Top 5 Gifts for Her

Top 5 Gifts for Her

It has become much easier to please your beloved woman with a gift from the heart with Ukraineflora! Our assortment includes win-win options that cause sincere delight - proven by more than 15 years of experience in the field! We don’t just assume, but we know exactly what the fair sex especially likes, because every day we see enthusiastic smiles on the faces of recipients of flower delivery throughout Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkov, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Sumy, Zhytomyr, etc. We work 24 /7, we offer only high-quality products and VIP service, as well as affordable prices for gifts for women of all ages.

Today, we will share the top 5 product combinations from our website that are in the greatest demand. We invite you to familiarize yourself with several classic and unexpected options that will appeal to birthday girls with different hobbies.

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What kind of gift do girls and women like?

As psychologists say, events that affect several senses at once are best remembered. The ideal option for your beloved, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, aunt, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, friend, boss is a combination of several options: visually attractive, fragrant, tasty and pleasant to the touch. Here's a reliable combination of positions:

Basket “Set of Fruits” + “Five Balloons” + 11 Red Roses “Deluxe”

This configuration is one of the most impressive and inexpensive. Every woman looks forward to special moments. She is full of hope that something unusual will happen on this day. Your ability to turn into a wizard and choose a gift for a woman on her birthday, anniversary, March 8, Mother's Day is a sign of respect and a beautiful gesture that shows how important she is to you. A token of attention chosen with love and presented to a dear woman will touch her to the depths of her soul.

Sweet Heart box + Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume + premium Napoleon cake

A bouquet with sweets and flowers in a box captivates everyone. It is very practical and looks simply stunning, especially when combined with the original premium perfume and your favorite Napoleon cake.

Please note that we deliver only the freshest, highest quality and most delicious cakes. They should be ordered in advance so that our hardworking bakers have time to get the best ingredients and create a masterpiece of taste and beauty specifically tailored to your wishes.

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Plastic E-card + cake per order + 15 pink roses “Deluxe”

If you are wondering what unusual gift you can give a girl, then the proposed set is the best answer to your question. This set includes a gift card for purchase in an online hardware store, a chic bouquet in a standard or premium design at your discretion, and a “highlight” - a custom-made cake. The complexity and effectiveness of such a dessert is limited only by your imagination! You can choose a design based on a photo on the Internet, consult with our consultant online, or send your own design. This is a five-star option!

Eternal rose “Rainbow” + 12 balloons “I love you” + Christian Dior J`adore perfume

For those who are looking for what to give to an adult woman, we recommend taking a closer look at this combination. A flower native to France that will not wither for several years - a living embodiment of a fairy tale. The unusual color will attract attention, and your friend, relative or loved one will happily tell every guest in her home that it was you who presented this unusual gift.

In addition to such a souvenir, voluminous, impressive balloons and a bottle of premium perfume look great, which will create a chic duet with an eternal rose standing on the dressing table.

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Basket “Strawberry fun” + orchid “Two stems” + soft toy “Coco Bear”

To please someone dear to you, and at the same time understand exactly what you can buy for a woman on her birthday, pay attention to gift baskets with already selected contents. Our assortment includes fruit and sweet sets with wine, nuts, cheese and other tasty additions. Such gifts look weighty, valuable, and expensive.

And to create a truly stunning effect, you should add to your compliment a beautiful flower that will delight the girl and remind her of your attention, as well as a soft toy - it’s so nice to hug while you no nearby.

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Cool birthday gifts for women in Ukraineflora

No matter how expensive, thoughtful and unusual the gift itself may be, the main thing that will make it truly unforgettable is your attention and the polished service of the company for international flower delivery to Ukraine. We've thought through every detail to create a truly delightful experience that will be remembered for years to come:

  1. We agree on a meeting time. We always contact the recipient in advance to hand over the gift for the woman personally.
  2. We deliver goods in an air-conditioned vehicle. No matter how delicate and fragile the gift is, it will arrive to the recipient in the best possible condition.
  3. We take a photo or video report. With the consent of the recipient, we will capture the moment of delivery, and then send the pictures to you so that you can share this joyful moment with your loved one person.

You can arrange the delivery of a gift to a woman for her birthday or other holiday either in advance or very urgently, and be sure that the quality of the surprise will not suffer from this. We collect all orders 2 hours before shipping, so we are confident in the freshness and presentable appearance of each product.

On our website, you can purchase an original gift for a woman at a discount. We offer each buyer 5% on the first request. And to purchase flowers and other items at an even better price, place your order in advance and use our service more often: regular customers are included in a special loyalty program.

For your convenience, our employees have compiled a whole catalog of unusual gifts for women, relevant at all times. Show attention and care for any person with Ukraineflora, and this gesture will be appreciated!

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