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Best Seller Roses in Sumy

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Bright Roses Heart
$ 89
21 Mix Color Roses
$ 65
11 Roses Mix in Box
$ 58
11 Red Roses
$ 38
True Feelings
$ 98

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25 Red Roses
$ 72
9 Red Roses
$ 27
29 Red Roses in Box
$ 105
$ 38

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35 Red White Roses
$ 115

Best Seller Flowers in Sumy

Romantic Flowers Box
$ 71
Amazing Feelings Bouquet
$ 45
White and Pink Mix
$ 45
Spring Splash
$ 65
Spring Spray
$ 39
Elegant Stars
$ 48
Red and White Mix
$ 31
Salsa of Love Bouquet
$ 52

Best Seller Gifts in Sumy

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Love Celebration Set
$ 51
I Love You Balloon
$ 10
Orchid two stems
$ 34
Versace Bright Crystal
$ 62
Chocolate Surprise basket
$ 43
Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal
$ 62
Semi-sweet Champagne
$ 15
Nina Ricci Nina
$ 79

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Cake Knyazhiy
$ 24
Pistachio Ice-cream Cake
$ 65
Poster with your photo
$ 35
ChocoBasket 8 (via Post Only)
$ 69
Out of stock
Out of stock
ChocoBasket 7 (via Post Only)
$ 65
Out of stock
Out of stock
ChocoBasket 6 (via Post Only)
$ 49
Out of stock
Out of stock
ChocoBasket 5 (via Post Only)
$ 45
Out of stock
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ChocoBasket 4 (via Post Only)
$ 42
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Flowers and Gifts Delivery in Sumy

For residents and guests of the beautiful city of Sumy, flower delivery from Ukraineflora will not only be a pleasant surprise, but also a reason for a good mood, the best sign of attention, and even a declaration of love. Here you can order a gift for a name day, anniversary, public holiday and just like that. Delight your loved one with a bouquet of exclusive roses, a freshly baked cake, a fruit basket, or your favorite treats delivered to your door. We work 24/7 and are ready to present your gift on weekdays, weekends, and even holidays.

Order flowers in Sumy 1

Merchants, industry, and round-the-clock flower delivery in Sumy

A neat, comfortable, and charming corner in the northeast of Ukraine does not lead to the rating of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, but it is an interesting city with beautiful sights, well-groomed recreation areas, and rich history. The spirit of the Cossacks and the Hetmanate is clearly traced here, and the architectural monuments have absorbed the unique motives of the Ukrainian Baroque, and later - Art Nouveau. In the century before last, trade was actively conducted in these places, and with it, merchant houses with a textured brick facade, stucco moldings, and small balconies with columns grew up. Miniature, but very attractive buildings are devoid of pathos and monumentalism and create a special atmosphere of comfort. Surrounded by age-old trees, quiet streets, they evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.

Sumy is famous not only for its picturesque landscapes and unique architectural buildings. It is a promising city engaged in mechanical engineering and metalworking. The food and chemical industries are also developed here. Wide avenues, spacious squares, and modern multi-story buildings harmoniously look around the buildings of the 19th century.

We have been delivering flowers in Sumy for many years: we follow the development of the city, discover new places for ourselves, study sleeping areas, discuss news and personal observations with colleagues. Unlike million-plus cities or pop-up tourist spots, more attention is paid to detail. This is the case when compactness and simplicity is the strong point of the area and gives it a special charm. Flowers delivery in Sumy from Ukraineflora is carried out around the clock: early in the morning, during lunch breaks, and even at night. We see the city as sleepy and active, snow-covered and melted under the scorching sun, gloomy in autumn and romantic in spring, so we urge all guests to be attentive. Try to let go of your thoughts, look at sculptures, art objects, listen to your own feelings, and forget about the hustle and bustle at least during the weekend.

Order flowers in Sumy 2

What to see and where to order flowers in Sumy

This city cannot be confused with any other area of ​​Ukraine. Picturesque nature, unique architecture, cozy parks, and old estates - it is not for nothing that it is often called the pearl of Slobozhanshchina. To get to know Sumy better, we recommend paying attention to several special places.

  • Major attractions. You should start your acquaintance with the city from the main pedestrian street, Cathedral Street. It connects two squares, Independence and Pokrovskaya, and is distinguished by neat 19th-century buildings. Another attraction is located within walking distance - the legendary Sumy gazebo. Made of wood and painted in a snow-white color, from a distance it looks like lace. One of the most beautiful fountains in the country, "Sadko", is also considered to be the visit card of the city.
  • Monuments and street art are other symbols of the area. Walking through the quiet central streets, it's hard not to notice the number of cute and unusual elements of street art. Here you can take a photo near the refined sugar monument, a lady with an umbrella, a cheerful resident of Sumy, sweet-tooth babies, the Lantern of Love, and other contact sculptures.
  • The temple architecture here took as a basis European classicism, baroque, modern and supplemented it with characteristic elements of the Ukrainian style. Pay attention to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky, Troitsky, Holy Resurrection Cathedrals, Ilyinsky Church with a stunning chapel.
  • Palaces and estates are ideal places for educational leisure, recreation with children, or an atmospheric walk, after which a lot of positive emotions and beautiful photos remain. We recommend that you build a route in advance because you will have to get to some places by transport. Go to the estates of I. Asmolov, I. Kharitonenko, the Sukhanov-Sumovsky palace of the Leshchinsky in Kiyanitsa, the Kondratyev complex in Hoteni.
  • Camping. You can listen to birdsong and breathe in the fresh air in the park. Kozhedub or the Skazka entertainment complex. City holidays and festivals are often held here, and rides, sculptures, and photo zones are provided for children.

Ukraineflora company provides flowers and gifts delivery to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, etc. We work in the Zarechny and Kovpakovsky districts of Sumy and timely deliver bouquets to the address: private houses, educational institutions, work, hospitals, cafes, and restaurants. We make an appointment with the addressee in advance so as not to disturb him at the wrong moment.

Order flowers in Sumy 3

Order flowers in Sumy: variants of the bouquets

Roses remain the leader of our sales. They are used to create thematic compositions for the holidays: New Year, International Women's Day, or Mother's Day. To beautifully confess your love to your beloved, it is enough to buy roses in Sumy of rich red, delicate pink, or elegant white. You can present them in a box, basket or choose a heart-shaped bouquet. A mix of several shades is one of the most current floristic trends. Large buds of exclusive varieties with high stems look expensive and luxurious.

Lush bouquets with chrysanthemums and carnations look very cute. Airy, elegant inflorescences are ideal for birthday greetings and just like that. Light and pastel shades will be appreciated by young girls. They can be chosen for the bride, sister, colleague. Juicy redbuds symbolize ardent love - an ideal gift for a lover or spouse. As a sign of respect and affection, parents can be presented with a composition with burgundy or cream shades. You can emphasize solemnity with bright yellow, orange, crimson buds. Men will appreciate the restrained compositions of deep tones: purple, blue.

We always pay attention to the quality of flowers delivered to Sumy, attractiveness, durability, and the effect they produce. The miniature composition often evokes tenderness and serves as a modest but very original compliment. Large buds often create a wow-effect, bright one - like living fireworks in the hands, and a mono-bouquet speaks of elegant restraint. A correctly selected bouquet often turns out to be more eloquent than banal phrases with congratulations and wishes.

Florists of our company know how not only to speak the language of flowers but also to make it understandable for those who are far from the world of plants and botany. Our specialists are fluent in the skills of composing compositions, they know everything about the current trends in their craft and continue to improve their skills.

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Delivery of gifts to Sumy from Ukraineflora

Exclusive sets remain a universal and win-win option. On our website you can order grocery baskets with filling to your taste:

  • Fruits. Local or exotic species: apples, bananas, citrus fruits, as well as berries - the case when the gift will be appreciated by any addressee. The contents of the basket are useful for both snacking and serving. And what could be better than a healthy gift full of vitamins?
  • Sweets. Chocolate, bars, cookies, bright dragees - who has not dreamed of such a surprise as a child? Such desires will forever remain in the memory, and, no matter how many of them you embody, they will each time evoke genuine emotions of joy, like a small child. Cheese. An option for true gourmets who value quality and good taste. The basket can be presented to a colleague, business partner, boss because everything is thought out in it to the smallest detail: design, brands, types of products.
  • Alcohol and snacks. For close friends or relatives whose tastes you know a lot, you can choose a set with local or imported wine. Ladies will appreciate a bottle of sparkling wine, and company friends will be delighted with a basket of beer and snacks.
  • Tea and coffee. This is a warm and sincere gift. We recommend choosing it for people who value family comfort and like to spend evenings talking with loved ones. Present a delicious cake to a bouquet of roses in Sumy. We cooperate with the best pastry shops in the city, which make custom-made pastries and make excellent Tiramisu, Napoleon, Cheesecake, Prague, and other types of delicacies.

We deliver cakes every day in a gift box that protects the product from dust and damage. There are also individual gifts:

  • Soft toys - charming teddy bears, bunnies, pandas will cheer you up and demonstrate all your tenderness. Bear of roses or eternal rose. The unusual design of luxurious buds of red, white, pink looks romantic and will certainly impress the lady of the heart.
  • Perfume and cosmetics. Elite branded perfume will be appreciated by a woman of any age. In combination with a bouquet or a chocolate set, it will look great.
  • Home plants. The catalog contains blooming gardenia, hydrangea, azalea orchid, or decorative leafy species: palm, ficus, calathea. Such a gift will delight a woman who loves to take care of plants, equip housing and surround herself with beautiful things.

The hero of the occasion will surely be delighted with the balloons with the words of congratulations. It's so nice to spin around the room with them and feel like a child again.

Order flowers in Sumy 5

Features of flower delivery to the city of Sumy

To place an order, go to the official website of Ukraineflora, select the option you like from the catalog and send it to the basket. Then go through the checkout procedure: for this, you only need to enter the delivery date, contact numbers, and additional wishes for the order, if any. Payment takes place online: for this, you need a bank card or PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay. Immediately after transferring funds to the account, we start processing the order.

We form all baskets, flower arrangements, sweet gifts shortly before sending. Thus, we remain confident in the high quality of the products, their shelf life, and attractive appearance. All goods are transported in a car in compliance with temperature conditions.

Order flowers in Sumy 6

5 reasons to buy flowers in Sumy from Ukraineflora

In the capital and large cities, small settlements and regional centers, megacities and villages - no matter where we work in Ukraine, the quality of services and customer satisfaction remain a priority for us:

  1. We fulfill orders promptly and even offer a very urgent delivery option on the day of purchase. The site presents a wide range of bouquets and gifts of different price categories: from small compliments to luxurious and generous surprises.
  2. We have a flexible system of discounts from 5%. Also, if you have chosen flowers for a certain amount, delivery to Sumy will be free for you.
  3. The catalog contains exclusive bouquets according to the "recipe" of our florists. You will not find the same flower arrangements in other shops and studios in the city.
  4. With the permission of the addressee, we can capture the moment of delivery on video or photo.

We stay in touch around the clock and are always happy to advise you, answer questions or fulfill an additional request for an order. And let distances, time zones, and other conventions are not obstacles to expressing love and care to loved ones.

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  • What is the procedure if the recipient declines to accept my flowers or gifts? If the recipient in Sumy refuses to accept your flowers before we initiate the delivery process, we have a protocol in place. We will notify the customer and seek further instructions. In most cases, we issue a full refund. However, if we've arranged the delivery with the recipient, confirmed the date, time, and address, but no one is present at the location or answers the phone upon our courier's arrival, we do not issue a refund. We will inform the customer about the issue in such scenarios.
  • What should I do if I do not receive an email confirming my order? Upon successful payment for an order, Ukraineflora sends a confirmation email to customers with all the order details. If a customer hasn't received such a confirmation email containing the order number, recipient's phone number, ordered items, costs, and other relevant information, it could be due to two potential issues. The first could be that the email has been directed to the spam folder—please check there. The second could be that the payment didn't go through or there were issues with the payment process, preventing the generation of a confirmation email.
  • Are cash payments accepted? Unfortunately, we don't accept cash payments for our services. However, there are many other convenient ways to pay for your flower and gift delivery order in Sumy.
  • How much in advance should I schedule my flower order in Sumy? We advise placing your flower order in Sumy between 10–15 days in advance at most. Ideally, orders should be made 24–48 hours before the desired delivery date. Ukraineflora is committed to accommodating express and same-day deliveries whenever possible.
  • Is the arrangement depicted in the photo the exact item that will be delivered in Sumy? Ukraineflora aims to deliver flower arrangements and gifts that match the product images on our website. Customers can view unedited photos of our deliveries at, or on our Facebook page at and our Instagram account at
  • How can I confirm that my flowers or gifts have been successfully delivered? Once a delivery is completed, we update the status of the order. This triggers an automatic email and, if technically possible, an SMS message to the customer's mobile phone number notifying them of the updated order status. While Ukraineflora sends SMS notifications to the provided phone number, we cannot guarantee their delivery. We also aim to take a photo of the delivery and send it to the customer, although there may be circumstances preventing us from doing so.
  • Can I request modifications to my order? Customers have the option to change their orders, but specific rules and conditions apply to prevent incurring additional costs. We recommend visiting our "Change or Cancel Order" page at for more information. Alternatively, you can contact our always-available customer support for details on order modifications and related terms and conditions. If a customer wishes to add items to their order, the process is simpler. Contact our customer support, and we will provide a separate payment link for the additional items.
  • What methods of payment are available? Ukraineflora accepts a wide range of payment methods, including all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bank wires, Western Union, and MoneyGram transactions. This covers the vast majority of our customers' needs for ordering flower and gift deliveries in Ukraine.
  • What is the process for placing an order for flowers in Sumy? To order flowers in Sumy, simply visit our website at Browse our selection of flower arrangements, choose your preferred bouquet, add it to your cart, and proceed with the checkout process.
  • Do your flower arrangements for Sumy deliveries come with a vase? Only a limited number of our products include a vase in their cost, which is clearly stated in bold text within the product description. Most of our flower bouquets in Sumy do not include the cost of a vase. However, unlike other flower delivery services, Ukraineflora offers a variety of vases that can be ordered separately and added to your total order.
  • Can I make payment using PayPal as an option? Ukraineflora gladly accepts PayPal as one of the available payment methods. Customers can choose to use PayPal or any other payment method that they find safe and convenient.
  • Is in-store pick-up for online orders available in Sumy? In-store pick-up in Sumy is indeed an option. Customers wishing to utilize this service should indicate their preference in the "Special Instructions" field during the checkout process.
  • Can I place an order for flowers in Sumy even if I do not reside there? Ukraineflora's primary mission is to enable customers worldwide to order flowers and gifts for delivery anywhere in Ukraine, including Sumy. You can comfortably order flowers for delivery in Sumy from anywhere by simply visiting our website. We offer a vast online catalog of flowers and gifts, numerous customization options, and various payment methods.
  • How can I acquire discount coupons when ordering flower delivery in Sumy? Every Ukraineflora customer, even those visiting our website for the first time, can use the discount coupon code "5OFF" to receive an instant 5% discount on their order. After placing an order with us, customers can receive an 8% personal discount coupon code by leaving a review about our services. Our loyal customers also enjoy additional types of discounts. We encourage everyone to become a regular Ukraineflora customer to benefit from our exciting offers and discounts.
  • Do you offer delivery services to hospitals? Yes, Ukraineflora can deliver to hospitals, provided we have the recipient's phone number or the contact details of someone who can liaise with the recipient. However, we can only deliver to locations where we are permitted to do so. In some cases, we may have to leave the flowers and gifts at the reception, trusting that they will be passed on to the recipient.