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Flowers and Gifts Delivery in Mykolaiv

Fresh fruits, original sweets, original compositions, round-the-clock flower delivery - Mykolaiv inspires us to create the best gifts for your loved ones. The city of shipbuilders, water beauties, brave sailors seems to include a regime of "freedom, lightness, and scale". It is somewhat reminiscent of a family resort: there is a measured life, there is no fuss, and nature disposes to enjoy the surrounding beauty. Despite the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility in the south of Ukraine, in Mykolaiv, Ukraineflora always delivers flowers on time and on time. As brave conquerors of the water element on sailing ships, our couriers maneuver among the streets and are ready for unpredictability on the way.

Features of the city and flowers to order in Mykolaiv

The largest economic center in the south of the country is not spoiled by the attention of tourists. This fact could upset guests and residents, but getting into this southern corner, you feel its charm. When everything is boiling around with entertainment, active life, crowds of people, and cars, everything happens differently here. For us, life, work, and the regular delivery of flowers and gifts in Mykolaiv are like access to something exclusive. Something that is not known to everyone, but in a homely close and truly dear. Even non-tourist places are impressive in Ukraine. While delivering flowers across Mykolaiv, we learned many impressive facts about him that would surprise even experienced travelers:

  • Archaeologists have discovered Cimmerian settlements and tools of the Late Bronze Age right within the city. Not every capital of the world boasts a history that dates back to BC.
  • For the first time, Mykolaiv was mentioned in the chronicle sources. And the first port appeared here earlier than in Greece.
  • Unlike other industrial cities of Ukraine, which cannot boast of historical buildings, Mykolaiv can surprise you with the ancient architecture of the 18th-19th centuries.
  • In Mykolaiv there is a unique location, which has no analogs in any part of the world - this is the Varvarovsky sliding bridge. The uniqueness of this structure lies in the fact that it is not opened with a book, as is customary, but is lifted and shifted, ensuring the passage of ships.

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Where to have fun, relax and order flowers in Mykolaiv

An ideal pastime in the city over the Bug and Ingul should include three elements:

  • cultural attractions;
  • unique natural areas;
  • More water.

Start your walk on the neat city sidewalks. Walk along Flotsky Boulevard and the Embankment, relax on a bench in the shade of the trees of Leski Park, look into one of the largest zoos in Ukraine. The temple architecture of the city will also impress the church of St. Joseph, the churches of St. Nicholas, and the Holy Spirit, the Lutheran church. Architectural monuments related to the theme of the city will also attract attention: the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet, the Old Fleet Barracks, the Admiralty. For an evening promenade along Mykolaiv, buy flowers for your beloved and go to the longest pedestrian street in Ukraine - Sobornaya.

After exploring the cultural attractions, it's time to change your shoes for sneakers and get ready for off-roading. Be sure to visit the "Ukrainian Troy" - the settlement Dikiy Sad. Get to Camp Field with untouched nature and canyons. It offers a panoramic view of the river mouth and part of Mykolaiv. Stunning views of the estuary and port open from the Coaster Harbor.

Finally, we got to the main element of the city - water. Coming here and not visiting the yacht dock is tantamount to a crime. Here you can sit and watch the sunset, count the number of sails on the horizon, take a river walk, or stare at a spectacular building with artsy Renaissance elements for a long time. You can soak up the sun under the soothing sounds of the water at the Chaika or Strelka beaches.

How is flower delivery to the districts of Mykolaiv

Ask us to describe the city in one color, and we will list all the shades of blue: the aquamarine sky here is reflected in the azure water, and in the afternoon the horizon shows an impressive gradient from pale cornflower blue to bluish. Sometimes it seems that even the air takes on a shade of light crystal.

If the area had to be characterized in the language of flowers, it would definitely be a combination of simplicity and pretentiousness, culture and savagery, greenhouse conditions, and open spaces. In a hurry to deliver gifts in Mykolaiv, we watch tulips in the flowerbed of the central part of the city or admire wild plants in the Yunost park of the Ingul region. Residents of the few villages of the Zavodskoy part of the city also do not give up the idea of ​​transforming the courtyards. Here you can find blooming, evergreen, and wild species. Bright petunias, geraniums, and lobelias add elegance to neat balconies.

Mykolaiv Ukraine Flowers 2

Where to buy flowers in Mykolaiv

The population of the city loves plants, and they grow with pleasure in the mild, fresh and comfortable climate of the southern part of the country. Surrounding yourself with beauty is not difficult, and it is very easy to give it to loved ones. In the online flower shop in Ukraine Ukraineflora you can order exclusive bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, gerberas, carnations, alstroemeria at an affordable price. We guarantee:

  • The freshness of products. All compositions are made by experienced florists two hours before the order is sent. Transportation of flowers is carried out in a car in compliance with temperature conditions and logistics rules. The recipient will receive the bouquet in perfect condition.
  • In-time delivery. For a long work in Mykolaiv, we have studied all its streets, houses and even paths, so we are perfectly oriented in the area and deliver the order on time.
  • A wide range of gifts. You can complement the flowers with a food basket, cake, soft toy, balloons, cosmetics, gift card, or certificate.

A few minutes to place an order is all it takes to surprise your loved ones. For the rest, trust Ukraineflora.

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