Instructions and Procedures

Order Process Instructions

These are step-by-step instructions about how to make an order and pay for it by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card (PayPal payment option is available as well). 

1) Please make your choice with a bouquet and (or) gift and add them to the cart. You can add or remove items from your cart instantly. Important! You must always have flowers in your order and total amount for all order must be larger than appropriate amount - please read messages in the CART carefully in case of problems. 

Ukraineflora ordering 1

2) After clicking "Order as Guest"  or "Checkout" if you are logged into your account, you will be taken to the page, where we expect you to enter the details of the sender, enter the recipient's information, make a choice with the date of delivery, write the text to the recipient and give your instructions for Ukraineflora. If you have the discount coupon code, you can enter it and click "Apply Code". It is also very important for us that you read and accept our Delivery Policies

Please fill in the details of the recipient. It is important that you:

  • Choose the correct city of delivery. You can type or choose the city from the list. If you do not see the city on the list, please Contact Us.
  • Enter the phone number of the recipient. We do not do deliveries without a phone number.
  • Your message to the recipient can be translated into Ukrainian or Russian for free. Please let us know when you need it.

Please fill in the details of the sender (your details). It is important that you:

  • Provide your correct contact details, email, or phone number, so we can contact you in case of problems with your order
  • If you want to send your flowers and gifts anonymously, please let us know about it in the instructions for Ukraineflora
  • If you do not want to get SMS messages about the status of your order, you can opt in to this option too 

3) Payment Method. Ukraineflora proposes four payment methods you can choose to pay for your order:

  • The first one is Credit Card payment - provided by FONDY.IO -  European credit card processor. You can not pay for alcohol or perfumes using this option. Also, users from some countries (e.g. India, South Korea, Japan, and African countries) may experience difficulties with payment, so we recommend other ways of payment.  
  • The second one is PayPal.  World-famous, most secure payment processor.
  • The third one is Credit Card payment - provided by credit card processor. This is the best option for all countries and all types of products to order. There is a verification period of 1–10 minutes after you enter your credit card details and press pay when doing the checkout process. They do manual verification of each transaction, so please give them some time and wait until you get the message if your transaction was successful or not. Please do not submit another payment without the letter from wayforpay.  
  • Forth one is Bank Wire, Western Union, and MoneyGram - please contact us for details on how to make and pay orders using these payment methods. 

Ukraineflora ordering 2

4) This is the last step for preparing your order.

  • You can revise your order and if necessary add more items to your order to have Free Delivery (click for details)
  • You must agree with the Delivery Policy
  • You must agree with currency exchange rates for credit card transactions. It is a pretty typical procedure. 

5) Click "Checkout" again, and you will be taken to the page of or or, depending on what you choose as your payment method. 

6) After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation letter from our company with a detailed description of your order. If you do not receive such letter with confirmation of your successful payment and description of your order, please check the spam box of your email box, or probably you made a mistake when entering your email address. No worries - please send us a message, and we will send you a copy at once. So, the confirmation letter looks like this:

Ukraineflora ordering 3

7) Please check the details of the order that you have sent to us. In case you noticed some mistakes or would like to correct or add something - just contact us by email. Thank you for your patience and for making the payment!

8) In the confirmation letter, you will get 4 digits number of your order, it looks like this #XXXX. Please use it when contacting us with concerns or questions about your order, or when you track the status of your order here.