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Ukraineflora is original gifts, the best service, and timely flower delivery to Zaporizhzhia for any occasion and just like that. We work around the clock, so we are ready at any time to help with placing an order, advise on issues of interest and even arrange a surprise for your loved one before the start of the working day. In stock only fresh, attractive buds, delicious pastries, and exclusive gift baskets with the best products!

We deliver flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc., we work in small regional centers and even get to villages in any corner of the country. Wherever the addressee lives, we are guaranteed to deliver the order to him in the best possible way.

Order flowers in Zaporizhzhia 1

Unusual facts about the city and flowers in Zaporozhye

The colorful industrial city in the south of the country captivates with its diversity. Without leaving the area, you can stroll along a long modern avenue and enjoy untouched nature, gaze at the power of the dam, and then travel back to the era of the Cossacks and for some time forget about the worries and difficulties of the 21st century. There are other, no less impressive facts about Zaporizhzhia:

  • The official date of the foundation of the city is considered to be 952. It is this period that is indicated in the treatise of the Byzantine emperor with a mention of the fortifications on the Dnieper. But many scientists to this day do not stop arguing about the true time of the "birth" of the city.
  • Here is Khortytsya - one of the largest islands on the Dnieper River.
  • At the end of the 19th century, the most powerful steam mill was erected in Zaporizhzhia (then - Aleksandrovsk). To service it, 25 workers were required, and the unit itself could grind more than 5 thousand poods of flour per day. But the mechanism never worked at full capacity, since there was no need for it. Over time, the structure ceased to function and became one of the architectural landmarks of the area.
  • Zaporizhzhia is considered one of the largest industrial centers in Ukraine. Machine building, chemical industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy are developed here.

Delivering flowers in Zaporizhzhia, we thoroughly studied not only the historical and cultural sites of the city, but also drove thousands of kilometers along the streets and avenues, got to know the local population better, and visited amazing and little-known places. Today we are well versed in the area and it is not difficult for us to get to any remote corners of the districts:

  • Alexandrovsky, which is located in the old part of the city and is famous for its attractive architecture.
  • Zavodsky and Kommunarsky with large industrial enterprises.
  • Khortitsky and Shevchenkovsky, in which there are cozy residential areas with small streets and green recreation areas.
  • Dnieper and Voznesensky - central regions with a large number of industrial and natural attractions, densely populated high-rise buildings, old parks, and developed infrastructure.

Despite the industrial character of the area, its population is not alien to the concept of beauty and natural aesthetics. Walking avenues or relaxing on benches among residential areas, you can admire well-groomed flower beds, be surprised by the abundance of indoor plants on windowsills and balconies, spend time on the green terraces of local cafes, drowning in geraniums and petunias.

Every year, Oak Guy Park hosts the Flower Parade, an event where experts compete for the right to be the author of the best floristic composition. The dynamically developing corner of Ukraine is also open to modern European trends. So, at festivals and masterclasses, Phyto-flea markets are becoming more and more popular, where visitors can exchange houseplants with each other.

Order flowers in Zaporizhzhia 2

What to see and where to order flowers with delivery to Zaporizhzhia

Although the place is not a tourist mecca, it has something to show guests with different interests:

  • To see how the city lives, you should visit its main street - Cathedral. This is one of the largest avenues in Europe, impressive in its scale. On the way, you will also come across one of the most impressive structures of the region - the DneproGES dam.
  • You can get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the city and get aesthetic pleasure from unusual architectural solutions by looking closely at the cult cathedrals - St. Andrew's Cathedral, Pokrovsky, Catholic Church. An interesting facade of the Music and Drama Theater. Magar, built in the style of Soviet classicism.
  • You can spend time usefully and learn a lot of new things at permanent exhibitions. Car lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the exposition of the museum of vintage cars, which occupies as many as six halls. There are famous "Cossacks", and copies of motor vehicles, as well as an impressive library with historical and technical books. No less interesting are the museums of the history of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, local history, the history of weapons, aviation and high technologies "Motor Sich", the Dnieper flotilla.
  • One of the seven wonders of Ukraine, the main attraction of the region, a place that can be transferred to the times of paganism, Scythians or Cossacks is the legendary island of Khortytsia. Here you can spend the weekend walking along the winding paths, have a picnic, take a bike ride or book an excursion. On the territory, there is the historical and cultural center "Zaporizhzhya Sich", the Equestrian Theater, as well as the open-air museum "Scythian Stan", which preserved the burial mounds of ancient settlements and statues of the Scythians. In the souvenir shops, you can buy original and beautiful handicrafts.
  • There are also many green areas in the city: the botanical garden, the Voznesensky, Raduga, and Dubovy parks. Here you can relax, enjoy the scent of blossoming buds, or invite your soul mate for a romantic walk.

To please a loved one living in this wonderful place, we offer you an inexpensive flower delivery Ukraineflora in Zaporizhzhia. We offer exclusive bouquets designed by florists, as well as carry out individual orders. The assortment includes the most popular types: roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, gerberas, alstroemeria, and other plants that will cheer you up and become the best expression of your love and devotion.

Order flowers in Zaporizhzhia 3

Flowers with delivery to Zaporizhzhia: subtleties of choice

A gift can be expressed admiration, passion, affection, light sympathy, respect. As poets master the skill of words and subtly operate with metaphors, and composers touch the strings of the soul with melodies, florists are fluent in the “language of flowers”. Ukraineflora specialists have not only a developed sense of taste and know-how to make impressive compositions. They do not stop learning the intricacies of the craft and know all the nuances of their work:

  • They adhere to the rules of storage and processing of plants: they control the air temperature in refrigerators, monitor the freshness of water, and cleanliness of containers. We carefully monitor the freshness and appearance of each bud and check them when decorating the bouquet.
  • Compositions are made based on the rules of harmonious proportions and color combinations. The shape of the bouquet, aroma, dominant shades, packaging - all the constituent elements of the gift must be balanced and evoke a separate type of emotion. This is one of the striking indicators of the quality work of a florist shop or studio.
  • They understand all modern trends and their features. We can easily make up a mess, a mono bouquet, a composition with buds and sweets according to the latest European fashion.
  • They improve their qualifications, participate in festivals and competitions that allow them to improve their skills and be inspired by new ideas.

We think over the speed and quality of our service to the smallest detail: from accepting plants from a supplier to the very moment the order is handed over. The client only has to choose the appropriate gift option. Several recommendations will help simplify this task:

If you are looking for flowers to order in Zaporizhzhia for your second half, choose roses. In the presence of elite species on high stems, medium bouquets of 9, 11, 15 buds, luxurious volumetric options, compositions in a box, and a basket.

  1. You can congratulate on the national holiday with a bright gift of tulips, gerberas, chrysanthemums. They look smart and are suitable for presenting to colleagues, girlfriends, sisters, mothers.
  2. In honor of the anniversary, give voluminous compositions. Alstroemeria twigs, mixes of roses, gypsophila, and greenery are perfect for these purposes. Middle-aged and older people can be presented with an elegant monochrome bouquet. Pastel shades or multi-colored buds are suitable for a young birthday boy.
  3. For a wedding and the birth of a child, calm tones are often chosen: cream, pale pink, blue. You can give a luxurious bouquet of lilies.
  4. To the hospital or with a wish for a speedy recovery, it will be successful to order flowers in Zaporizhzhia, which will not cause unnecessary inconvenience to a loved one. So that he does not have to look for a vase, send the composition in a box, and species with a barely perceptible and unobtrusive aroma will exclude the possibility of allergies. Pay attention to carnations, alstroemeria, roses.

Order flowers in Zaporizhzhia 4

Original gifts in Zaporizhzhia: options

To bring maximum pleasure to the addressee, choose a product that suits his interests and taste preferences. A universal option is a grocery basket. You can put fruits, cheeses, sweets, tea, alcohol in it. The cake will be an excellent addition to the flower arrangement. You can choose the products of a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer or order pastries in the best confectionery in the city. In this case, you can independently choose the layer, the type of cake layers and icing, surprise with the image of a common photo on the cake or please your loved one with his favorite “Napoleon”, “Tiramisu”, “Prague” or another popular delicacy. Helium balloons or a huge soft toy will help create a festive atmosphere for the hero of the occasion.

Also, corporate gifts in Ukraine are available to order. This can be a bottle of perfume, a houseplant, a box of chocolates, a bottle of imported alcohol. Electronic certificates for the purchase of goods in an equipment or cosmetics store or services in a spa are also popular.

Order flowers in Zaporizhzhia 5

How is flower delivery in Zaporizhzhia to your home carried out?

To place an order, you just need to click "Buy" on the product you like and place an order specifying the necessary data for delivery. You can pay for your purchase in any convenient way: via GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal, or by specifying the bank card details to write off the required amount. Immediately after the successful transfer of funds, we will send you a confirmation and start processing your request.

All goods, with the exception of custom-made cakes, are assembled two hours before delivery to the courier. So the addressee is guaranteed to receive a fresh bouquet or grocery basket. We carefully check the expiration date of each item in the kit. Cakes to order are made by the best confectionery in the city for a strictly agreed date.

We transport all goods in protective packaging in air-conditioned vehicles. Thanks to this, orders are delivered in perfect condition.

Order flowers in Zaporizhzhia 6

Why is it better to buy flowers in Zaporizhzhia from Ukraineflora

We offer all clients reasonable prices and discounts from 5%. Also, upon reaching a certain purchase amount, you may be provided with free shipping. A card with warm words of love will be an excellent addition to the gift. You can congratulate your loved ones in any language, and we will translate what you have written.

If necessary, you can use a very urgent delivery service. We will collect, pack and deliver the order within two hours after payment. In order not to cause inconvenience to the addressees, we make an appointment with them in advance by telephone. Talk about important things in the language of gifts with Ukraineflora!

Read more
  • Is there a service that allows for same-day flower delivery in Zaporizhia? Yes, Ukraineflora provides a same-day flower delivery service within Zaporizhia. However, the selection of bouquets and gifts eligible for this service is limited, so it's advisable to read the product details or contact their customer service for immediate delivery.
  • How do I go about ordering flowers in Zaporizhia? To order flowers in Zaporizhia, you can visit Ukraineflora's website at There, you can browse through the available flower arrangements, choose your preferred one, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout.
  • Can I customize my flower order in Zaporizhia? Depending on the bouquet or arrangement you choose, Ukraineflora may offer options for customization. These could include adding extra flowers, choosing special packaging, or including personalized messages. For detailed customization options, it's best to check their website or contact their customer service.
  • Is it possible to order flowers for delivery in Zaporizhia if I live elsewhere? Absolutely. Ukraineflora's aim is to allow people from all over the world to order flowers and gifts for delivery in all Ukrainian cities, including Zaporizhia. You can place an order for flower delivery in Zaporizhia from anywhere by visiting their website.
  • What is the price range for flowers in Zaporizhia? The cost of flowers in Zaporizhia can vary depending on the type of bouquet or arrangement and any additional customizations. Ukraineflora offers three price tiers - regular, premium, and prestige. Prices start from 15 USD for 5 stems of roses, 19 USD for flower arrangements, and 9 USD for a box of premium Swiss chocolate.
  • Which online service is reliable for ordering flowers in Zaporizhia? Ukraineflora is a reputable online service that delivers flowers and gifts throughout Ukraine, including Zaporizhia.
  • What happens if the recipient in Zaporizhia refuses the flowers or gifts? If the recipient declines the flowers or gifts upon delivery, Ukraineflora will attempt to contact you immediately to discuss the situation. If they cannot reach you, they will try to redeliver the items at a later time. If the recipient still refuses to accept the delivery after a second attempt, the items will be returned to their store, and unfortunately, a refund cannot be issued in this case.
  • How should I handle sensitive delivery situations? It's recommended to provide as much information as possible when placing your order, including any potential issues that may arise during delivery. Ukraineflora will do their best to accommodate your needs and ensure a successful delivery.
  • Can I schedule a flower delivery in Zaporizhia for a specific date? Yes, you can specify your preferred delivery date when ordering from Ukraineflora. Please note that while they strive to deliver on the chosen date, certain factors like public holidays or severe weather conditions may affect delivery times.
  • Is it possible to pay for my flower order in Zaporizhia using PayPal? Yes, Ukraineflora accepts PayPal as a payment method, making it convenient for customers worldwide to order flowers for delivery in Zaporizhia.
  • What should I do if I need to cancel my flower order in Zaporizhia? If you need to cancel your order, you should contact Ukraineflora's customer service as soon as possible. If the order hasn't been prepared or dispatched for delivery yet, they will be able to cancel it and issue a full refund.
  • Can I include a gift with my flower order in Zaporizhia? Yes, Ukraineflora offers a variety of gifts that can be sent along with your flower order. These include chocolates, balloons, soft toys, and more. You can add these items to your cart during the ordering process.
  • Is it possible to have flowers delivered to a specific location in Zaporizhia? Yes, when placing your order with Ukraineflora, you can specify the exact delivery address in Zaporizhia. They deliver to both residential and commercial addresses.
  • Can I track my flower delivery in Zaporizhia? Yes, once your order has been dispatched for delivery, Ukraineflora will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this number on their website to track the status and location of your order.
  • What happens if the recipient isn't home at the time of delivery in Zaporizhia? If the recipient isn't home at the time of delivery, Ukraineflora will try to contact both you and the recipient to arrange a new delivery time. If they can't reach either of you, they'll leave a note at the recipient's address asking them to contact the delivery service to arrange a new delivery time.