioneries for cakes and skilled florists for flower arrangements. They use air-conditioned vehicles and special packaging to ensure the safe and attractive delivery of gifts.
  • What payment options are available for purchasing customized gifts? You can pay for your customized gifts using a credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Ukraineflora also provides a 5% discount to all clients.