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Preserved Rose instead of 1000 words

Rose - the queen of the garden, has always been famous for its proud, graceful appearance. A little imagination means, and an exquisite flower has acquired a special charm. The point is in a transparent flask that prolongs the life of a gentle creature. The Ukraineflora online store provides an impeccable opportunity so that you can surprise the lady with an original gift. Delivery of preserved roses in Ukraine, Kyiv works around the clock!

The process of preservation of flowers was born many years ago in Thailand. Someone decided to deprive the flower of excess moisture and instead introduced a secret composition. To prevent insects and microorganisms from spoiling the image of the plant, it was hidden under a glass vessel, which was hermetically packed. In modern times, this improved method is in demand. After all, this is a unique opportunity to preserve the beauty, freshness, sweet aroma of a gentle creature for a long time.

What is the rose in the dome?

A rose in a glass dome is a stabilized flower, i.e. brought to a stable state. Many believe that stabilized roses are already dead, but this is a misconception. A special technology involves the evaporation of a small percentage of moisture from the plant and its replacement with a composition based on glycerin. Thanks to "smart" technology, the flower lives for about 5 years, retaining the original elasticity and shade of the petals.

Buying a flower in a flask with delivery on the Ukraineflora website means temporarily sending a beautiful lady to a fairy tale about Beauty and the Beast. After receiving such a gift, even a strict lady transforms into a beautiful lady. An inner charm wakes up in her, a gentle smile appears on her face, and her voice becomes incredibly gentle.

Secrets of the rose in the glass dome

An preserved rose under a flask is an amazing, unique gift idea for a grandiose holiday, whether it be a birthday, anniversary date, wedding, a promotion at work, discharge from the hospital, receiving a diploma. A luxurious present is suitable for all ages, for men and women. A wonderful surprise will express all the positive feelings you have for the addressee.

7 facts about the preserved rose:

  1. The chic composition uses a flower that resembles freshly cut in quality. If you don’t believe it, then gently lift the flask and touch the buds.
  2. 3-5 years - the term for maintaining a presentable appearance of the composition.
  3. The composition does not require maintenance. It does not need to be watered and fed with nutrients. The only thing is to provide her with a place where direct sunlight does not fall, there are no sudden temperature changes.
  4. The meaning of the preserved rose reflects lifelong love, respect for a person.
  5. Dome is made of tempered glass. During its production, special glassblowers are used, therefore, the presence of defects on the glass is excluded.
  6. The aging process of the plant is stopped thanks to the glycerin-based solution.
  7. The flower under the bulb does not cause allergies.

What does the language of the flowers speak about?

A stabilized rose is the same flower that can say without words about the feelings experienced for a person. Therefore, before ordering a rose under a glass dome with delivery, study the meaning of its shades, because girls first pay attention to the color of the buds.

  • Delicate pink, mint tones will perfectly emphasize the fragile nature of the girl. Therefore, it is better to present the composition of this color scheme to the lady of a young age.
  • Chocolate, dark red is presented to women with strong character.
  • The iridescent color of the buds is suitable for creative people.
  • The yellow tone reflects respect if the composition is presented to a friend, colleague, mother, mother-in-law.
  • The white rose is perfect as a gift for a married couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.
  • The red tone expresses passion, ardent love.
  • Blue rose is a symbol of something unattainable, beautiful, mysterious.

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Packing for the gifts

The visual effect is the strongest impression that cannot be compared with anything. Therefore, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of a presentation and to its design. The beautiful gift box can be made in white or black. A simple box with a glossy surface hiding a chic surprise evokes the "WOW!". Other packaging options are also available.

You can order engraving on a luxurious composition. If you choose words with meaning, they will go deep into the soul of the addressee and will be remembered all their life. You can add mystery to a gift by adding a postcard with wishes and declarations of love. If you want to surprise and delight - a rose in a glass dome is ideal - the cost of a composition is affordable to everyone!

preserved roses delivery in Kyiv, Ukraine

Our company offers customers two convenient ways to deliver preserved roses: normal transportation takes almost a week, and fast one - only 1-2 days. Delivery of the order is carried out to any city in Ukraine. Do not worry about the integrity of the presentation during transportation. Before sending, we carefully pack the composition, and couriers carefully deliver it to the specified address.

We are proud that in the history of our work there are no cases of damage and product returns.

The price of the preserved roses with the delivery

A stabilized garden queen is much more expensive than fresh-cut flowers. But it only seems so at first glance. If you calculate the number of purchased bouquets for 5 years, then the obvious benefit of the gift is manifested. Also, the cost of the composition depends on the quality of the glass. Most importantly, such a gift will delight the recipient and decorate the interior for many years.

Why is it profitable to buy preserved rose with delivery on Ukraineflora?

Many clients avoid online shopping because of scammers. We guarantee complete reliability to the client. No deception, because we value our own reputation, we set ourselves the goal of justifying the trust of the buyer.

In terms of flowers, people are divided into two categories: someone does not like or forgets to care for plants. It also happens the other way around: people love flowers, but cannot stand their presence due to allergies. A stabilized rose would be the perfect gift for them! Therefore, order the delivery of the preserved roses before the next event.

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  • What is a preserved rose in a dome? A preserved rose in a dome is a stabilized flower, brought to a stable state using a special technology that involves the evaporation of some moisture from the plant and its replacement with a glycerin-based solution. This allows the flower to maintain its original elasticity and shade for about five years.
  • How long does a preserved rose last and does it require any special care? A preserved rose can last for 3-5 years without requiring any special care. It doesn't need watering or feeding with nutrients. However, it should be kept in a place where direct sunlight does not fall and there are no sudden temperature changes.
  • What does the color of a preserved rose signify? The color of a preserved rose can express different feelings or attributes. For example, pink or mint tones emphasize the fragile nature of a young lady, chocolate or dark red is presented to women with strong character, yellow reflects respect, white is perfect for a wedding anniversary, red expresses passion and ardent love, and blue symbolizes something unattainable, beautiful, and mysterious.
  • What are the delivery options for preserved roses in Ukraine? Ukraineflora offers two delivery options: normal transportation, which takes almost a week, and fast delivery, which takes only 1-2 days. The order can be delivered to any city in Ukraine.
  • Why is a preserved rose more expensive than fresh-cut flowers? While a preserved rose may seem more expensive initially, it lasts for up to 5 years compared to fresh-cut flowers which wilt within a week or two. The cost also depends on the quality of the glass dome. This long-lasting gift can bring joy to the recipient and serve as a beautiful decor element for years.
  • Is it safe to order preserved roses online from Ukraineflora? Yes, it is safe to order preserved roses from Ukraineflora. The company guarantees complete reliability and there have been no cases of damage or product returns in their history. They take great care in packaging the composition before sending it out for delivery.