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Add a little bit of passion to your relations. A bouquet made of coral roses will cope with this task with ease. Or maybe you just want to express the charm of someone or even admiration for someone's action? Again, yes - this bouquet can help to do this. Just place your order and wait for a quick thanks and positive emotions in response.

  • This bouquet is made from 15 coral/orange roses.
  • Coral/orange roses produced in Ukraine.
  • The arrangement size is approximately 60-70 cm in height and 20 cm in diameter.
  • A vase is not included in the cost of arrangement and can be ordered additionally.
  • We can still deliver this bouquet even if you have the phone number of the recipient only.

This roses arrangement is a beautiful gift. But, please, allow us to propose you add a teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies.  It will be an amazing gift set, which will help to convey your feelings. Please do not forget to add text, we shall put it in the card to be delivered with your order.

  • What emotions can I convey with a bouquet of coral roses from Ukraineflora? A bouquet of coral roses from Ukraineflora can convey emotions of passion, charm, and admiration. It's a perfect choice for adding a touch of passion to your relationships or expressing admiration for someone's actions.
  • What size is the bouquet of coral roses, and how will it be delivered? The bouquet of coral roses is approximately 60-70 cm in height and 20 cm in diameter. It will be delivered fresh and beautiful. Our florists take great care to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.
  • Can I add extra gifts to the bouquet of coral roses, and what are some recommended options? Yes, you can enhance your gift by adding extras like a teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies. These additional items can create a delightful gift set that complements the bouquet and helps convey your feelings.
  • Can I send flowers and gifts anonymously via your service? Certainly! You have the option to send gifts anonymously during the checkout process. We respect and uphold your privacy.
  • What should I do if I have allergies to certain flowers or items? Please notify us of any known allergies when you're placing your order. We'll take necessary measures to safeguard the recipient's health.
  • Are there any specific rules or restrictions for international orders, like customs regulations? Yes, international orders might be subject to customs regulations. We assist by providing all necessary documentation for customs clearance.
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5.0 Chad (Lviv)
05-11-2021 10:23

Everything was done on time, made a real surprise! The flowers are fresh and beautiful! Thanks a lot! keep it up)

5.0 Brian (Kharkov )
05-11-2021 10:22

As always at a high level! The recipient is happy, everyone is happy! It is very pleasant to cooperate with you! Well done!

5.0 Benjamin (Kiev )
05-11-2021 10:20

Thank you very much. Special thanks from the recipient to the courier who was said to be extremely pleasant and friendly.

5.0 Arthur (Irpin)
05-11-2021 10:20

Thanks!!! The flowers are fresh, packed beautifully, delivery on time !!! the emotions from the surprise could not be compared with anything! Thank you!

5.0 Brandon (Fastiv)
24-03-2021 20:05

Delivered on time, done everything right. Thank!!

5.0 Benedict (Dnipro)
26-02-2021 18:22

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to congratulate parents from afar. The bouquet is magnificent, the courier, as always, is pleasant and courteous. You are best!!!!! Thank!

5.0 Семён (Винница)
30-11-2020 21:05

Спасибо за прекрасные цветы с доставкой! Удалось сделать приятный сюрприз маме.

5.0 Tommy Nolan (Kyiv)
05-09-2019 14:44

Perfect, thank you! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

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