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Flowers and gifts for kids in Ukraine with affordable price

Children are our flowers of life, so adults often pamper them with gifts on holidays or for no reason. And what exactly do children like to receive as a gift? Of course, toys, sweets, drawing sets, beautiful outfits ... But is it right to present flower bouquets for kids with their birthday? Will the boy enjoy the flower gift? Of course yes! But in order for the present to really be pleasant for a kid, it is necessary to take into account some points. Ukraineflora proposes to buy gifts and flowers for children at a low price in its online store. Our experts will share invaluable knowledge that will be needed when choosing the right bouquet.

What kind of flowers to present to kids?

When the child’s birthday comes in the family, everyone fusses, secretly discussing the purchase of a gift. To choose the right bouquet you can’t rush, you must always start from the age of the child. A competent florist will never make the same bouquets for girls 2 and 13 years old. After all, compositions should differ not only in varieties of flowers but also in size, shape, design, number of buds. Professionals of the Ukraineflora online store focus on flowers such as laconic tulips, roses of a gentle tone, bright chrysanthemums. From tender plants, they manage to create a real masterpiece, because they use the rules that are passed down by generations

  • Bouquets are created that resembles the shape and color of the sun, a favorite toy. The surprise will delight the child, pleasant associations.
  • The composition is small so that the child can easily hold the bouquet.
  • Children's bouquets can consist of any number of buds, but everything beautiful should be in moderation. For example, young talent will look ridiculous, holding in his hands a huge armful of roses, lilies. Therefore, our experts collect small compositions, decorating them with lush greenery - gently and aesthetically.
  • To the main gift, florists offer to present one flower, decorated with lush greenery and decorated in light packaging. This combination will appeal to the hero of the occasion.
  • In order for plants to please the recipient for a long time with their freshness, aroma, sophistication, the craftsmen create a composition in an oasis (flower box or basket). The oasis is supplied with a special sponge that supplies plants with moisture

Children's bouquets should exclude the presence of thorns, thorns, strong aroma. Before ordering gifts and flowers for children, be sure to indicate the products, plants that cause the child’s allergies. Subject to this recommendation, a surprise will bring the child a sea of joy.

Flowers for a boy or for a girl only?

Please note that the bouquet is a pleasant addition to the main gift, which can be found on the Ukraineflora website. It is preferable for boys to give compositions composed of blue, purple, blue buds - cornflowers, violets, irises, delphiniums.

Why is it so important to give flowers to girls? Such a present will not only please the young lady but also teach her to take attention, behave correctly, receiving a beautiful floral present. Especially fathers should pamper their daughters with bouquets, look after them beautifully, laying in their minds the image of an ideal man. Girls should present delicate daisies, chrysanthemums, lilies of the valley, carnations, roses. Avoid buds of bright, cold, dark tones, because they are suitable for adult women.

Yellow tulips can be given to little boys and girls because they symbolize happiness. In one ancient legend, it says that this sunny bud conceals wonderful energy in itself, and whoever can open it will find happiness. One day, mom and her son came for a walk along the flowery mountainside. The child first saw a bright flower and ran to him to see all its charm. The boy smiled broadly and through laughter admired the natural beauty. The yellow tulip opened its buds to meet sincere children's laughter. Since then, tulips have been blessed. With their indescribable beauty and tenderness, they really make a person happier.

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Order wonderful  gifts and flowers for children

The Ukraineflora website offers to order gifts and flowers for children inexpensively. For any age category, you can find stunning flower compositions, gift sets, soft toys. In a matter of minutes, on the corresponding page of the online catalog you can order any gift to the hero of the occasion:

Wicker baskets filled with all kinds of children's sweets, fruits. Kits consist of fresh produce only.

  • Huge soft toys: hare, bear, and other instances of the animal world. With a plush friend, the child will spend a lot of time remembering the exciting moment when he entered the circle of his family.
  • A basket filled with sweets from foreign manufacturers: Skittles, Mentos, Kinder, MnM's, chocolate bars, crispy cookies, Nutella chocolate paste.
  • Teenagers will love grocery kits consisting of crisps, ribs, chocolate Snickers, Mars, KitKat.
  • The catalog presents a wide variety of cakes soaked in the sweet filling, decorated with slices of fruit, berries, baked apple roses, or favorite cartoon characters. The child will be happy to blow out the candles that are neatly placed on the top layer of the cake.
  • Older children can be surprised by the original cake, on the top layer of which his loving parents and friends will be depicted.
  • On the pages of the catalog, there is a wide variety of bouquets. Among them, you can find compositions for girls and boys.

Do not hesitate, gifts and flowers for children are delivered by couriers exactly in the form in which they are presented in the photo. On your part, it is possible to replace some components of the basket without any explanation. Please note that the basket is included in the price of the gift set, and the gift itself is carefully packed in cellophane, so the products are delivered in perfect condition. Whatever present you order on our website, be sure to supplement it with a bouquet and a colorful postcard. The recipient will immediately feel how well you feel about him.

Gifts with guaranteed delivery to kids in Ukraine

If you do not have time to personally come to order, you can indicate in the application delivery of gifts and flowers for children in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. It will take only 5-6 minutes to place an order, for convenience it is proposed to use the search filter. If you prefer a postcard to be included in the surprise, write a text with best wishes. Choose a convenient payment method, indicate the address of the recipient. At the indicated time, couriers will deliver gifts and flowers to children, observing all the rules.

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  • What kinds of products are available in the "Flowers and Gifts for Kids" category on Ukraineflora? The "Flowers and Gifts for Kids" category offers a variety of products, including flower bouquets, gift sets, soft toys, sweets, and more, specially designed for children. These gifts are perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.
  • What factors should I consider when choosing flowers or gifts for a child's birthday? When selecting flowers or gifts for a child's birthday, consider the child's age and preferences. Flowers for kids should be colorful and cheerful, while gift sets can include a range of options such as sweets, fruits, soft toys, and even cakes with unique designs.
  • Can you provide guidance on choosing the right bouquet for a child? Absolutely! Bouquets for children should be age-appropriate and designed to delight. For younger children, smaller and more colorful bouquets with flowers like tulips, roses, and chrysanthemums are recommended. Floral arrangements can resemble the shape and colors of the sun or a favorite toy.
  • What types of flowers are suitable for boys, and what are ideal for girls? For boys, it's preferable to choose bouquets with blue, purple, or blue buds, such as cornflowers, violets, irises, or delphiniums. Girls, on the other hand, would appreciate flowers like daisies, chrysanthemums, lilies of the valley, carnations, and roses. Avoid overly bright or dark tones as they are more suitable for adults.
  • Can I customize the gifts and flowers for children to suit their preferences? Yes, you can personalize your gift by choosing from a wide range of options. You can select specific items for gift baskets, opt for particular soft toys, and even customize cakes with unique designs, including favorite cartoon characters or personal photos.
  • How can I ensure the safe and timely delivery of gifts and flowers to children in Ukraine? You can easily place an order for gifts and flowers on the Ukraineflora website. The website offers convenient search filters, allowing you to find the perfect gift quickly. You can also specify delivery details, including the recipient's address and delivery time. Couriers ensure the safe and timely delivery of your chosen gifts, making it a hassle-free experience.