Trust and Reputation in Flowers Delivery in Ukraine

Trust and Reputation in Flowers Delivery in Ukraine

Trust is what the whole modern business is based on, and the service of delivering flowers and gifts to Ukraine is no exception. Ukraineflora has existed in the flower delivery market since 2007, and we have repeatedly encountered customer doubts. Many companies bypass this issue and want to inspire customers with a favorable opinion of themselves without providing decent evidence. We stand for honesty and openness, and for us, this is not an empty phrase ...

To avoid being unfounded, we have compiled a list of arguments proving that Ukraineflora cares about reputation issues. You can check each item yourself to ensure that Ukraineflora can be trusted.

Ukraineflora Reliability Guarantees

1. Actual domain

Most fly-by-night companies choose domains faster and cheaper. Companies that have domains of the same name with the service provided and the company name acquire them with the thought that they will use them for more than one year.

We acquired the domain in 2009 and have been actively developing the site without interrupting the process for a minute. You can verify this yourself by entering the address of our website on the domain check website.

2. Actual testimonials and photos of delivery

We don't have a single negative review. Yes, situations can be different, but we take the client's side in each case and find a way out. As a result, during the company's entire existence, there was not a single case in which the client was not satisfied with the delivery. You can verify this by reading the website and social network reviews.

When handing flowers, we invite recipients to take a commemorative picture. Photos of the happy owners of lovely gifts can be found in the «Delivery Photos» section.

3. Real Prices

Most people are used to avoiding unreasonably expensive offers, but a cost that is too low should be no less alarming. Could you compare our prices for bouquets and gifts in Ukraine to ensure our offers are optimal?

We do not charge extra shipping fees. The purchaser pays for the purchase; the recipient pays nothing. For him, this gift will not be overshadowed by talk about finance.

We value our customers because we put a lot of effort into attracting them: We simultaneously fill the site with relevant content and advertise in a dozen countries. Bringing a new visitor to the site and keeping their attention is expensive. We will not risk investing resources to earn an extra dollar for the loss of reputation.

4. Self-written, active, developing site

Some services allow you to make a website literally on the knee. This does not require any special knowledge or a lot of money. These are the resources that unscrupulous companies use. Indeed, why spend money on complex tools if you can use a template solution and hope that an inexperienced visitor does not suspect a trick? This path in Ukraineflora was shallow from the very beginning.

From its first days of existence, our site differed from many competitors in that it was created from scratch. We thought over every little thing, from convenient usability to unique design. It is expensive, complex, and requires considerable resources to keep it running. We have chosen this path because we look forward to a long and productive career.

5. Multilingual Website

Our resource is available in three languages—Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Each version has unique content and is promoted in its own region, and these are separate costs and marketing services. Keeping the site running in so many languages takes a whole team. Unscrupulous companies are unlikely to engage in such a complex and costly process.

6. Secure Payment

You can pay with us through PayPal or other ways, such as by credit card. Many companies use the first option - payments through PayPal are easy to link to almost any site, and for this, you do not need to carry out complex manipulations. But the map questions are more complicated. To connect the receipt of funds through a bank card, we passed verification and proved that the site is ready to work with this payment method. This is convenient for the client, but it is also essential proof of the coherence and thoughtfulness of our service.

7. Invoices for Corporate Clients

We provide a set of documents that contains a complete list of goods, their quantity, price, terms of payment, and delivery. They also contain information about the sender and recipient, confirm the transaction's relevance, and guarantee a refund.

8. Genuine Money Return

We are ready to return the money if the addressee received a defective product or the order was not completed for some reason. Refunds will be made in full and without any wrangling on our part.

If you paid via PayPal, the money will be returned to your account within a few days (you will receive the exact information from our operator). If the payment was made through a bank card, you must write a statement at the bank, after which the funds will be credited to the bank account within 5-10 business days. This is a regular official practice for all large firms that do business online, and we will try our best to satisfy you.

9. SSL Certificate Availability

Visitors enter personal data and payment details on our website, so customer security issues are our priority. We use an SSL certificate, which transmits data over a secure protocol. Using our flower and gift delivery service in Ukraine, you can be sure that your data will be kept from third parties.

10. Antivirus and Security Confirmation

There are no viruses or other malware on our site.

11. Open Information about the Ukraineflora Ownership

You can ensure the company is owned by a real person responsible for its business by reading about it in "Public Offer." To get to know Ukraineflora better, we suggest you visit the page "Our Company.

12. Customer Support

Would you like to know more about payment or refund terms? Our online support team will answer all your questions. These are no bots but real people who are trained and receive an actual salary. They do not give template answers but approach each client individually. Contact our team in any convenient way from those listed in the "Contacts" section to get individual advice and answer any questions.