Change or Cancel an order

How to change or cancel the order

This is the step-by-step instruction in case the customer decided to change or cancel the order of flowers or gifts delivery in Ukraine. We really love our clients and really glad when we get an order and start executing it at once. But everything can happen in this life (well, there is another type of expression that should be used here, but our customer support manager Mr. Raccoon did not allow us to place it here). If the customer decides to change or cancel the order:

If you want to change your order prior to shipping, we shall be happy to help you. However, if your flower bouquet or gift is en route or already delivered, we cannot help you and change your order. 

So, if we still have time to help you, please contact us immediately via online chat (see right lower corner) or via email ([email protected]), or via US phone +19807295075 or phone in Ukraine  +38-0677088480 or via Viber or WhatsApp +38-0677088480)  To escape misunderstandings, we recommend using email as the way to contact us.

If you want to cancel the order, it is easy to do, if several conditions are met:

1) If you ordered flowers, and we have not made flowers arrangement yet (there are 2–3 hours as a minimum before the delivery, but since only we and the recipient know the time of delivery, please consider it)

2) If products for the food basket, chocolate, perfumes, soft toy, or any other gift have been already bought or prepared  (usually it happens 12-24 hours before the delivery time as a minimum) 

3) If our delivery manager is already on a route for delivery with your order (sometimes our manager has to leave for another town 5–6 hours before the delivery)

In other words, if there are time and possibilities for order cancellation - please contact us immediately, and we shall make a full refund. What kind of guarantees do we give? We have never had any chargebacks. We are always honest and responsible with our customers, the ones we love and appreciate.