25 Luxury Red Roses

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Nothing can compare your feelings to a very special person living in Ukraine. Thus not many flower arrangements can compare to this beautiful, full of fragrance-and passion bouquet made of 25 luxury imported red roses. We take pride in this type of rose as they do bring to life everything the expensive bouquet should do - stunning look, strong fragrance, long life, tall stems, and huge velvet petals of beautiful flowers.

  • This bouquet is made from 25 red roses.
  • Luxury quality red roses imported from Ecuador or the Netherlands.
  • The arrangement size is approximately 80-95 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter.
  • A vase is not included in the cost of arrangement and can be ordered additionally.
  • We can still deliver this bouquet even if you have the phone number of the recipient only.

This red roses arrangement is a beautiful gift. But, please, allow us to propose you add a teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies.  It will be an amazing gift set, which will help to convey your feelings. Please do not forget to add text, we shall put it in the card to be delivered with your order.

  • What is the size of the arrangement? The size of the arrangement is approximately 80-95 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter. Please note that a vase is not included in the cost of the arrangement and can be ordered additionally.
  • Where do the roses come from? Our luxury quality red roses are imported from Ecuador or the Netherlands. We take pride in the quality of our roses and believe they bring to life everything an expensive bouquet should - stunning look, strong fragrance, long life, tall stems, and huge velvet petals of beautiful flowers.
  • Can I add anything to the bouquet as a gift set? Yes, we recommend adding a teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies to make it an amazing gift set that will help convey your feelings. Don't forget to add text - we'll put it on the card that will be delivered with your order.
  • Do I need to order a minimum amount? We don't have a strict minimum order requirement, but certain products may necessitate a minimum purchase. For specific information, refer to the product details.
  • What should I do if I have a specific request or need help with my order? Our customer support team is ready to assist you. Don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requests or queries, and we'll make every effort to accommodate you.
  • Can I place orders ahead of time for special occasions? Indeed, you can schedule orders in advance. You can select a future delivery date that suits your requirements during the order process.
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5.0 Николай (Львов )
04-11-2021 10:26

Низенько Вам поклонился! Слава Богу, что Вы есть! такие замечательные!!! вот прям всем и каждому Сотруднику, огромное спасибо! Правда! вы лучшие! Столько раз выручали, сколько замечательных эмоций вы подарили моим близким , и другим людям!

5.0 Давид (Киев )
04-11-2021 10:24

Делал заказ с доставкой по адресу в Киеве, находясь в Германии. Отличная обратная связь. Ответили на все возникшие вопросы в 3 часа ночи (!). Словом, сервис отличный. Букет прекрасный, торт очень вкусный (по словам получателя)

5.0 Денис (Кременчуг)
04-11-2021 10:21

Огромное Вам спасибо, что Вы есть. Пользуюсь услугами не первый год. Вы лучшие. Надёжный сервис с приятными сюрпризами и бонусами. Рекомендую всем! Низкий Вам поклон и успехов в бизнесе.

5.0 Jeremy (mariupil)
20-10-2021 09:01

Most Beautiful and Highest Quality Roses I had ever seen! Most beautiful like art work! Thank you Mr. Raccoon and Associates!

5.0 Gerard (Ochakov)
25-03-2021 19:29

Aunt is delighted, for the first time such a surprise for her. Nice bouquet, thank you.

5.0 Daniel (Odessa)
17-02-2021 18:12

Thank you guys you helped make a holiday for my beloved aunt

5.0 Анатолий (Тернополь)
29-11-2020 19:49

Заказал своей девушке на её 25 день рождения сам был в командировке в Польше. Очень доволен работой этой фирмы все оперативно и легко. Девушка мне выслала фотку букета ей очень понравился!

5.0 Serhiy (Kiev)
10-11-2020 16:30

Спасибо огромное ! Теперь только у вас буду заказывать !

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