Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

This is the information about the delivery policy of Ukraineflora. If you are interested more in legal stuff and detailed public agreement between You (as a customer) and Ukraineflora company, you are welcome to visit and read Public Offer

How we do the delivery:

The flowers or gifts you selected will be delivered by local flower shop managers in person to the recipient you mention when making the order.

We do need the phone number of the recipient. Only after we make the phone call and arrange the delivery, our local florists will start arranging flower bouquets, food gift baskets, perfumes, etc. Every bouquet is made of carefully selected fresh flowers and arranged in a stylish and original way.

The procedure for the delivery is as follows:

1) we receive your order and payment confirmation;

2) the manager redirects your order to the local florist shop;

3) local florist shop manager confirms to the main office that the order can be done as ordered and tries to contact the recipient to arrange and schedule the delivery at the day, time, and address the customer placed when ordering;

4) Bouquets, food baskets, etc.  will be made just less than 2 hours before the delivery;

5) delivery will be made as arranged, in person, by the manager, the recipient will sign the form of delivery confirmation and a photo of delivery will be taken (if only allowed by the recipient);

6) confirmation message is sent to the customer.

In arrangements of assorted flowers, the colors shown online will be used if at all possible, even if this means substituting other kinds of flowers of equal or more expensive value. For flower arrangements such as all roses or all tulips, we will make our best flower type but may substitute with another color, with or without prior consultation with the customer. Food gifts will arrive in special wrapping designed to preserve freshness.  Each gift is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

Delivery Policy

We can deliver every item presented on our website to almost every city, town, and village in Ukraine (delivery restrictions in some areas in Donetsk, Lugansk, and Crimea regions may apply).  Even though we can do delivery to big cities and metropolitan areas, we welcome you to confirm the possibility of delivery to smaller villages and farms before making the order (additional delivery fees may apply and you will be contacted accordingly).

There are no hidden service or delivery fees.

We have three types of delivery fees. The first type - is delivered in large Metropolitan areas. The cost starts from 10 USD. Delivery to areas up to 30 - 50 km from large metropolitan areas costs start from 14 USD. Delivery to areas up to 50+ km from large metropolitan areas - from 20 USD. All pricing, fees, and order total will be disclosed on the Billing and Review step of the checkout process, above the "Place Your Order" button.

If the town or village of delivery is out of the main metropolitan areas of Ukraine (for example, a small village 200 miles from Cherkasy)  – we shall contact you before proceeding with the order with the request for an additional delivery fee. If you do not accept our proposal – we shall make a full refund at once.

Free Delivery Policy

Ukraineflora provides free delivery per order when a certain amount is reached. The amount depends on the city or area of delivery. 

  • For large cities, regional centers, and areas within a 30 km radius, the minimal amount for an order with all discounts included for free delivery is 80-120 USD (depending on the city of delivery, you will see the necessary amount during checkout before payment). If this amount is not reached, the usual delivery fee is 10 USD per order.
  • For towns, and areas within a 30-50 km radius of large cities, the minimal amount for an order with all discounts included for free delivery is 130+ USD (depending on the city of delivery, you will see the necessary amount during checkout before payment). If this amount is not reached, the usual delivery fee is 14 USD per order. 
  • For towns and villages, and areas within a 50+ km radius from large cities, the minimal amount for an order with all discounts included for free delivery is 220+ USD (depending on the city of delivery, you will see the necessary amount during checkout before payment). If this amount is not reached, the usual delivery fee is 24 USD per order.

You will be able to see the cost of the delivery when doing the checkout. Should you have the desire to have free delivery, you are welcome to add more items to your cart, and the right amount for the total order will be recalculated. All the deliveries are done by couriers, personally, from hand to hand, from door to door. We ask when it is comfortable for your recipient to get your flowers and gifts and deliver them to the requested location, at the requested time. Please contact us by any means presented on the Contact Us page if you have any problems or questions or concerns regarding your future or already made order.

We accept and proceed with orders with the telephone number of the recipient only.

If you do not have the phone number of the recipient – please contact us before making your order, and we will help you with this issue.

The delivery day and time issues

We welcome our customers to request a specific delivery day and time. Please type it in the Special Instructions for Ukraineflora field during checkout. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Please make sure that your order information is accurate and complete in order to avoid delivery delays. During major holidays, we recommend that you place your orders at least five days in advance.

Same-Day delivery service is not offered as a payable option but can be done upon customer request, although it is entirely possible if the order is received and confirmed before 1:00 PM, Monday - Friday, or before 12:00 Noon on Saturdays, Ukrainian time (GMT+2) and you specify your preferences with Special Instructions for Ukraineflora for your order. If the recipient is unavailable (even though the delivery was arranged and scheduled with the recipient), We will work hard to make the delivery of your special bouquet or gift in the time frame you provided in the instructions for your order. For this, we will call the recipient to schedule an appropriate delivery time. If the telephone number does not respond, we shall call later every 2 hours.

If we fail to call the recipient before the delivery, we shall contact the customer for additional instructions. According to your desire, we will either continue the search or refund your money in full. 

Delivery Confirmation.

The recipient will require signing a form upon delivery. Confirmation receipt scans can be emailed to the sender upon request.  The courier will ask permission to take the FREE picture or short video as delivery confirming the fact that will be emailed to the sender and available for download. This is optional, and either the sender or recipient can refuse to do so.

Order changes and cancellations

If your order is en route or has been delivered according to your instructions, we will not be able to change it or cancel it. If you have submitted your order and realized that you need to change something, please contact our customer service department as quickly as possible with your order number.

Quality and guarantees

We guarantee the delivery of fresh, beautiful floral arrangements and plants. If the recipient is not satisfied with the freshness of your flowers AT ONCE UPON DELIVERY, please contact us within 48 hours of delivery time, and we will either replace the bouquet or refund your money.