Premium Roses Delivery in Ukraine

Big Bright Red bouquet
$ 79
29 Coral Roses
$ 87
29 Yellow Roses
$ 87
29 Red White Roses
$ 87
29 Pink Roses
$ 87

Discount 5%

31 Red Roses
$ 89 $ 85

Discount 5%

Bright Roses Heart
$ 89 $ 85
True Feelings
$ 98

Discount 5%

35 Red Roses
$ 99 $ 94
35 White Roses
$ 105
35 Pink Roses
$ 105
35 Yellow Roses
$ 105
39 Red Roses
$ 115

Discount 5%

35 Red White Roses
$ 115 $ 109
39 Coral Roses
$ 117
45 Red Roses
$ 130

Delivery of Premium Roses in Ukraine

Since you are reading this article, it means that you have made your choice or seriously thinking about ordering roses of premium quality as a gift for a special person in Ukraine. We want to tell you the truth about the  roses in Ukraine, we promise it will be interesting and you will know many interesting things. Unfortunately, you will not find anything about the meaning of the colors of roses in this article - there are thousands of them over the internet. And we have presented several lines for each color of the roses that we do deliver in Ukraine.

We want to give you a little more information about the types of roses delivered in Ukraine by all florists, including Ukraineflora ones. There are two bigger types of roses - premium and elite ones. Premium usually means the one produced in Ukraine. There are several large roses farms in Ukraine, and they are in cities like Vinnytsia, Lviv, Brovary, etc. Ukraineflora has direct contacts and wholesale deliveries from these places, so our customers can be always sure that roses will arrive at their recipient in the best possible condition, fresh and full of fragrance.

Other types of roses are elite ones. We shall tell about them in detail on the Elite Roses Category page. They are imported roses, mostly from Ecuador, Netherlands, Africa. They are very big, tall, strong, and just like this - of elite quality. And they are 2–3 times more expensive than local Ukrainian premium roses.   

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Types of Premium Roses

Red Roses of premium quality mostly presented by Grand Prix, El Torro, Chiri, Marichka, and Sparkle models. Yes, they are real models - beautiful and desired.  Grand Prix is considered to be one of the most favorite flowers as a gift in Ukraine. All florists in Ukraine love this type for its bigger bud, lush leaves, and long-living. El Torro is also one of the most favorite. Even though it does not have big buds, it is a really strong flower with curly petals. Ukraineflora uses all types of red roses, just after they are sure which one is from the freshest delivery and suits the crafted bouquet for our dear customers most of all. As for Mr. Raccoon (our super manager of customer support) - he loves Sparkle roses. Their petals are of deep red and deep pink colors mixed, sometimes they are mixed with dark yellow color and in the general bud of Sparkle rose looks like candy! 

White roses in Ukraine are mostly presented by Avalanche and Avalanche Spray types of roses. Yes, not the big choice, but it is true that white roses are not so popular as red ones. In any case, the most important that Ukraineflora does work hard to deliver white premium roses of the highest quality in every city where we operate. It is a really tough task.

Pink roses in Ukraine are presented by Peach Avalanche, Karina, Talea, Candy Avalanche, Gracia Spray, Candy Avalanche Spray, and a couple of others. Yes, the choice is big.  Why? Pink roses are popular, but the truth is that they are the most elegant and short-living types of roses (they die fast), so producers try to present as many types of pink roses in small quantities as possible. Ukraineflora can guarantee that pink roses ordered for delivery in Ukraine will arrive at the recipient's place in the best and freshest possible way. 

Coral roses in Ukraine are not very popular. They are presented by one most popular sort named Wow. Coral roses are really beautiful and there are no reasons at all why you can not present coral roses just for every occasion. Our florists do love this type of premium flowers, and we do recommend you to consider ordering them and be unique and unusual in some way.

Yellow roses in Ukraine are presented by Penny Lane sort. The yellow color is not popular among Ukrainian women as considered to be the symbol of getting apart, of sadness. Though it is also true that many women and men do love the yellow color in flowers and if you know somebody in Ukraine who loves yellow roses or yellow-colored flowers - please do not forget to use the services of Ukraineflora. We can make the delivery of yellow premium roses in the best possible way.

We finish this part of our article about premium roses with a short description of spray roses. They are also very popular in Ukraine and Ukraineflora proposes several bouquets made of and with spray roses. Vanessa Spray, Yuriy Spray, Ruby Spray (very interesting type, we love it !), Fire Fresh Spray, and many others. The best feature of spray roses that they live for a really long time and their buds open one by one for many days, and they are very rich in fragrance. Please do not forget about spray roses when choosing something special and unusual for your lady in Ukraine. 

Premium Roses are Best Gifts in Ukraine

Ukraineflora has made a short presentation of premium roses we work with. Let's change the word work into create. Yes, it is true that arranging the flower bouquet is a process of real creation, of artwork, and we feel extremely happy having so our talented florists working for us and with us in Ukraine. Do not have doubts when making the order of flowers delivery in Ukraine with Ukraine flora. Your feelings will be put with all the tenderness and sincerity the human heart possesses. Our experienced delivery managers will do the necessary procedure and preparations in order to deliver in Ukraine the premium rouses bouquet from you. They are polite, clean, nice-looking, with a good sense of humor. And most importantly, all delivery managers graduated from the school of "Young Raccoons" founded by our head of the customer support manager Mr. Raccoon. It means a lot!

Please make your choice with the bouquet, fill in the forms, and prepare yourself to accept the appreciation and sweet feelings from the recipient or recipients as the result of the flower gift you ordered at Ukraineflora. 

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  • What distinguishes premium roses from elite roses in Ukraine? Premium roses in Ukraine are typically locally produced, while elite roses are imported, often from countries like Ecuador, the Netherlands, and Africa. Premium roses offer excellent quality and freshness at a more affordable price.
  • Can you provide more details about the different types of premium roses available in Ukraine? Certainly! Premium roses come in various colors and varieties. For example, red roses include Grand Prix, El Torro, Chiri, Marichka, and Sparkle models, each with unique characteristics. White roses are mainly represented by Avalanche and Avalanche Spray, while pink roses include options like Peach Avalanche, Karina, Talea, and more.
  • Are premium white roses as popular as red roses in Ukraine? White roses are not as popular as red roses in Ukraine, but Ukraineflora ensures that they deliver premium white roses of the highest quality to every city they operate in.
  • What makes pink roses a special choice, and what varieties are available? Pink roses are known for their elegance, although they have a shorter lifespan. Ukraineflora offers a variety of pink roses, including Peach Avalanche, Karina, Talea, Candy Avalanche, Gracia Spray, and Candy Avalanche Spray.
  • Do you offer coral roses in Ukraine, and if so, what is the most popular variety? Coral roses are not very popular but are represented by the Wow variety. Ukraineflora's florists recommend considering them for a unique and unusual choice.
  • What is the significance of yellow roses in Ukraine, and do you deliver premium yellow roses? Yellow roses are not as commonly preferred in Ukraine, as they are sometimes associated with sadness. However, for those who appreciate yellow roses, Ukraineflora offers premium Penny Lane roses for delivery.