Mother's Day in Ukraine Gifts and Flowers

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Mother's Day in Ukraine

Every year on the second Sunday of May, flower delivery in Ukraine is especially active: everyone congratulates their only, loving, and most caring mothers on the holiday. All women who have children or who are just preparing for the birth of a baby are surrounded by increased attention. The Ukraineflora company treats Mother's Day with trepidation and tenderness and delivers flowers around the clock in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and all over Ukraine in honor of this special holiday. We compose the bouquets just before shipment, checking each bud. The contents of the grocery baskets are also purchased shortly before delivery, so you don't have to worry about the freshness and high quality of the gift.

A holiday history: from "Mother's Sunday" to festive flower delivery in Ukraine

Housekeepers were honored 400 years ago in England on the fourth Sunday of Great Lent. Then the servants were allowed to go home, and all families gathered at a large table, enjoying the traditional pie.

Officially, the history of the holiday begins in 1872. It is this date that appears in the Mother's Day proclamation written by American activist Julia Ward Howe. She viewed it in the aspect of unity in the struggle for peace. 25 years later, on May 10, 1907, a teacher from Philadelphia, Anna Jarvis, organized a memorial ceremony in memory of her deceased parent. She wrote dozens of letters to ministers, politicians, and powerful businessmen to establish Mother's Day at the state level. US President Woodrow Wilson supported the initiative, and on May 8, 1914, the holiday became official.

Ukrainians supported the idea of honoring mothers in 1928, and the initiators were the members of the Union of Ukrainian Women of Canada. A year later, the holiday was celebrated in Lviv and Ternopil, and gradually it spread throughout the country. During the Soviet era, Mother's Day was canceled, and only in 1999 was it officially documented by a presidential decree. Today, it is actively celebrated throughout the country. Loving children do not refuse the opportunity to order flowers for Mother's Day in Ukraine, even when they are away from loved ones.

Now, Mother's Day is celebrated in almost every country in the world. In 80 of them, including in Ukraine, the dearest women are congratulated on the second Sunday of May. The most popular gifts for mom are bouquets, sweets, and souvenirs.

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Mother's Day traditions: masses in Mexico, pastries in Italy, flower delivery to Ukraine

In most countries, it is customary to congratulate not only their mothers but also grandmothers, wives, sisters who have children. The holiday is also symbolic for believers: in May, Mother Nature dresses up her Daughter-Earth in lush green decorations, after which she sends her on the road of life. For Christians, this is a month of reverence for the Blessed Virgin Mary, gratitude for maternal self-sacrifice, and the elevation of the guardian of family values. In Mexico, Mother's Day is even celebrated with Catholic masses with "las mananitas" performed by an orchestra.

Traditions in other countries are also interesting: in Australia, clothes are decorated with flowers, in Italy and Britain, the heroes of the occasion are given sweet pastries or chocolate, and in Austria, public institutions even make up a special menu for them.

A must-have gift element in all countries is a bouquet and a card with warm words. Those who are far away and cannot congratulate personally use international flower delivery in Ukraine. During this period, Ukraineflora most often orders noble red roses, spectacular white lilies, traditional carnations, and delicate tulips of pastel shades.

Delivery of gifts in Ukraine on Mother's Day

The role of a modern woman in the family is not limited to giving birth and raising children, caring for a spouse. More often she combines family and work, is engaged in self-realization, devotes time to hobbies, and even actively participates in social events. In this regard, the tradition of congratulations has also changed: gifts should emphasize the importance of the main woman in our life. Flower delivery on Mother's Day in Ukraine is a sign of attention, gratitude, and the words: "I love you", which over the years are heard less and less from our lips.

You can add to a bouquet:

  • Exclusive sweets and biscuits for tea in a beautiful and bright wrapper.
  • A cake for emotional gatherings with the family. You can customize a sweet treat or stick with the traditional one.
  • Indoor plant. This is an ideal gift for a housewife who loves to take care of the greenery and enjoy her family.
  • A food basket with fruits, sweets, or tea is a healthy and effective surprise that is appropriate under any circumstances.
  • Perfume and cosmetics. At any age, a woman is pleased to feel beautiful and well-groomed. Choose an elite perfume for your mom or surprise with a gift certificate to a cosmetics store of a famous brand.

You can entrust Ukraineflora with inexpensive flower delivery in Ukraine, as well as all of the above gifts. In the assortment, you will find products for young girls, middle-aged women, and older ladies. Even the most discerning lady will appreciate our useful and high-quality products.

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How to order flowers to Ukraine online

To place a purchase on the Ukraineflora website, select the products you like and add them to your shopping cart. Enter the required information and place your order. The purchase is paid online using a credit card, PayPal, GooglePay, or ApplePay. Just three steps - and the order starts processing, and your loved ones in Ukraine will receive flower delivery at the appointed time.

Ukraineflora guarantees:

  • Quality products. Bouquets are not stored pre-made in the warehouse but are drawn up a maximum of two hours before dispatch. The flowers are transported in special packaging in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Professionalism. We cooperate with experienced florists who create compositions taking into account all the rules and trends - after all, every mother deserves the best.
  • Bonuses and discounts. All clients are guaranteed to get a 5% discount.

We deliver orders on time, even on holidays. We also have a very urgent flower delivery service 24/7 for those who need a gift “same day”.

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  • When is Mother's Day celebrated in Ukraine, and how does Ukraineflora assist in delivering flowers for this special occasion? Mother's Day in Ukraine is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Ukraineflora offers flower delivery across Ukraine for this occasion, ensuring fresh and high-quality bouquets are delivered to your loved ones on time.
  • Can you share the history of Mother's Day and its significance in different countries, including Ukraine? The history of Mother's Day dates back to England, where housekeepers were honored 400 years ago. In Ukraine, it was initiated by the Union of Ukrainian Women of Canada in 1928, spreading throughout the country. The holiday is now celebrated worldwide to honor mothers and maternal figures.
  • What are some common traditions associated with Mother's Day in Ukraine and other countries? Mother's Day traditions vary, but they often include honoring grandmothers, wives, and sisters with gifts. It's also a time for believers to revere the Blessed Virgin Mary. In different countries, traditions may include attending masses, giving sweets, decorating clothes with flowers, and, of course, gifting bouquets and cards.
  • How can I order gifts and flowers for Mother's Day in Ukraine, and what types of gifts are available on Ukraineflora? Ordering gifts and flowers for Mother's Day in Ukraine is easy on Ukraineflora's website. You can choose from various options, including bouquets, sweets, cakes, indoor plants, fruit baskets, perfumes, and more to make the day special for your mother.
  • What are some popular gift add-ons to a bouquet for Mother's Day, and how can Ukraineflora assist in their delivery? Some popular gift add-ons include sweets, cakes, plants, fruit baskets, and perfumes. Ukraineflora offers flower and gift delivery services, ensuring your chosen gifts are delivered alongside your bouquet.
  • Can you explain the process of ordering flowers and gifts online through Ukraineflora, and what guarantees are provided for quality and timely delivery? Ordering from Ukraineflora is straightforward. Select your desired products, add them to your cart, provide necessary information, and complete the online payment process. Ukraineflora guarantees quality, professionalism, bonuses, discounts, and on-time delivery for all orders.