9 roses bouquets delivery in Ukraine

9 Yellow Roses
$ 27
9 Red Roses
$ 27
9 Pink Roses
$ 28
9 White Roses
$ 28
9 Luxury White Roses
$ 45
Elegance Bouquet
$ 45
9 Pink Roses in Hatbox
$ 47
Being in Love Set
$ 47
Bright Deep Red
$ 50
Out of stock
Out of stock

Discount 5%

Love Celebration Set
$ 51 $ 48

Discount 5%

Sweet Heart Box
$ 59 $ 56
Tender Feelings Set
$ 59
Sweet Feelings Set
$ 64
Spring Splash
$ 65

9 Roses Bouquets Delivery in Ukraine

Delivery of bouquets of 9 roses across Ukraine from Ukraineflora guarantees that your loved one will receive a gift at exactly the appointed hour. Here you can order fast delivery of flowers 24/7 at a reasonable price. Our florists monitor the quality of each bud, collecting bouquets carefully, professionally, and with love. We deliver gifts to any locality, presenting the recipient not only with fresh flowers of elite-quality, but also with sincere positive emotions.

Types of rose bouquets to order at Ukraineflora

  • Elegant 9 color options. The buds can have white, yellow, scarlet, pink colors of various saturation. Choose dark, luscious shades for people you love and respect. Light tones speak of lofty feelings: tender affection, nascent sympathy, the desire to be near.
  • Compositions of different flowers with solo roses are complemented by sophisticated combinations of lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, daisies, and gerberas. All this perfection is enveloped in airy greenery. It gives volume and completeness to the bouquet.
  • Roses as a gift to a man. Unlike traditional round compositions, male versions have an elongated shape. They resemble a rod, a torch - symbols of triumph, admiration, and the goal achieved.
If you are going to present a gift to a dear person, you should think about the traditions of the country in which he or she lives. In Ukraine, it is customary to present an odd number of flowers, so a bouquet of nine roses is appropriate for any event.

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Where to order roses delivery in Ukraine

Ukraineflora company has been working in the flower industry since 2007 and knows how important it is to invest warmth and care in the process. Our florists love what they do, so our bouquets become works of art and give the recipient vivid emotions.

We use domestic roses or elite varieties from Holland and Ecuador. Their strong stems keep the cut flower in its original position for a long time. The buds look expensive and exude a sophisticated scent. Our florists will take into account your wishes for the variety of flowers, design features, and the general appearance of the bouquet.

Etiquette teaches that a harmoniously folded flower arrangement in itself is a full-fledged gift, but it will not be superfluous to supplement it with an elegant vase. With its help, it is convenient to place flowers in the interior.

Gift sets of a bouquet and prestigious sweets, cute toys, fresh fruits, elite chocolate will help to express strong feelings. You can add playful balloons to your gift for a more festive look. Such thoughtful greetings bring genuine joy and make the recipient even happier.

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  • What are the color options available for 9 roses bouquets? You can choose from 9 color options for your rose bouquets. These options include white, yellow, scarlet, pink, and various shades of these colors. The choice of color can convey different sentiments, from deep love to nascent sympathy.
  • Are there special rose bouquets designed for gifting to men? Yes, there are rose bouquets specially designed for gifting to men. These bouquets have an elongated shape and symbolize triumph, admiration, and achieving goals.
  • Why is it customary to present an odd number of roses in Ukraine? In Ukraine, it is customary to present an odd number of flowers, and a bouquet of nine roses is considered appropriate for any event. Odd numbers are believed to bring good luck and are more commonly associated with celebrations.
  • What types of roses are used in these bouquets? Ukraineflora uses both domestic roses and elite varieties from countries like Holland and Ecuador. These roses have strong stems, keeping the flowers fresh and looking exquisite for an extended period. They also emit a sophisticated fragrance.
  • Can I customize the bouquet to suit my preferences? Yes, you can customize your bouquet to suit your preferences. Florists take into account your flower variety preferences, design features, and the overall appearance of the bouquet. You can also add extras like vases, chocolates, toys, fruits, or balloons to make your gift even more special.
  • How does Ukraineflora ensure the freshness and quality of their flower arrangements? Ukraineflora has been in the flower industry since 2007 and emphasizes warmth and care in the process. Florists ensure that each bouquet is a work of art and gives vivid emotions to the recipient. They use strong-stemmed domestic and elite roses, and the bouquets are professionally crafted to maintain their freshness and elegance.