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Best Seller Roses in Kharkiv

11 Roses Mix in Box
$ 58
True Feelings
$ 98

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25 Red Roses
$ 72
29 Red Roses in Box
$ 105
21 Mix Color Roses
$ 65

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Bright Roses Heart
$ 89

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35 Red White Roses
$ 115
$ 38
9 Red Roses
$ 27
11 Red Roses
$ 38

Best Seller Flowers in Kharkiv

Elegant Stars
$ 48
Simply Miss You
$ 39
Need You Much
$ 55
Elegance Bouquet
$ 45
Romantic Flowers Box
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White Elegance
$ 35
Spring Splash
$ 65
Salsa of Love Bouquet
$ 52

Best Seller Gifts in Kharkiv

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Love Celebration Set
$ 51
YSL Black Opium Floral Shock
$ 135
Fruits & Foods Gift Basket
$ 45
Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal
$ 62
Giant Teddy Bear
$ 89
Nutella Hazelnut Spread
$ 6
Choco Bars Gift Basket
$ 42
3 Happy Birthday Balloons
$ 30

New Arrivals

Cake Knyazhiy
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Pistachio Ice-cream Cake
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Poster with your photo
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ChocoBasket 8 (via Post Only)
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ChocoBasket 7 (via Post Only)
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ChocoBasket 6 (via Post Only)
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ChocoBasket 5 (via Post Only)
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ChocoBasket 4 (via Post Only)
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Flowers and Gifts Delivery in Kharkiv

High-quality gifts, delicious and fresh treats, and round-the-clock flower delivery in Kharkiv can be ordered in the Ukraineflora online store. We work throughout Ukraine on weekdays, weekends, and holidays and deliver orders on time. To show attention and care, just 15 minutes is enough: choose a suitable gift option in our catalog, make a purchase online, and on the appointed date, get ready to hear the delight in the voice of a loved one.

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What to see, where to eat, and how to buy flowers in Kharkov

The heart of Slobozhanshchyna is often called “the second capital of Ukraine” or “the city of students.” Many educational institutions, scientific organizations, parks for family recreation, elite restaurants, and themed cafes for meetings with friends or business partners are concentrated here.

The city is deservedly considered one of the most comfortable places to live and work in Ukraine. Promising, rapidly developing, and dynamic Kharkiv is full of cultural monuments and knows how to surprise tourists. From the first meeting, he conquers its original architecture. Sometimes austere, sometimes impressive and spectacular, buildings look elegant in all seasons. The monumental style here is saturated with Ukrainian motifs; triumphalism keeps pace with modernity and art deco, and classical architecture can take on the features of restrained constructivism or, conversely, conquer with luxurious baroque elements. This is a cozy corner in the east of Ukraine, where you can admire a panoramic view from the Ferris wheel, ride a cable car, take a picture against the backdrop of the first Soviet skyscraper, stroll along the largest square in Ukraine, and, returning to childhood, spend half a day in one of the largest amusement parks.

Delivering flowers in Kharkiv, we never stop enjoying its scale, monumental architecture, broad avenues, and smiling, sincere, good-natured residents. To discover the city, it is enough to walk through most tourist attractions. Online flower shop in Kharkiv Ukraineflora recommends visiting the following places:

  • Gorky Park. It's a favorite vacation spot for the townspeople. It is divided into thematic zones, has its cable car, a pond with swans, a cinema, and more than 20 attractions, for which the locals christened it Kharkiv Disneyland. The wide, shady alleys of the park are conducive to a leisurely walk alone and in the company of a soul mate, children, or friends. The 55-meter Ferris wheel offers a picturesque view of the city.
  • Sumskaya Street has many attractions, including old buildings from the late 19th—early 20th centuries. Moving along it from the park, you will reach the historical center of Kharkiv.
  • Freedom Square is the sixth-largest in all of Europe. It occupies almost 12 hectares and is shaped like a flask, the "neck" of which intersects with the previously mentioned Sumy Street. Significant historical buildings are concentrated here: the House of State Industry, the main building of the National University.
  • The Taras Shevchenko Garden is a neat, flowering, and atmospheric resting place with green areas, playgrounds, and numerous photo zones.
  • The Mirror Stream fountain is an architectural structure that can rightfully be considered a visiting card of the city. It is quiet in the morning, cozy in the afternoon, and very atmospheric in the evening with bright lights. The "Triangle" of cathedrals—Pokrovsky, Assumption, and Annunciation—are historic buildings fascinating with their grandeur and beauty.
  • Fountain "Cascade" is a favorite place of Kharkiv youth. Here, they spend romantic dates, sing songs with a guitar, and admire the opening views of the river valley.
  • Feldman Ecopark is a charity complex in which more than 2 thousand animals live. One of the best places to relax with the whole family: you can feed lemurs with fruit, become the guardian of a representative of our more minor brothers, get acquainted with birds, and experience the benefits of modern ecotherapy. It hosts flower festivals, contests, picnics, exhibitions, and other special events.

The Botanical Park, Strelka Square, Constitution, and Architects Square will be no less interesting for the guests. On Pushkinskaya Street, there are colorful cafes and old houses that create a special atmosphere in this part of the city. In the evening, be sure to stroll along the Netechenskaya embankment: the lights of city lanterns reflected in the river look magical.

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Flowers to order in Kharkiv: options and prices

In the Ukraineflora online store, you can buy bouquets for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, declaration of love, national or international holidays. The price of flower delivery in Kharkiv is affordable and depends on the characteristics of the order. Choose the style of the bouquet based on the preferences of the addressee. Colorful gerberas, elegant roses, and tulips of bright colors will add an atmosphere of solemnity and luxury. You can order our flowers with delivery Kharkiv of traditional red, delicate pastel, unusual saturated, festive yellow, orange, and crimson shades. The catalog contains miniature compliments, voluminous and lush compositions, exclusive long-stemmed rosebuds, or traditional medium-sized options. Arrange a surprise for a sick friend, support a loved one in a difficult period for him, or surprise your family with an original bouquet in Kharkiv.

We also compose thematic compositions. Skilled florists at Ukraineflora create bouquets according to the proportions, colors, and balance rules. We consider the peculiarities of each plant type, observing the gift's main idea and concept. Available for order on the site:

  1. Flowers in hat boxes in Kharkiv look original, keep fresh for a long time, and are convenient for transportation. They are ideal for confessing your feelings or making an unexpected gift for a person whose preferences are little known.
  2. A bride's bouquet in Kharkiv is usually a delicate, elegant composition of light shades with added greenery—a great way to congratulate a girl on her new status.
  3. Business bouquets in Kharkiv are often included in corporate gifts and are created according to the holiday theme. They are handed over to colleagues, business partners, bosses, or subordinates.

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How to buy a gift in Kharkiv

The main goal of any surprise is to provide positive emotions. It is doubly pleasant when a gift evokes a feeling of delight upon delivery and continues to delight its owner for more than one day. Then, the euphoria is replaced by warmth, love, and a massive feeling of gratitude. Any Kharkiv citizen will appreciate the grocery basket: fill it with fresh fruits, imported wine, chocolate, sweets, coffee, or tea. This soft toy will appeal to both the child and the young girl. Tested:

  • Teddy bear-hugging dreams are more robust and sweeter.
  • Give your beloved, mom, or sister a bottle of elite perfume.
  • For a woman partial to cute home decor, choose a houseplant with unusual leaves. Ukraineflora is engaged in the inexpensive delivery of flowers and gifts in Kharkiv, and you can purchase all of the above options on our website online.
  • Cakes are also available to order: "Prague," "Grillage," "Napoleon," "Fruit," "Tiramisu," "Cheesecake," and others. We cooperate with the best pastry shops in the city and guarantee baked goods' high quality and freshness. You can buy a cake from us in Kharkiv using an individual recipe. Choose biscuits, cottage cheese, chocolate cakes, and any filling that your loved one will like.

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How the flower delivery service works in Kharkov

You need to use a computer or gadget with network access to place an order in our online store. You can add the item to your cart and fill in the required fields at checkout. Flowers delivery to Kharkiv via the Internet is possible after full payment for the order. Pay most conveniently for you: by credit card, through PayPal, GooglePay, or ApplePay. We start processing the order immediately after the funds are credited to the account. If you have any problems with payment, have additional questions, or have special wishes for the formation of a gift and delivery, please feel free to seek advice online. We work 24/7 and are ready to help you, regardless of the time difference.

We form food baskets shortly before handing them over to the client, checking each component's integrity and expiration date. We also place orders for pastries, considering the date and time of the meeting with the addressee, so all cakes are presented as fresh as possible. Flowers are stored in compliance with all temperature conditions. We form them into bouquets two hours before delivery - thanks to this, the most attractive buds get into the compositions, and gifts delight their owners longer. We provide cheap flower delivery to Kharkiv in compliance with all transportation rules: flowers and products are transported in special packages in an air-conditioned car. Here, you can order a gift for a loved one living anywhere in the city:

  • The largest Kyiv and Shevchenko districts are administrative-territorial units of the east, where interesting sights, architectural monuments, dozens of educational institutions, and scientific organizations are concentrated.
  • Southern Slobodskoy, Osnovyansky, Novobavarsky, and industrial areas with industrial and commercial characteristics. In these corners of Kharkiv, flowers are often delivered to enterprises, government, educational institutions, or homes.
  • Western Kholodnogorsk region. This part of the city always evokes different emotions: many historical sites, theaters, museums, scientific and educational institutions, and dozens of industrial enterprises operate simultaneously.
  • Eastern Moskovsky district is perhaps one of the most popular places for flower delivery to Kharkiv. The leader in population, it impresses with many green spaces, manicured flower beds, and neat shady paths among numerous residential areas.
  • Nemyshlyansky district—a small, relatively young, but up-and-coming district that is a corner of the heart of Slobozhanshchyna.

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Flower shop in Kharkiv Ukraineflora: services and benefits

We have repeatedly said that our service features always fresh goods, round-the-clock operation, and order delivery to all corners of Ukraine: from densely populated centers to small villages. Our store's assortment is regularly replenished with exclusive and original gifts that can impress even the most sophisticated client. Taking into account customers' wishes, we improve our services and expand the company's capabilities.

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Flower delivery to Ukraine from Ukraineflora is:

  • Quality bouquets from professionals. We create exclusive compositions taking into account all the rules of floristry. The certified employees of our company regularly improve their qualifications and introduce modern trends into their creations.
  • Low cost of goods. The price of bouquets and gifts in our store is not higher than in other floristic studios. Each customer additionally receives a 5% discount. Free delivery of flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine is also possible: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc.
  • Timely and fast delivery. To avoid disturbing the addressee and taking him by surprise, we agree with him about the time of delivery of the gift. We also have a very urgent delivery service. If you need a bouquet and a gift "for today," we will fulfill your order within two hours after payment. You can add a card with warm words, sweets, balloons, and a gift certificate to your congratulations.

Kharkiv is an eternally young, active, and open-to-innovation city, and its inhabitants deserve the best gifts.

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  • Is there an option for same-day flower delivery in Kharkiv? Absolutely, Ukraineflora does provide same-day flower delivery within Kharkiv. However, please note that the availability of same-day delivery may depend on the specific bouquet or gift item selected, as well as the time the order is placed. It's advised to confirm this option either by checking the product description or by contacting our customer support team.
  • Is it possible to personalize my flower selection in Kharkiv? Yes, you can indeed customize your flower orders in Kharkiv with Ukraineflora. The level of customization may vary based on the specific bouquet or arrangement chosen. Options could include adding extra flowers, opting for special packaging, or including personal messages. For detailed customization requests, it's best to reach out to our customer support who can provide you with available options from our florists in Kharkiv.
  • What is the price range for flowers in Kharkiv? The pricing for flowers in Kharkiv can fluctuate based on the specific bouquet or arrangement chosen, as well as any additional customizations or add-ons. You can find detailed pricing information on each product page on our website. Generally, Ukraineflora offers three pricing tiers - regular, premium, and prestige. For instance, prices for roses start from 15 USD for 5 stems, flower arrangements from 19 USD, and gifts such as a box of premium Swiss chocolates from 9 USD.
  • Is there an option to cancel my order if needed? Yes, you can cancel your order with Ukraineflora, provided it hasn't yet been prepared by our florists or delivery managers. For details on how to change or cancel an order, you can visit our dedicated page at Alternatively, you can reach out to our customer support team for more information on the terms and conditions related to order cancellations.
  • To which parts of Kharkiv do you offer delivery services? Ukraineflora offers flower and gift delivery services to all areas within Kharkiv and its metropolitan area. This includes small towns and villages within a 20-30 km radius. We also deliver to every city and village across Ukraine, though additional costs may apply. If you're interested in having flowers and gifts delivered to a location not listed on our website, we recommend contacting Ukraineflora directly for additional information and a price quote.
  • What are the accepted modes of payment for your services? Indeed, Ukraineflora accepts a wide range of payment methods for your convenience. This includes all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers, as well as transactions through Western Union and MoneyGram. This ensures that almost all customer requests for flower and gift deliveries in Ukraine can be accommodated with the most convenient and secure payment methods.
  • How can I get in touch with you for queries or assistance regarding flower and gift delivery in Kharkiv? You can reach out to the Ukraineflora team for any queries or assistance regarding flower and gift delivery in Kharkiv. Feel free to email us at [email protected], or contact us via WhatsApp and Viber at +380677088480. You can also reach us by phone at +19807295075 or +380677088480. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form located on our website at
  • Do you offer an in-store pick-up option in Kharkiv for orders placed online? Yes, Ukraineflora does offer an in-store pickup option in Kharkiv for orders placed online. To avail of this service, please specify your preference for in-store pickup in the "Special Instructions" field during the checkout process.
  • Will the recipient be contacted prior to delivery? Certainly, Ukraineflora always ensures to contact the recipients of the flowers and gifts in Kharkiv. As part of our customer service policy, we do not deliver flowers as a complete surprise. We make it a point to call the recipient, typically 2–12 hours before the expected delivery, or at least 15 minutes prior to the courier's arrival.
  • How can I check the status of my placed order? You can easily check the status of your order with Ukraineflora on our website. Simply visit and enter the 4-digit order number provided in the confirmation email sent by Ukraineflora post successful payment. The order status types include Ready For Delivery, Successful Delivery, Problems, Scheduled, Cancelled, and On The Way.
  • What is the source of your flowers? Ukraineflora, along with its affiliated florists across every city in Ukraine including Kharkiv, sources flowers both locally and internationally. We use locally produced flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, and tulips, as well as imported varieties which include deluxe roses, chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, tulips, orchids, and others. We assure you that every flower arrangement delivered by Ukraineflora consists of only fresh flowers.
  • Is cash accepted as a mode of payment? While we understand the convenience of cash payments, unfortunately, Ukraineflora does not accept cash for its services. However, we do offer several other payment methods for your flower and gift delivery orders in Kharkiv, including major credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers, Western Union, and MoneyGram.
  • Do you provide flower and gift delivery services in Kharkiv on Sundays? Yes, Ukraineflora does offer flower and gift delivery services in Kharkiv and its metropolitan area on Sundays.
  • What is the procedure if the recipient declines to accept my flowers or gifts? In the event that the recipient refuses to accept your flowers in Kharkiv, we have two possible scenarios. If the refusal happens before we begin arranging the delivery, we notify the customer and typically issue a full refund. However, if we've already coordinated the delivery with the recipient (including confirming the date, time, and address), but no one is present at the location or answers the phone when our courier arrives, we unfortunately do not issue a refund. We will inform the customer about this issue.
  • If a refund is required, what is the expected timeline for it to be processed? If a refund is necessary, the timeline can vary. If we agree to a refund within 12–24 hours after the payment has been made, it's likely that your money will be returned to your account quickly. However, if the refund is issued much later, it may take 3-6 business days for the money to return to your account due to standard banking procedures.