Top 5 Win-Win Gift Combinations

Top 5 Win-Win Gift Combinations

You should not wait for a special occasion to please your loved ones with a charming compliment from the perfect combination of a fragrant bouquet, elite sweets or original perfumes. Together with Ukraineflora - a round-the-clock flower delivery service in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr and other cities of Ukraine - you will select the best duet of the highest quality products for any occasion. We work 24/7, we have a huge database of suppliers throughout the country, so we quickly and efficiently fulfill even the most urgent orders.

Today, we have prepared for you the top 5 win-win gift combinations - from morning greetings to evening declarations of love. In this article, you will find congratulation ideas for all occasions and ages. Enjoy reading and give joy with Ukraineflora!

Top 5 Win-Win Gift Combinations 1

#1 Bouquet of roses and sweets

The rose is perhaps the most significant flower. He is both royally impregnable and infinitely attractive, which is why he has a huge number of fans around the world.

Ordering a bouquet of roses for a holiday is always a win-win solution. And if you add it with an elegant set of sweets, then the effect of such a gift will remain in the memory of the recipient for many years.

In our assortment you will find various options: for example, a classic bouquet of red roses, an attractive composition in the form of a heart or roses in a box, which are suitable for a gift for both a woman and a man. As an ideal combination, we suggest choosing a presentable box of chocolates from the appropriate category on our website.

#2 Cake and Soft Toy

As a bouquet of flowers is a symbol of attention and affection, so a birthday cake has long turned into a sign that turns even an ordinary day into a special one. To order it for a birthday, graduation, Mother's Day means to show that this holiday and the person for whom you are choosing a gift are of particular importance to you.

Choose the best option for those who are dear to you, here are a few suggestions from our catalog: "Kyiv" - a cake that almost everyone likes, low-calorie "Fruit" or light and stylish "Yogurt" with a truly delicate combination of berries, chocolate and the most delicate cream. And for those who want something really unusual, we offer custom-made cakes with designer decoration: a personal photo, for a child, for a woman, a man, for an anniversary, a colleague, a boss or an old friend.

If you want to surprise a child or a cute girl, then complete your sweet gift with a soft toy from our range.

#3 Plants and gift certificate

Due to their beauty and elegance, orchids are one of the most popular indoor flowers. They symbolize love, beauty, luxury and sophistication. Also, orchids are associated with exoticism and mystery, which is why the fair sex especially likes it so much.

In our catalog you will find three options for indoor orchids in a vase: with one and two stems in white, purple or pink.

An excellent duet with such an exotic flower will be a certificate for a SPA-salon or for the purchase of electronics in a trusted online store.

Top 5 Win-Win Gift Combinations 2

#4 Gift souvenirs with photo and fruit baskets

This combination of gifts is perfect for those who appreciate a personalized approach to gifts. Such options are appropriate for presenting on a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or simply as a manifestation of attention to a loved one. Photo souvenirs are a creative gift that will be remembered for a long time. You can choose any image that has a special meaning for the recipient: a family photo, a snapshot of a beloved pet, or a memorable snapshot from the past. Such a gift will remind you of you every time they see it.

You can order gift souvenirs with a photo, for example, a T-shirt or a cup, and combine with a basket of fruits: apples, pears, bananas, pineapples. Complement the fruity pleasure with a photo souvenir that fits thematically for the occasion, and you will receive a unique and original gift that will delight and surprise.

#5 Perfumes and favorite flowers

Feel free to experiment even, at first glance, with banal combinations! Combining perfume and a bouquet of your favorite flowers is a great way to show your care and attention to loved ones. By combining these two options into one gift, you will create a unique and memorable composition. For example, you can choose a perfume with a floral scent and complement it with a bouquet of matching flowers to create a unified look and atmosphere. Or choose perfumes and flowers that will give the recipient a special mood: romantic or, conversely, bold and extravagant.

Top 5 Win-Win Gift Combinations 3

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