Toys Delivery in Ukraine

Small Teddy Bear
$ 15
Bella Bunny
$ 19
Out of stock
Out of stock
White Hugs Bear
$ 28
Miss You Dog
$ 28
Umka Bear
$ 29
Coco Bear
$ 29
Pinky Bunny
$ 35
Out of stock
Out of stock
Panda Small
$ 35
Big White Bear
$ 45
Cuddly Bear
$ 49
Panda Medium
$ 55
Giant Teddy Bear
$ 89

Delivery of soft toys in Ukraine

A luxurious bouquet of flowers and soft toys - the best gift, which is simply impossible to "miss". You can give a soft toy not only to a very close person, but also to just a good friend, and the age, gender, and social position of the addressee have no importance.

Yes, soft toys are given not only to children and young girls but also too brutal men. You just need to choose the right gift. For example, a dog lover can be presented as a gift for a fluffy cheerful puppy husky, whose name is Jack, and a beloved girl will love a cute white rabbit in a pink dress.

Stuffed Toys - the best gift for any child

Children most of all love soft toys. And it is not surprising, because with them the child goes to bed, shares his experiences. Any person had a beloved Mishka or Bunny in childhood. Therefore, children need to be presented with soft toys often. The delivery of soft toys in Ukraine from the Ukraineflora company perfectly copes with this task.

If at night the baby wakes up from an alarming sleep and does not find his mother next to him, he will firmly embrace his teddy friend, hold him tightly, and immediately forget about his fears. When the child is surrounded by soft toys, he will not be able to harm himself, and the parents should not be concerned. Such gifts are made to children from an early age.

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Benefits of delivery of toys by courier in Ukraine?

Delivery of soft toys in Ukraine by Ukraineflora company is not just a courier visit with an offer to sign for the service. If the addressee gives permission, the moment the gift is presented will be recorded on a photo or video, and this is done completely free of charge. This is another factor of confidence and a guarantee that all shipments are delivered to the address and just in time.

In this case, the sender can enjoy the pictures that will be provided to him by the courier company. In other words, the customer creates the illusion that he gave a surprise in person. This is very important in those situations when you want to congratulate a loved one or friend, and at this moment he is at an inaccessible distance - he lives in another city or even abroad, is in sanatorium treatment, went to study.

Often, courier delivery services are used by people who, due to various circumstances, cannot pay a birthday visit to his birthday, but do not want to leave it without a gift.

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  • What are the most popular stuffed animals you offer for delivery in Ukraine? Our most popular stuffed animals for delivery are teddy bears, rabbits, puppies, kittens, elephants, giraffes, and monkeys. We have many options.
  • What sizes of stuffed animals do you have available? We have small, medium, and large sized stuffed animals ranging from 10cm to 100cm in height to accommodate any recipient and occasion.
  • How quickly can you deliver stuffed animals within Ukraine? We can deliver nationwide in Ukraine within 1-2 business days. Same-day delivery may be possible for orders placed by noon local time.
  • Do you include gift options like balloons, cards, or flowers with stuffed animals? Yes, we can include add-ons like greeting cards, balloons, flower bouquets, chocolate, and more with any stuffed animal order. Just let us know during checkout.
  • Can I get a photo or video of the gift delivery? If the recipient consents, we're happy to capture photos or video of the delivery moment and provide them to you free of charge.
  • What areas of Ukraine can you deliver stuffed animals to? We deliver plush toys and other gifts to all major cities and regions of Ukraine including Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and more.