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Dear Customer,

We at Ukraineflora appreciate your desire to post an objective product review or genuine testimonial. We do welcome you to do it. Here, we would like to present you with several rules for posting. Please follow them. Of course, if you do not follow them, we will not allow such a review or testimonial to appear on our website. Be sure you have read and that you and your recipient have followed the Delivery Policy and Terms & Conditions before submitting a review or testimonial. 

  • Please, no foul or offensive language
  • No advertising or commercial propositions
  • When you claim the lousy quality of a flower bouquet or gift - please provide the picture (submit your picture at or a similar service and share the link). No picture - no post.
  • Ukraineflora made a mistake? Please give us a chance to correct it. No chance - no post
  • We leave the right not to allow your review to be online if we do not recognize your order (do not forget to share the city of delivery)