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We have created an opportunity for you not to worry about the right choice of roses color, which you present to your girlfriend or mother, a colleague, a relative, or a long-time friend in Ukraine with. We just took the best Ukrainian roses of the most popular colors and created this beautiful bouquet. Yes, it's a classic, maybe a little corny, but it's a real win because your recipient will like it for sure.

  • This bouquet is made from 21 roses of different colors in total.
  • The arrangement size is approximately 60-70 cm in height and 45 cm in diameter.
  • A vase is not included in the cost of arrangement and can be ordered additionally.
  • We can still deliver this bouquet even if you have the phone number of the recipient only.

This rose arrangement is a beautiful gift. But, please, allow us to propose you add a teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies.  It will be an amazing gift set, which will help to convey your feelings. Please do not forget to add text, we shall put it in the card to be delivered with your order.

  • Does the bouquet of 21 multicolored roses from Ukraineflora come with a vase included? No, the bouquet of 21 multicolored roses from Ukraineflora does not include a vase. However, a vase can be ordered additionally to complement your bouquet. We ensure the highest quality and service to make your gift special.
  • Can I still order the bouquet of 21 multicolored roses if I only have the recipient's phone number? Yes, at Ukraineflora we can deliver the bouquet even if you only have the recipient's phone number. Our goal is to help you express your feelings to your loved ones in Ukraine, no matter the distance.
  • Can I add a teddy bear or chocolate candies to my order of the 21 multicolored roses bouquet from Ukraineflora? Yes, when ordering the 21 multicolored roses bouquet from Ukraineflora, you can enhance your gift by adding a teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies. It will make your gift set even more amazing and help to convey your feelings.
  • How can I provide feedback or share my experience with your services? We appreciate your feedback! You can submit a review on our website or contact our customer support team to share your comments and suggestions.
  • Do you provide any loyalty programs or rewards for regular customers? Yes, we value our loyal customers and may offer rewards or discounts for repeat purchases. Stay updated by checking our website or subscribing to our newsletter.
  • Is it possible to send flowers and gifts anonymously using your service? Definitely! You have the option to send gifts anonymously during the checkout process. We are committed to respecting your privacy.
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5.0 Elvin (Ukrainka)
24-03-2021 19:48

I am happy to write a review from myself and a satisfied recipient. The flowers are just awesome. Great job, thank you for your attention to customers.

5.0 Derrick ( Pokrovsk)
22-03-2021 19:47

A lot of positive emotions. Flowers delivered better than in the photo. Your work deserves the highest rating.

5.0 Robert (Borispol)
15-03-2021 18:24

I liked the convenient "call back" and in general everything is very modern. Thank you for your prompt delivery.

5.0 Diego (Melitopol)
26-02-2021 17:52

Thank you. All on time.

5.0 Danila (Borispol)
26-02-2021 17:51

Thank you for the positive emotions you brought for my mom.

5.0 Сергій (Овруч)
27-12-2020 18:51

Спасибі вам. Оператор ввічливий, замовлення доставили вчасно. Молодці! Дочка залишилася задоволена.

5.0 Desmond (Lutsk)
04-12-2020 16:44

The birthday girl was very pleased.

5.0 Martin (Zalishchyky)
28-11-2020 14:11

My recipient liked the bouquet and was very grateful for the gifts. Also, the chocolate choice was perfect. Thank you.

5.0 Катерина (Измаил)
24-11-2020 10:50

Спасибо большое за вашу работу, букет прекрасный. Именинница осталась очень довольна!

Admin Катерина, да мы старались ! Все для вас и ваших людей !
5.0 Александр (kyiv)
24-07-2020 08:28

Подарил такой букет своей девушке между первым и вторым свиданием :-) и, так как еще не знал какие именно цветы она любит выбрал эти. Девушка осталась очень довольной. Спасибо, выручили.

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