Birthday Cakes Delivery in Ukraine

Cake Knyazhiy
$ 24
Pistachio Ice-cream Cake
$ 65

Kyiv only

Napoleon Cake Elite
$ 65

Kyiv only

Premium Tiramisu Cake
$ 69
Photo Custom Cake
$ 75
Custom Cake
$ 78
Happy Birthday Cake
$ 85

Birthday Cakes

To buy a birthday cake with delivery in Ukraine, you just need to place an order online at Ukraineflora and indicate the exact date of delivery of the gift to the addressee. You can choose the filling that will suit the taste of the hero of the occasion, add an inscription, or order an image on the dessert of any photo. We only deliver freshly baked cakes in special packaging, so you don't have to worry about the quality of your gift.

How to Choose Birthday Cake

There is a legend that the ancient Greeks brought pies as a gift to the goddess of fertility Artemis. These dishes symbolized the Moon, therefore they were round, and in order to make the “heavenly body” shine, it was decorated with candles.

Today, confectioners make their creations much more original: they give them all kinds of types, experiment with fillings, make several levels, and even set world records for dessert sizes. Many traditionally order round-shaped cakes for their birthday, make wishes, blow out the candles, leaving the “right of the first piece” for the birthday person. Some manage to generously grease the dish with cream and immerse the hero of the occasion in it.

Do not leave the birthday person without the main festive dish - pamper your loved one with a cake, focusing on his tastes. Each recipient will be pleased to receive a fresh and exclusive custom-made dessert. Choose a crust: shortbread, waffle, cottage cheese, or airy biscuit. Decide on the filling: cream, berry, chocolate, yogurt, nutty. The last and no less important touch when ordering a cake for a birthday is the decoration. Here you can show your imagination and make the dessert symbolic for the birthday person. To decorate cakes, confectioners usually use mastic, cream, frosting, fondant, and auxiliary edible or inedible items. All wishes are discussed when placing an order.

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Where to Order Birthday Cake?

Delight your loved one with a sweet gift with Ukraineflora. You can order from us:

  • Cake "Happy Birthday" weighing 3-4 kg. Made from natural ingredients and delivered in a gift box. If necessary, our pastry chef will place an inscription on the dessert or change the style according to your instructions.
  • Customer Cake. You can choose the filling, cakes, and decoration yourself. Gift delivery is carried out in special packaging. Weight - about 3 kg.
  • Photo Cake. An original gift with the image of your joint picture or frame of the birthday person. Its weight is approximately 2 kg.
  • Premium cakes - Napoleon and Tiramisu. Classic and favorite sweets in a gift box. Delivery is carried out only in Kyiv.

Please note that it takes us at least 3–4 days to prepare exclusive cakes. Therefore, try to order in advance birthday cakes with delivery in Ukraine. Return or exchange of this category of goods is not possible. If you pay for the order in advance - a few weeks before the appointed date, you will receive a guaranteed discount.

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  • What types of birthday cakes do you offer? We have round classic birthday cakes, sheet cakes, custom photo cakes, premium cakes like Napoleon and Tiramisu, and can make gluten-free or dairy-free cakes too.
  • Can I order a cake with a custom message or photo? Yes, we can decorate your cake with a name, age, photo, or any short inscription - just provide details when ordering.
  • How far in advance should I order a birthday cake? For custom cakes, we recommend 3-4 days advance notice. For our classic birthday cakes, 1-2 days is sufficient.
  • Do you deliver cakes nationwide in Ukraine? Yes, we deliver fresh birthday cakes with nationwide coverage to all regions of Ukraine.
  • How is the cake packaged for delivery? We package cakes in sturdy boxes to prevent damage during shipment and include cold packs in warmer months.
  • Can I get a discount if I order in advance? Yes, we offer guaranteed discounts if you order and prepay for birthday cakes at least 2-3 weeks in advance.