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If this bouquet takes part in Flowers Olympic Games, it would win several gold medals. Yes, this is one of the most popular bouquets and people order it for many occasions. We propose you use the chance and order this wonderful 11-red roses arrangement for your own occasion or reasons. From our side, we promise to deliver it in the best possible way, keeping its fragrance, freshness, and your sincere feelings included. 

  • Same-Day Delivery is Available
  • This bouquet is made from 11 red roses.
  • Red roses produced in Ukraine.
  • The arrangement size is approximately 60-70 cm in height and 38 cm in diameter.
  • A vase is not included in the cost of arrangement and can be ordered additionally.
  • We can still deliver this bouquet even if you have the phone number of the recipient only.

This roses arrangement is a beautiful gift. But, please, allow us to propose you add a teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies.  It will be an amazing gift set, which will help to convey your feelings. Please do not forget to add text, we shall put it in the card to be delivered with your order.

  • Where can I order 11 red roses for delivery in Ukraine? Ukraineflora is your trusted florist. We deliver fresh red roses for the best prices in almost every city in Ukraine
  • Why is the 11-red roses arrangement considered one of the most popular choices for various occasions? The 11-red roses arrangement is widely favored due to its versatility and timeless appeal, making it suitable for a range of occasions. Its popularity lies in the classic beauty and symbolism of red roses, which convey deep emotions such as love, admiration, and passion. This makes it an ideal choice for celebrations, expressions of affection, and various special moments.
  • How does the company ensure that the bouquet's fragrance, freshness, and the sender's sincere feelings are preserved during delivery? The company takes special care to maintain the bouquet's fragrance, freshness, and the sender's heartfelt intentions throughout the delivery process. They prioritize the use of proper packaging and handling techniques that prevent damage to the flowers. Additionally, the bouquet is likely prepared just before dispatch to ensure maximum freshness upon arrival, and any necessary preservation methods are employed to keep the roses vibrant and fragrant.
  • What unique promise does the company make regarding the delivery of the 11-red roses arrangement? The company promises to deliver the 11-red roses arrangement in the best possible manner, encompassing its fragrance, freshness, and the genuine sentiments of the sender. This assurance signifies their commitment to delivering a high-quality product that not only looks visually appealing but also captures the essence of the sender's emotions, ensuring a meaningful and memorable experience for the recipient.
  • What services does Ukraineflora offer in terms of flower delivery in Ukraine? Ukraineflora provides a comprehensive flower delivery service in Ukraine. They specialize in allowing customers to send flowers to Ukraine from various locations around the world. This service enables people to convey their sentiments and well-wishes through fresh and beautifully arranged flowers, even if they are physically distant.
  • How does Ukraineflora cater to individuals looking to send flowers to Ukraine? Ukraineflora caters to individuals who wish to send flowers to Ukraine by offering a user-friendly online platform. Customers can conveniently browse through their collection, select the desired bouquet, and provide delivery details. The company facilitates international orders, allowing customers to express their sentiments even if they are located abroad. With their efficient network and reliable delivery services, Ukraineflora ensures that the chosen flowers reach their destination in Ukraine on time and in pristine condition.
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5.0 Paul Martin (Cherkasy)
15-02-2023 04:14

Amazing service, I haven’t seen anything as good in the UK where I ordered from. Such good value for money and for me the best service in Ukraine. Super impressed

Admin Dear Paul. Thank you very much for feedback !
5.0 Ирина (Харьков )
30-07-2021 14:49

Благодарю ваш персонал за шикарный букет: в нем необыкновенно красиво все — от подбора цветов,цветовой гаммы до оформления композиции. Вы профессионалы.

5.0 George (Sumy)
24-03-2021 20:19

The flowers are wonderful, flawless. Everything is very good, the recipient is satisfied. Thanks for your work.

5.0 Peter (Rovno)
22-03-2021 19:49

An absolutely wonderful experience :) The order was accepted instantly, the payment was quick, and the flowers were delivered just as quickly. Thank you for the bouquet, you really pleased the addressee.

5.0 Ulisses (Melitopol)
15-03-2021 18:25

Delivery, and the bouquet itself, everything is very high quality

5.0 David (Lviv)
19-02-2021 11:16

I liked the service, the flowers are fresh

5.0 Jon (Kharkov)
16-02-2021 17:47

Hello, I ordered this magical bouquet. Delivered to Kharkov I am satisfied

5.0 Ernest (Mukachevo)
28-12-2020 20:37

It was a pleasure to use. Good communication, fulfilled all wishes regarding registration and delivery. I recommend.

5.0 James (Lviv)
28-12-2020 20:28

Excellent service, quickly and efficiently! Recommend!

5.0 Nela (kyiv)
06-12-2020 16:35

Все супер! И простота оформления заказа, и доставка и качество. Все остались довольны.

5.0 Walter (Kiev)
04-12-2020 16:22

Thanks. The most important thing was she liked it, you really bring joy!

5.0 Валентин (Боярка)
30-11-2020 20:25

Первый раз пользуюсь данной услугой и очень доволен. Всё в срок качественно и красиво.спасибо . Благодаря Вам я смог порадовать любимого человека на большом расстоянии.

5.0 Enrique Bowman (Kropyvnytsyi)
05-09-2019 14:59

You did great job with delivering my order in time

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