Flowers for wedding in Ukraine

3 Red Heart Balloons
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5 Red Heart Balloons
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Pink Inspiration
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White and Pink Mix
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Spring Splash
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8 Love Balloons
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Bright Roses Heart
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31 Red Roses
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1000 Kisses
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35 Red Roses
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35 White Roses
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51 Pink Tulips
$ 109
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My Heart is Yours
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51 Pink Roses
$ 150
51 Red White Roses
$ 150
Elite Passion Mix
$ 150

Flowers for wedding. Delivery in Ukraine

A wedding is the most anticipated and memorable day of two loving hearts. The creation of a new unit of society should be solemn. A huge number of guests are invited, the most beautiful room, decorated with all kinds of flowers, is selected. The groom also presents the bride with a bouquet, symbolizing his love, trust and the most tender feelings. Bouquets, flower arches, numerous petals play an important role in decorating the hall - they create a friendly atmosphere, create a beautiful backdrop, fill the room with a sweet aroma. On this day, all relatives and friends give bouquets to the young couple. Our online store Ukraineflora offers an up-to-date service “Flowers delivery for a wedding”.

The custom in which the bride should wear a bunch of flowers, twigs or a wreath around her neck in her hair appeared many centuries ago. Then it was believed that plants have magical properties, protecting marriage from evil spirits. Namely, the bouquet in the hands of the bride appeared in the 19th century. Queen Victoria of England was the first to decide to hold a living bouquet in her hands. This custom spread throughout Europe, and then all over the World.

What kind of bouquets to present to newlyweds

Not all bouquets are honored to attend a wedding celebration. They need to be chosen wisely so that they fit the style of young dress. One wrong decision and the gift will lose its meaning. Therefore, if you want to order a bouquet for a wedding with delivery, you can contact the Ukraineflora online store. Florist experts share valuable advice on choosing a composition:

  • For a celebration in a classic style, buds of delicate pastel colors are suitable: lilac, white, pink, cream. Catchy tones are inappropriate here.
  • It is now fashionable to design a specific style for a wedding. It is important here that the present is in harmony with it. Don't be afraid if the tone is slightly muted or bright.
  • Decorative flowering plants look great in wedding bouquets: a sprig of lilac, jasmine, honeysuckle. The main thing is that they should be in moderation, otherwise you will not get a bouquet, but a bush.
  • A bouquet is solemn if it includes more than 51 buds. But roses on a long stem are enough for up to 25 pieces. It all depends on the size of the buds.
  • Flowers in a box or basket are practical and more solemn.

The service "Flowers delivery for a wedding" will keep the presentable look of the gift and free you from unnecessary fuss.

Who presents flowers for wedding and what are the types of flowers?

Friends, colleagues, parents, relatives can present a wedding composition. You need to be creative when choosing a surprise, observing small rules:

  1. The daughter wants to receive a delicate bouquet from her parents. The composition should consist of delicate wildflowers reminiscent of home: daisies, chamomile, sunflowers. It seems like ordinary flowers, but thanks to the magical abilities of florists, they turn into a masterpiece.
  2. Those close to the groom give the bride a lush bouquet of peonies or Ecuadorian roses.
  3. It is appropriate for a grandmother to give her granddaughter a beautiful composition of peonies. They symbolize home comfort, warmth.
  4. Friends have a great opportunity to experiment with the composition of the bouquet. It is recommended to combine red, white buds, reflecting the unity of opposites. Coral and peach tones, lilac and orange are in perfect harmony.

What flowers cannot be presented for wedding?

Flowers are beautiful, exquisite, reverent. It is impossible even to think that some varieties are unwanted guests at the celebration. For example, red, burgundy roses that speak of passion cannot be given to a newly-made family. Carnations, gladioli, irises are masculine flowers, so they are appropriate only in designer compositions. Flowers with a strong odor are not recommended being ordered for a wedding ceremony. Due to the large crowd of people, the sharp aroma can cause ailments.

Do not be intimidated by the numerous tips for choosing bouquets and symbolic interpretations. You don't want to convey a message with a gift. On the contrary, you express your attention, warm feelings, joy for creating a new family. If you liked the bouquet, but it does not suit the wedding theme, then contact our florists: they will add the necessary charm to it.

Dear clients, arrangements in baskets, hat boxes do not need vases thanks to the hidden recharge (water oasis). Many people make the mistake of taking flowers out of the box and putting them in vases with water. Therefore, the banquet hall is deprived of its own decoration.

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Flowers for wedding delivery of high quality, Kyiv, Ukraine

Our online store Ukraineflora offers a convenient service - Flowers delivery for a wedding in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. Delicate creatures are grown in optimal conditions for them - on the plantations of Holland, Kenya, Ecuador. We keep monthly statistics of actual plants, we order seasonal buds before international holidays. Our flowers are properly stored in special refrigerators, so we guarantee their freshness and attractiveness.

This is what we propose:

  • Flower delivery for a wedding as a gift to newlyweds works around the clock.
  • The presentation is transported in a specially equipped car, so the buds will not lose their original appearance on the way.
  • You can order flower delivery for a wedding at an affordable price.
  • Payment is made in any way convenient for the client.
  • Bouquets are arranged in a stylish designer wrapper, wicker basket, hat box.

There are sad moments when a friend or girlfriend of newlyweds living, for example, in America, does not have time to come to the wedding ceremony. This is the very case when you can order flower delivery for a wedding at a low price. Our couriers will deliver a gift on the wedding day, agree with the toastmaster about a cultural announcement of a surprise from the USA. Then the courier brings in a gorgeous present and expresses congratulations.

The Ukraineflora online store is a reliable assistant in the creation of a solemn gift. Order flower delivery for your wedding, take advantage of the opportunities offered and have a great time at the holiday! We are always ready to take on all the pre-holiday bustle!

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  • What are some popular wedding flowers in Ukraine? Popular wedding flowers in Ukraine include roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilacs, tulips, calla lilies, and orchids. Roses symbolize love and are a classic choice.
  • What colors are best for wedding flowers? For weddings in Ukraine, popular flower colors include white, cream, pink, peach, lavender, and blush. White represents purity, while soft pastels add a romantic feel.
  • When should I order my wedding flowers? We recommend ordering your wedding flowers 2-3 months in advance of your wedding date. This ensures we can source your preferred flowers and accommodate your order.
  • Do you offer flower delivery for weddings? Yes! We provide flower delivery for weddings across Ukraine. Just let us know the wedding location and time, and we'll ensure prompt, professional delivery of your flowers.
  • Can I see examples of your wedding flower arrangements? Absolutely! We have many wedding flower arrangement photos in our online gallery. There you can see bouquets, centerpieces, arch decor and more to get inspiration for your own wedding flowers.
  • What areas of Ukraine do you deliver to? We deliver fresh wedding flowers to all major cities and regions of Ukraine including Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and more. Delivery fees vary by exact location.