Trends in modern design of bouquets on March 8, 2023

Trends in modern design of bouquets on March 8, 2023

International courier delivery of bouquets in Ukraine, Ukraineflora works to ensure that each of our clients can convey love and respect to loved ones, even if they cannot be around at the moment. We have been working since 2009, and during this time we have been able to organize the most convenient service, establish strong partnerships with suppliers and find the best florists for cooperation. For us, each order of personal and corporate gifts for March 8 is a way to help people get closer, share a piece of warmth, and inspire optimism and hope, which are often so lacking.

Experienced florists know everything about what flowers are popular now and what would be especially nice to receive as a gift for a modern girl in honor of International Women's Day. Today, they will reveal professional secrets and share recommendations on how to make the holiday even more memorable and memorable.

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Floral trends and the most popular flowers on March 8

New traditions are replacing old ones, and those who follow this movement know how to make the right positive impression. We offer you the to get acquainted with the aspects of making a fashionable bouquet 2023 from Ukraineflora specialists, who always keep their finger on the pulse.

  • Korean Style. Such compositions are light and airy, like a small poem. They are the physical embodiment of fine artistic taste and youthful sincerity. The main thing that distinguishes Korean bouquets is the multilayer packaging and the harmonious combination of pastel shades.
  • Purity of Color. Sincerity combined with a subtle sense of proportion looks captivating, especially in a bouquet. This is the impression produced by modern mono-compositions in natural soft tones. Florists do not recommend using elements with a catchy combination of colors, there should not be stripes and stains on the petals - only the natural color of a fresh flower, as the best embodiment of naturalness and elegant modesty.

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  • Measured minimalism and organicism. Today it is customary to embody them not only through a concise selection of shades but also through the beautiful designs of bouquets, materials, and decor. To complement the composition, experts recommend choosing craft paper, mesh, or tracing paper.
  • Pleasant little things. What goes best with spring floral immediacy? Of course, sweets! Complemented with delicious bonuses, such as deluxe chocolate or delicious macaroons, the compositions look like a well-thought-out gift. And most importantly - they are at the peak of popularity!

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How to surprise a girl with a gift on March 8

Few people know that International Women's Day has its own colors: white, purple, and green. They were approved back in 1908 by the British Sociopolitical Union and embody the struggle of women for equality and freedom. Bouquets created in this color scheme have not only a harmonious appearance, but also an impressive semantic load: they symbolize pride, courage, hope, and purity - those qualities that inspire and push girls to be strong but remain feminine under any circumstances.

The need to defend one's rights and seek justice is more relevant today than ever. This was also embodied in the fashionable novelties of flower bouquets, which any modern beauty will be happy with.

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5 reasons to order flowers as a gift on March 8 from us

Creating bouquets is always about creativity, which rests on experiments. Working as a florist implies constant improvement because this is the only way to keep the fire in yourself and create fashionable bouquets that captivate at first sight. We understand how important it is to show your feelings, support loved ones and give sincere joy, therefore we offer only the best products, as if for our relatives.

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Here you will find:

  1. Best prices for flower delivery in Ukraine. Here you can get a discount of 5% and more, as well as take advantage of free shipping (the service is activated when a certain amount is reached, which varies from region to region).
  2. Premium Service. We are on call 24/7, and our couriers work around the clock. You can order a targeted delivery of a bouquet in Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, or Vinnytsia with the possibility of receiving it at home, at work, or in a hospital, both in a large city and in a small town.
  3. High quality and guarantees. All goods are carefully checked before shipment. Compositions are made only from fresh buds, and cakes, sweets, and other products have a valid pride period and are stored under the most correct conditions. Delivery is carried out on specialized transport, which also limits all factors that can harm the product. That is why we can proudly guarantee: each bouquet for March 8 from Ukraineflora is perfect!
  4. Same-day delivery. If you have time trouble, our company will help: in 2-3 hours after the application is accepted, the couriers will deliver the order to any place in Ukraine.
  5. Reporting. Life makes its own adjustments, and sometimes there is simply no way to give a gift on March 8 to a loved one in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kryvyi Rih, and Dnipro. That is why we can film the moment of receipt so that you can see with your own eyes the emotions on the face of a dear mother, sweet daughter, or beloved grandmother. Our couriers will be happy to provide a photo or video report. The only condition is that the addressee should not be against it. If the recipient refused to shoot, our staff will send you an SMS with information about the successful delivery.

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As a gift with the order, the company offers a free postcard design - translation into any language. Contact our managers by phone numbers listed on the site, or ask questions in the chat mode to arrange flowers and gifts in Ukraine on March 8 delivered at affordable prices with 100% confirmed in-time personal delivery.

Ukraineflora is a proven delivery service that works with love for its work and respect for each client!

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