Rules for Minimum Order Amount and Sufficient Items

Minimum Order Amount

Dear customer. The world is changing. All aspects of life, including the business environment, have changed in Ukraine dramatically and tragically. In order to keep the developed network of flower shops in business and mutually profitable relations with the partner flower shops in almost every city of Ukraine, we have to implement the rule of a minimum order amount for every order.  

The minimum amount for orders is set up manually by Ukraineflora's management only. The amount can be increased or decreased, depending on the holiday season and other factors. The minimum order amount is checked on the total sum of item(s) cost(s) in the shopping cart only. The delivery fee, if any, will be added later during the checkout process, as well as, the implementation of discount coupons.  

Sufficient Items for Checkout

Dear customer, the factors, and reasons mentioned above are also applicable to one more rule when forming your order.  We are the FLOWER delivery company and bring a lot of effort to bring the freshest possible flowers to Ukraine and deliver them to our respectful recipients. We can reassure you that the same is applicable to our flowers shops partners in almost all cities of Ukraine - we all invest in bringing and keeping the appropriate assortment of flowers for them to be available for delivery anytime and any day.

We encourage our dear customers to order flowers - roses, tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, etc. And use the chance and great choice from our website, please, you are welcome, to add gifts such as chocolate, food and fruit baskets, cakes, toys, etc. 

Basic Q&A's about new rules

  • Is it forever? Probably not, we hope to cancel these as soon as the war is over. 
  • Is the minimum amount flexible? Yes, customers can expect that before and during the holiday seasons (Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, Mom's Day) the minimum amount will be higher than usual. 
  • I do not want to order any flowers, I just want to send a box of chocolate to my beloved lady! This is why we have created this rule, we are a flower shop network, with qualified florists, supply chain management, and experienced logistics and technology managers, we love flowers. And a box of chocolate can become a great addition to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, even for free. Just drop us a message for more details. 
  • I wanted to ask about special conditions for my order. No problem, just write to us and we will try to help you with everything we can. 
  • I really need to know in detail why you implemented these rules. We love communication, drop us a message and we will try our best to explain the reasons in detail.