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Attention. This item will be delivered by Nova Poshta. Your recipient will have to visit Nova Poshta post office and pick it up from there by herself or himself.

We have found the right solution for you to send the set of tasty delicious foods in an elegant and convenient way for every occasion. Yes, it is also the most economical deal for foods and chocolate baskets. The price you see is all-inclusive. No delivery fees.

The ChocoBasket Version 2 includes (this is what actually your recipient will receive, no substitutions, no changes or replacements):

  • Box of Sweets ROSHEN "Kyiv Vechirniy" chocolate candy 175g
  • Box of Sweets Lyubimov Assorted Chocolate Hearts Candy 125g
  • Box of Sweets ROSHEN "Shooters" Chocolate Candy with Cherry Liqueur 150g / 5.3oz
  • Box of Lyubimov Almond Truffle Milk Chocolate Candy 100g
  • Box of Lyubimov Almond Truffle Dark Chocolate Candy 100g
  • Lovare Splashes of Champagne Black and Green Tea in Bags 2g x 24pcs 48g
  • Lovare Citrus Melissa Green Tea in Bags 2g x 24pcs 48g

Please note several important things before ordering:

  • You can not add this item to the order with items that will be delivered by courier personal delivery (like flowers, roses, bouquets, etc.)
  • We still need the Ukrainian phone number of the recipient to contact her/him to confirm the nearest Nova Poshta post office. 
  • A basket is included in the cost. The food basket is shrink-wrapped additionally.
  • Same-day delivery, return and exchange of the product is not available. No refunds for via Post Only baskets are available.

How long will it take:

  • It will take up to 24 hours for us to prepare and dispatch the basket to Nova Poshta after you make and pay for the order.
  • It will take up to 1–3 days for Nova Poshta to deliver the basket to the city and the closest post office to your recipient (more than 20000 post offices all over Ukraine).
  • Your recipient will receive an SMS message about the arrival of the package with your basket.
  • Your recipient will have up to 7 days to pick up the package with your basket.

Your ChocoBasket 2 will be delivered in Ukraine in the following way:

  1. The customer makes an order via Ukraineflora's official website and provides all necessary correct information, which also includes the required full name and phone number of the recipient. Only after the correct information and payment are received, we will start to proceed with the order. 
  2. The customer is welcome to provide the text for the greeting card during checkout. It will be printed and added to the basket.
  3. The basket will be wrapped and packed into the paper box.
  4. ChocoBasket 2 will be dispatched to Nova Poshta and will be sent to the city and Nova Poshta post office of the recipient on her/his name and phone number.
  5. A special 14 digits track number of the package will be sent to the recipient's phone number, so she or he can track the movement of the package. 
  6. After receiving the 14 digits track number, your order will be considered as done (DELIVERED) and notification will be sent to the customer (to you), though the actual day and time when the recipient has your gift in her/his hands can be different
  7. The package with ChocoBasket 2 arrives at its destination. The recipient receives an SMS message about the arrival of the package.
  8. The package with your gift will be available for pickup for 7 days. If the recipient does not pick up the package within 7 days, it will be returned to Ukraineflora. No refund or resend or exchange will be made. 
  9. The recipient does not pay any fees - all delivery, packing, transport fees are included in the cost of the basket you pay on our website.

Ukraineflora does not have any agreements or obligations with Nova Poshta LLC and uses its services as per General Public conditions. Due to the nature of this service, no picture or video of the delivery will be made. The availability of the picture(-s) of delivery does not affect the status of the order delivered.

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