Flowers to Ivano-Frankivsk | Flowers and Gifts Delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk


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Sweet Heart Box
$ 59
YSL Black Opium Floral Shock
$ 135
Carolina Herrera Good Girl
$ 87
Fruits Cake
$ 22
Small Teddy Bear
$ 15
35 Pink Tulips
$ 85

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25 Red Roses
$ 84
19 Pink Roses in Hatbox
$ 95
Lancome La Vie Est Belle
$ 89

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25 Red Roses in Box
$ 119
Nina Ricci Nina
$ 79

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35 Red White Roses
$ 140
Chocolate Roses Box
$ 95
35 Pink Roses
$ 135
51 Pink Tulips
$ 109
Amazing Feelings Bouquet
$ 45

Best Seller Flowers in Ivano-frankivsk

Spring Spray
$ 39
Need You Much
$ 55
Salsa of Love Bouquet
$ 52
Spray Color Mix
$ 42
Romantic Flowers Box
$ 79
Amazing Feelings Bouquet
$ 45
White Elegance
$ 35
Simply Miss You
$ 42

Best Seller Gifts in Ivano-frankivsk

3 Happy Birthday Balloons
$ 30
Semi-sweet Champagne
$ 15
YSL Black Opium Floral Shock
$ 135
Luxury Sparkling Gift Basket
$ 86
Chocolate Surprise basket
$ 59

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Love Celebration Set
$ 48
Giant Teddy Bear
$ 89
Happy Birthday Balloon
$ 10

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Cake Knyazhiy
$ 24
Pistachio Ice-cream Cake
$ 65
Poster with your photo
$ 35
ChocoBasket 8 (via Post Only)
$ 69
Out of stock
Out of stock
ChocoBasket 7 (via Post Only)
$ 65
Out of stock
Out of stock
ChocoBasket 6 (via Post Only)
$ 49
Out of stock
Out of stock
ChocoBasket 5 (via Post Only)
$ 45
Out of stock
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ChocoBasket 4 (via Post Only)
$ 42
Out of stock
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Flowers and gifts delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk

When you need a very urgent delivery of flowers and gifts in Ivano-Frankivsk, a team of trusted florists and a professional logistics service of Ukraineflora come to the rescue. Without days off and holidays, 24/7 we accept orders from all over the world to send a piece of your love to your relatives, friends or colleagues in Ukraine, putting maximum professionalism into each order. We guarantee the freshness of each bud and the premium quality of gifts for every taste, which will surely please the addressee and remain in his memory as a pleasant memory of you and your care.

Flowers and gifts delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk 1

Discover the unique beauty of Ivano-Frankivsk with Ukraineflora

Fragrant flowers, colorful gifts and historic crossroads - Ivano-Frankivsk is a magnificent city in western Ukraine, where open and optimistic people live. Located in the heart of the Carpathians, this beautiful place is known for its rich cultural heritage and variety of attractions.

Ivano-Frankivsk, founded during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is permeated with history and unique flavor. In its architecture, you can see a mixture of styles: baroque, neo-gothic, modern - each with its own character in memorable architectural incarnations. The main attraction of the city is Market Square, where the Town Hall is located - the symbol of Ivano-Frankivsk. The old city offers many cozy streets, cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and taste traditional Ukrainian dishes.

The city is surrounded by beautiful nature, which is truly breathtaking. The surrounding Carpathian Mountains offer great opportunities for hiking and skiing. Romanovski Kurgany Park is a historical reserve where you can learn about ancient cultures and enjoy picturesque views of the city.

Flowers and gifts delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk 2

Ukraine is known for its hospitality, and Ukraineflora keeps this tradition alive by offering flower and gift delivery in and around Ivano-Frankivsk. Each bouquet ordered in our online flower shop is made with care and skill to give sincere joy and vivid emotions to the recipient. And for those who want to add to their special message, we offer chic cheese, wine, chocolate sets, soft toys, balloons and many other spectacular options for various occasions.

Delivery of flowers and gifts in Ivano-Frankivsk with love from Ukraineflora

We provide delivery of tulips, peonies, roses and other luxurious buds in all areas of the city: Central, Galitsky, Pasichnaya, Bogdanovka, Hutsulskoe, Stryisky, Zheleznodorozhny, Frankovsky, Shevchenkovsky, Karpatsky, Levandovka, Buchmy, Kolomiysky, etc. Regardless of whether, where your addressee is located, Ukraineflora will deliver the order directly to your hands, making this day unforgettable.

With us, you will find not only an impressive selection of quality flowers and gifts, but also impeccable delivery conditions to make every recipient feel special on their special day in this truly special city!

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Where to order delivery of roses by the piece and bouquets in Ivano-Frankivsk

In such a luxurious city, there are many places competing with each other for the attention of a person who is looking for a studio or a store with inexpensive delivery of flowers and gifts around the city and region. Some of them offer elite compositions, some - a large assortment, others focus on service. In Ukraineflora you will find everything listed, plus:

  • Irreproachable quality of goods. We carefully treat the wishes of each of our clients and monitor our reputation, so we can confidently guarantee that we have only the freshest flowers with delivery, delicious cakes and other confectionery.
  • Products in reality look exactly as in the photo. The only exceptions are seasonal flowers and products, which sometimes need to be replaced in the composition with an option in the same price category - you can find information about this in the card of the product you are interested in or directly from the manager.
  • Free round-the-clock consultations from experts who will help you choose the best gift with delivery for any occasion.
  • The best delivery conditions. We transport flowers and gifts to all areas of the city on a specially equipped car, in which it is convenient to regulate the optimal conditions to preserve the freshness and presentable appearance of the goods.
  • Guaranteed happy smiles upon delivery! If the recipient does not mind, we can make a photo or video report for you at the moment when we transfer the congratulations to the addressee in person.
  • We always adhere to the agreements. Before arrival, we will definitely call and arrange a meeting at a convenient time.
  • Pleasant discounts. For the first order on the site, there is a 5% discount on flowers with delivery, and for those who use the services of our company constantly and arrange delivery in advance, there is an opportunity to get a discount of up to 30%, as well as free delivery around the city upon reaching a certain amount.
  • Easy payment. On the website, you can pay for goods using Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay or a credit card.
  • We can attach a nice postcard with your wishes to each order, which we will translate into any language of the world for free.
We invite you to use the services of the Ukraineflora company and realize your most cherished ideas in the form of the most attractive buds and memorable gifts! Our company quickly and professionally delivers your flower compliments not only to Ivano-Frankivsk, but throughout Ukraine to bring more joy and admiration to every important event in the life of your loved ones.

Let me please you and your loved ones with beautiful flowers that will fill your hearts with warmth and beauty! Place your order today and open the door to a world of exquisite floral arrangements and impressive gifts that will be remembered forever!

Flowers and gifts delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk 4
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  • Are cash payments accepted? We apologize for any inconvenience, but Ukraineflora does not accept cash payments for our services. However, we offer a variety of other payment methods for your flower and gift delivery orders in Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • Is it possible to pay using PayPal? Yes, Ukraineflora accepts PayPal as one of our payment methods. We encourage customers to use PayPal or any other payment method with which they feel comfortable and secure.
  • How can I check the status of my order? Customers can easily check the status of their flower orders in Ivano-Frankivsk on our website at To check the order status, enter the 4-digit order number found in the confirmation email from Ukraineflora, which is sent after successful payment. There are several types of order statuses, including Ready For Delivery, Successful Delivery, Problems, Scheduled, Cancelled, and On The Way.
  • Where is the recommended place to make online flower purchases in Ivano-Frankivsk? Ukraineflora is a reputable online flower and gift delivery service operating in Ivano-Frankivsk and throughout Ukraine. We are a popular choice for purchasing flowers online and arranging delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk due to our high-quality products and reliable service.
  • Can you make deliveries to hospitals? Yes, Ukraineflora can deliver to hospitals, provided that the phone number of the recipient or a contact person who can reach the recipient is provided. However, we can only deliver to locations where we are permitted to do so. In some cases, we may have to leave flowers and gifts at the reception desk, trusting that all items will be delivered to the recipient.
  • What forms of payment are you equipped to accept? Ukraineflora accepts a wide range of payment methods for its services, including all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bank wires, Western Union, and MoneyGram transactions. We strive to accommodate 99% of our customers' preferences for ordering flower and gift deliveries in Ukraine in the most convenient and secure manner.
  • Which parts of Ivano-Frankivsk do your delivery services cover? We deliver flowers and gifts to every part of Ivano-Frankivsk and its metropolitan area, including all small towns and villages within a 20-30 km radius. Ukraineflora also delivers to every city and village in Ukraine, although additional costs may apply. If a customer wishes to order delivery of flowers and gifts to a location not listed on the website, we recommend contacting Ukraineflora for additional information and a price quote.
  • What is the source of your flowers? Ukraineflora and our affiliated florists in every city of Ukraine, including Ivano-Frankivsk, use both locally produced flowers (such as roses, chrysanthemums, tulips) and imported ones (including deluxe roses, chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, tulips, orchids, etc.). We guarantee that every flower arrangement we deliver will only contain fresh flowers.
  • How can I obtain discount coupons when placing an order for flower delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk? Every customer of Ukraineflora can take advantage of our discounts. Even first-time visitors to our website can use the discount coupon code "5OFF" to receive an instant 5% discount on their order. After placing even one order with our company, customers can get an 8% personal discount coupon code by submitting a review about our services. Our regular customers can enjoy other types of discounts, so we encourage you to become a regular customer to receive pleasant surprises and discounts from Ukraineflora.
  • Is the arrangement depicted in the photo the exact item that will be delivered in Ivano-Frankivsk? Yes, Ukraineflora aims to deliver flower arrangements and gifts that match the product pictures exactly. Customers can check the real, unedited photos of our deliveries here -, or on our Facebook page at or Instagram account at
  • What is the typical timeframe for processing a refund? If a refund is necessary, there are two possible scenarios. If we agree to a refund within 12–24 hours after the actual payment, there's a high probability that your money will be returned to your account very quickly. In other cases where we issue a refund much later, it may take 3-6 business days for the money to be credited back to your account. These timelines are common in banking activities in almost every country.
  • How can I reach out to you for inquiries regarding flower and gift delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk? Ukraineflora welcomes customers and website visitors to contact our team via email at [email protected], or by WhatsApp and Viber at +380677088480, by phone numbers +19807295075 or +380677088480, or via the contact form located on this webpage -
  • Can I personalize the flower arrangements in Ivano-Frankivsk? Ukraineflora may offer customization options depending on the bouquet or arrangement you choose. Check our website for specific customization options, which may include adding extra flowers, special packaging, or personal messages. There's also an option to contact customer support and describe what you'd like to have delivered in Ivano-Frankivsk. You will receive available options from our florists in Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • What is the procedure if the recipient declines to accept my flowers or gifts? There are two scenarios regarding recipient refusal. The first scenario is if the recipient refuses to accept your flowers in Ivano-Frankivsk before we start arranging the delivery. In this case, we send a notification to the customer asking for instructions regarding next steps. Usually, we just issue a full refund. The second scenario involves cases where we arrange the delivery with the recipient, and get confirmation from them about the date, time, and address of delivery, but when our courier arrives at the location, there is nobody there, and/or nobody answers the phone. We do not issue a refund in this case and inform the customer about the problem.
  • Do you offer flower and gift deliveries in Ivano-Frankivsk on Sundays? Yes, Ukraineflora delivers flowers and gifts in Ivano-Frankivsk and its metropolitan area on Sundays.