Christmas Gifts Delivery in Ukraine

Deluxe Assortments Candy Box
$ 8
Merci Candy Box
$ 9
Cup with Your Photo
$ 9
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Red Wine Local
$ 10
Poinsettia Holiday
$ 15
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Kyiv Cake
$ 24
Red Caviar (small jar)
$ 24
Christmas Centerpiece #5
$ 35
Pinky Bunny
$ 35
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Huge Citrus Gift Basket
$ 39
Fruits Set Gift Basket
$ 40
Christmas Centerpiece #1
$ 42
Chocolate Surprise basket
$ 43
Christmas Centerpiece #3
$ 44
Sweet Evening Basket
$ 52
Christmas Centerpiece #6
$ 55

Christmas Gifts and Flowers

Arrange a festive miracle for your loved ones and take advantage of the delivery of gifts for Christmas from Ukraineflora. We have over 350 products in our assortment, ready to ship, even on holidays. You just need to make your choice, place an order on the website, and then pay for it online. We will make sure that the gift reaches the addressee fresh and unharmed on time.

We know how important the positive emotions of loved ones are, therefore we guarantee the timely delivery of bouquets in any city of Ukraine. Complement the present with a treat or a small gift to express your love, respect, and appreciation despite the separation distance.

Christmas Celebrations in Ukraine

The Catholic Church adheres to the Gregorian calendar and celebrates the main winter holiday on December 25. If your loved ones profess this faith, it is better to deliver them a gift before the New Year. Eastern Christians follow the Julian calendar and Christmas falls on January 7th. It is more appropriate for them to send a bouquet in the first days of the New Year, when the Orthodox believers exchange congratulations.

Both days in Ukraine are official holidays, so everyone can spend time with their families. The preparations for the holiday last for several weeks. Housewives clean up, decorate their homes, buy gifts for Christmas, make up a festive menu. Although traditions differ in the regions of the country, generous feasts and warm meetings are characteristic everywhere.

Christmas Customs in Ukraine

Earlier, on winter holidays, housing was decorated with authentic symbols made from straw or sheaves of wheat. Now another decor is relevant: compositions of fir branches, serpentine, candles, figurines of angels, garlands. Ukrainians prefer to decorate their homes for Christmas in gold, green and red colors. Therefore, it is better to choose volumetric bouquets of similar or contrasting bright colors for a gift. They will complement the decor and stand out in a solemn setting.

According to custom at Christmas, there should be at least twelve dishes on the table. If older relatives honor traditions, choose a cake or a basket of groceries for them. Young people love to arrange compositions with dried oranges in the rooms so that a pleasant aroma envelops the entire house. Imagine how much they will enjoy a basket of citrus fruits. Candy is traditionally hung on the tree for children, and toys are placed next to it. A basket of sweets or a teddy bear from Santa will make any child happy.

Christmas Gifts Ukraine 1 Christmas Gifts Ukraine 2

Christmas Flower Delivery

Choose flowers with a light scent that blends with live spruce and citrus. In addition to traditional reds, you can present a bouquet with prevailing white tones. Light shades are timeless classics that will suit any festive interior. If you have not yet decided what flowers to buy as a gift for Christmas, Ukraineflora will help you with your choice:

  • White roses are a symbol of purity, perfection, spiritual attachment. They can be presented to mom, sweetheart, sister.
  • Exquisite white lilies emphasize the solemnity and create a festive atmosphere. They are versatile, have a pleasant unobtrusive aroma, suitable for a gift to any gender.
  • White chrysanthemums personify trust, prosperity, strong bonds. Furthermore, they are usually given to close friends, business partners, and anyone to whom you wish to show your loyalty.
  • Red roses are presented to beloved women and people for whom you have deep respect.
  • The gerbera is a symbol of happiness, celebration, and carelessness. It can be presented to a young girl, an elderly woman, a respectable man.
  • A floral mix with bright shades will look spectacular. He will fill the house with rich colors that are lacking in the cold.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

The bouquet can be complemented by perfume, grocery baskets, chocolate, champagne, candy, or toys. Delivery of gifts for Christmas in Ukraine with Ukraineflora is an opportunity to please everyone who is dear to your heart, regardless of age, preferences, and type of activity.

Take care of your parents. Present them with the Fruit and Food basket or treat them with a pot with a houseplant. Warm-up your family's evenings with the Tea Coffee Cookies basket. Young girls will be delighted with cosmetics, a basket of exotic fruits, or an eternal rose under a glass dome. Kids will love the Kinder Surprise Kit. Friends can be presented with champagne and a box of chocolates, and business partners can be presented with a basket "Lux Products".

How to wish your loved ones Merry Christmas in Ukraine

You no longer need to use the services of international postal operators and hope that the parcel will arrive on time and without flaws. You can choose and pay for the product you like, as well as indicate the exact date of its delivery on our website in a few minutes.
Ukraineflora delivers flowers and gifts to Ukraine and proves that no distance is known to Christmas magic. All steps are thought out in advance:

  • In order to present the flowers fresh, we buy them at the bases and form them into bouquets before delivery. The finished compositions do not stand in the refrigerator for more than a few hours and are sent to the recipient in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Each basket is formed from freshly purchased products before shipping, so you can be sure of a gift.
  • The time of the order delivery is negotiated with the recipient. We arrange on-time delivery taking into account the gift creation and transportation process.
  • We work on holidays, so we deliver the present on the agreed date.
  • Payment for the order is made by credit card or through a reliable service PayPal.

We have prepared a pleasant bonus for each customer. Mention the discount at checkout to reduce your purchase price by 5%. Clients who leave a review of the company's services receive a minus 8% for payment. Pay for the order more than a month before the scheduled delivery date to get a 10-30% discount on flowers. Arrange the delivery of gifts to Ukraine now in order to forget about the pre-holiday bustle and congratulate your loved ones on time. While all the acquaintances will be burdened with New Year's troubles, you will look forward to happy emotions on your own faces.

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  • What types of products can I order for Christmas from Ukraineflora? Ukraineflora offers a wide range of products for Christmas, including bouquets, grocery baskets, cakes, holiday compositions, soft toys, and other gift options suitable for the holiday season.
  • When should I place my order to ensure timely Christmas delivery? You can place your order for Christmas gifts in advance, and Ukraineflora guarantees timely delivery. The specific delivery date can be coordinated when you place your order on the website.
  • Are there any specific customs or traditions associated with Christmas in Ukraine that I should consider when choosing a gift? Yes, Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on different dates depending on their religious affiliation. It's advisable to send gifts before the New Year if your loved ones celebrate on December 25 (Gregorian calendar) or during the first days of the New Year if they celebrate on January 7 (Julian calendar). Ukraineflora can help you select gifts that align with local customs and traditions.
  • What types of flowers are suitable for Christmas gifts? Ukraineflora suggests flowers with a light scent that complements the holiday season, including white roses, white lilies, white chrysanthemums, red roses, gerberas, and mixed floral arrangements. Light shades and reds are popular choices for Christmas bouquets.
  • Can I customize my Christmas gift with additional items like chocolates or toys? Absolutely! You can complement your Christmas bouquet with various items such as perfume, grocery baskets, chocolate, champagne, candy, or toys to create a personalized and thoughtful gift.
  • How can I ensure that my Christmas gift reaches my loved ones in Ukraine in perfect condition? Ukraineflora takes great care to ensure the freshness and quality of your gifts. They purchase flowers and create bouquets just before delivery, and baskets are assembled with freshly purchased products. The delivery time is coordinated with the recipient, and payment can be made securely online. Additionally, there are discounts available for early orders and customer reviews.