Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before reading our answers to frequently asked questions, please do not forget to visit and read the following information, which can also be useful for you and have answers to your question. 

- On the product photos, flowers and gifts are so beautiful and bright. Do you really deliver such nice bouquets? 

 Yes, we do deliver such beautiful and bright bouquets. You can always find the confirmation of these words at Photos of Delivery and Facebook.

- What if I do not see my city of delivery on the list of the towns where you operate?  

Just email us at [email protected] and tell us where you want any item from our website to be delivered (of course, if you did not find this city in the form during the ordering process). We are sure we can help you. There are many factors that influence the cost and ability of delivery at all. Just email us, and we will give you a full picture - it works fast. Give us a chance to make a special surprise for your beloved person who lives ... well... in the city out of our website list.

- Do you guys do deliveries on Sundays? Holidays? New Year's Eve? In every city of Ukraine? 

We work on Sundays in most of the cities where we operate by default, but we would be greatly appreciated it if you ask us beforehand about the possibility of delivery on Sunday (or leave us the option of delivery on Saturday or Monday). We do deliveries on holidays, and it is the right time for us to serve our customers' needs. Yes, we can do delivery in every city in Ukraine. We can deliver to places where other companies or flower internet shops cannot! A full list of the cities of delivery is right on this page - list of the Cities Page, and if you do not see your city of delivery there - contact us. Yes, we can!

- How will I know that you have made the delivery of my order? How can I be sure that you made the delivery to the right person? 

Just after the delivery has been achieved - we send a short notice to your email. When preparing the delivery, we confirm the recipient's name and surname and the address (compared with the one that you have provided), in some exclusive cases (for example delivery of very expensive items like iPhone or iPad) we ask the recipient to show the passport. Most of the recipients accept it as normal and never have any complaints. Also, sometimes (if the recipient does not mind), we do photos of the delivery and send them to the sender.

- I have requested a picture of the delivery, and even insisted on one, but you did not send me anything. Why was that? 

After the delivery, we ask the recipient to take a photo of the sender with the items ordered. And it is up to the recipient whether to agree to pose or not. If no photo was sent to you, it means that it was the recipient who refused to pose. Please respect this decision.

- Are the foods in baskets fresh? Are flowers in bouquets fresh? 

As it is written in our Policy article, we do not have pre-made or prearranged food baskets or flower bouquets. We do create every basket with just-bought products; our florists take the freshest flowers from the fridge and compose the bouquets for your recipient. It works just like something is made for you before your eyes, given to you, and you present it to your lady for example. So, we take your place and do it for you. 

- Why don't you deliver 12 stems roses bouquets? No dozens. Why? 

It is simple. It is a sign of bad luck to present the lady with an even number of stems in a bouquet in Ukraine. Furthermore, it is a wrong sign. Do not ask us to do so. Well, just Ukrainian traditions. 

- Sometimes I see that you deliver tulips, sometimes not. Why is that? 

The truth is that tulips are seasonal flowers, even though we use imported blossoms from the Netherlands only. So, this is why we propose tulips for delivery mostly from January to May only. The same idea works for several other types of flowers, but we do suggest the right substitution. Our florists are real professionals, and they can create romantic, elegant bouquets with no problems. 

 - You deliver cakes. They look great. But some of them are so expensive! Why is that? Are they tasty? 

There are two options for buying a cake in Ukraine. The first option is to buy ones made in supermarkets or large bakeries. They produce and sell a massive product, like the cake "Kyivskiy" or "Praha". Another option is the cakes produced by private bakeries, for example, French ones. They propose in some way exclusive cakes - expensive and also tasty ones. So, if you see the fancy cake on our website - this is the one from the last option - made in a private small bakery. Of course, it is not that such bakeries exist in all cities where we operate, but definitely, there are some in large cities like Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. Please ask before ordering. 

- What are the conditions for me to have my money back? 

There are three big reasons for us to give you your money back. First one - you changed your mind and canceled the order before the order was made (or actual preparations were made, for example, a premium basket of foods and wines was collected and prepared for delivery in 2–3 hours and then the customer changes his mind - sorry, but we shall not give you money back). The second one - we can not reach the recipient or the recipient is hiding from us ( yes, such things do happen, and some ladies play games). Then we just refuse to make the delivery and give you your money back. The third one - the bad quality of the flowers at the very time of delivery and notification about it from the recipient and our inability to replace the flowers immediately (it never happened, but just in case, we have decided to add this reason here too). Please note that for the first two reasons, small administrative and transaction fees may apply. 

- I want to ask a very specific and personal question from you guys. I have a very delicate order. Can you help me? 

Yes, Sir, we can help you and will do our best to make your order. Just go to Contact Us and reach us, and we shall write you back at once. 

- I need a delivery to be made on the exact date and exact time. Can you do such a service? 

Yes, Sir, we can do this. Just enter your instructions in a particular field, "note for order" and we shall follow them. This service is free of charge. 

- I have made the order for delivery on a special date. But I want to make the delivery earlier or later than that date. How can I change the date? 

It is easy. Just email us and tell us when you want us to make the delivery. It is simple.

- Can I place the order by phone?

Sorry, but we do not accept orders by phone. It will be much faster if you just make an order online than telling us your address, phone number, and other important information by phone. Though, you are welcome to call us anytime with any questions you might have. All the ways to contact us  - are here Contact Us 

- How can I change my order? 

 Just visit Contact Us and reach us, and we shall do the changes at once.