Top 7 Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine

Top 7 Flower Trends in 2021

If you want to please your loved one with an original, creative, stylish gift, pay attention to the main flower trends for 2021, which are impressive in their variety. Professional florists continue to use new techniques in their work, skillfully play with colors, and introduce popular fashion trends into their compositions, surprising even sophisticated clients. Such bouquets are like a work of art: looking at them, we get aesthetic pleasure and awaken the most sensual corners of the soul.

Features of the 2021 Flower Trends

For a florist in love with their work, a bouquet is the same work of art as a musician's sonnet or a poet's ode. Musical composition is more than a collection of sounds, and the success of a good verse depends not only on well-chosen expressions. Likewise, a bouquet is a complex collection of flowers. Each finished composition carries its meaning and allows you to look differently at familiar things.

In 2021, the trend towards naturalness will continue. Florists will continue to look for inspiration in nature, moving away from the orderliness and a kind of "combed" bouquets. The most popular will be compositions resembling a flower lawn with slight negligence, natural aesthetics, and charm. Calm pastel shades and natural colors also remain in fashion:

  • white and dairy;
  • sky blue;
  • delicate lilac;
  • light peach;
  • muted pink;
  • natural light green;
  • deep lilac.
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These tones harmoniously fit into different styles, from familiar classics to Bohemian boho. They add elegance and discreet luxury to the festive atmosphere. The florists decided not to limit themselves to the sizes of fashionable bouquets in 2021. Among the masterpieces of floristry, one can find both miniature compliments and massive compositions of human height. Let's take a closer look at the main floral trends of 2021.

Unity with Nature

Instead of regular shapes, bouquets are increasingly showing slight asymmetry. Like field bouquets with their inherent simplicity and lightness, the compositions of specialists are no less airy. Combined with the usual roses, peonies, and lilies, you can find delicate and graceful gypsophila, chamomile, forget-me-not, jasmine, and sunflower. Florists and greens will respect spikelets of wheat, fragrant herbs, or spreading fern leaves.

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Laconicism and Minimalism of Mono Bouquets

“The simplest things never disappoint,” said the German writer Erich Maria Remarque. The trend towards minimalism in the composition of bouquets confirms the words of the classic and proves that elegant restraint will never lose its relevance. The composition can consist of one type or, conversely, include several varieties of colors of the same shade. At the same time, the gift will not look boring. Professional florists never cease to amaze, and even with mono bouquets, they express tenderness or passion, respect or attraction, playfulness or seriousness of intentions.

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The Miniature Quirkiness of Succulents

Plants of unusual shapes and sizes are among the leaders in the list of flower trends for 2021. The popularity of succulents is due not only to their exotic appearance. They keep their freshness for a long time, harmoniously combine with other colors, and are easy to use when creating a composition. You can also form a mono bouquet or supplement with herbs with them. The most commonly used are echeveria, haworthia, "money tree" and aloe. A sizeable succulent plant will become the main accent in the finished work, and a few miniature flowers will dilute the composition and give it originality.

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In a wrapper rustling, a bouquet is more graceful.

Harmony should be presented in every composition, no matter what colors it is formed from. Sometimes, a pretty ribbon and a miniature postcard with gentle words of love are enough. Sometimes, a bouquet, like a beautiful photo, needs a laconic frame. It gives the work a finished look and sets the right accents. It happens that the wrapper becomes a part of the composition and makes a real "candy" out of it: you want to hold it in your hands, hear the characteristic rustling, inhale the blissful aroma of the filling, and enjoy every detail of the longed-for "sweetness." In 2021, florists recommend giving bouquets without unnecessary decor and glitter on the packaging. Choose discrete options: craft, burlap, thin papyrus paper in silence, tracing paper, and delicate foamiran fabric, which feels like suede.

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Effective Composition Foundation

Flowers in wicker baskets and boxes will not lose their relevance. In addition to the usual cardboard, containers made of metal or wood will be in fashion. They can have a perfectly smooth glossy surface or be made in a shabby chic style with inherent scuffs and a romantic vintage effect.

The florists' favorites are miniature compositions in envelopes or gift bags. With the trend towards sustainability, a new way of decorating a composition in a bag-bag has appeared. The delicate buds of alstroemeria, peonies, roses looking out of it look very cute and original.

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Creative Presentation

“Bouquets may not be famous for flowers alone,” thought the florists, and decided to add even more variety to their creations. In 2021, fashionable bouquets allow for unusual additions in the form of sweets, fruits, dried inflorescence, cotton, and toys. There will be famous and thematic compositions: for example, New Year's with fir cones or with pencils for school holidays.

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Chaos and Paints

Florists did not leave lovers of brightness and originality without attention in 2021. Volumetric compositions with different types of flowers and shades, randomly located in the bouquet, are still in trend. The main thing is to withstand the mood of the gift and choose elements that go well with each other.

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