15 Pink Tulips

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The real tenderness in Ukraine has its own name now. And the name of it is 15 pink tulips bouquet. We know, that now, every time you hear somebody speaking about some tenderness (who knows, maybe it will happen on TV or some youtube clip) you will have the visualization of it. Of course, we are joking. The aim of this bouquet is to bring your sweet and most romantic feelings to the recipient and it does it very well. 

  • A bouquet is made of 15 pink tulips.
  • The size of the flower arrangement is 40-50 cm in height and 35 cm in diameter. 
  • Arrived fresh directly from a field with bud closed, tulips will open in 1-2 days revealing full beauty and fragrance.
  • A vase is not included in the cost of arrangement and can be ordered additionally.
  • We can still deliver this bouquet even if you have the phone number of the recipient only.

This bouquet of tulips will win the heart of the recipient with its fragrance and freshness. But, please, allow us to propose you add something special to these tulips. For example, some chocolate gifts or genuine quality perfumes. All of these items can become the set that will try to convey your sincere feelings to the dearest person. Please do not forget to add text to the greeting card, which will be delivered together with your order free of charge.

  • What emotions can I convey with a bouquet of 15 pink tulips from Ukraineflora? A bouquet of 15 pink tulips from Ukraineflora can convey emotions of tenderness, sweetness, and romance. It's a perfect choice for expressing your most romantic feelings to the recipient.
  • How will the bouquet of tulips be delivered, and what should I expect when they arrive? The bouquet of tulips will be delivered fresh directly from a field with closed buds. They will open in 1-2 days, revealing their full beauty and fragrance. Expect a bouquet that becomes even more stunning as the tulips bloom.
  • Can I add additional gifts to the bouquet of tulips, and what are some recommended options? Yes, you can add something special to the bouquet of tulips, such as chocolate gifts or genuine quality perfumes, to create a unique gift set. These items can help convey your sincere feelings to the recipient.
  • What happens if the recipient isn't present when the delivery is made? If the recipient isn't home during delivery, we'll adhere to the delivery instructions given at checkout. If no instructions were given, our delivery personnel will leave a note or attempt to contact the recipient.
  • Are there any special discounts for large orders or for corporate customers? Yes, we offer discounts for large orders or corporate clients. For more details, please reach out to our customer service team.
  • Is it possible to place an order for same-day flower delivery? Yes, we provide same-day delivery for orders made before a specific time. Please refer to our website for the exact cutoff times.
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4.0 Андрей (Киев)
30-07-2021 14:59

Здравствуйте, впервые пользуюсь доставкой и очень волновался, но все прошло великолепно, доставили вовремя и очень красивый и свежий букет. Большое Вам спасибо!

5.0 Лена (Суми)
13-04-2021 19:11

Все сделано прекрасно. Доставили вовремя и куда нужно. Произведенным впечатлением довольна. Спасибо работникам компании.

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