Top 7 Perfumes in Ukraine

Top 7 Perfumes in Ukraine

Top 7 Perfumes in Ukraine

With perfume, the beauty of a woman is revealed, acquires an intriguing charm, and as if envelops the surrounding space with an aura of elegance and charm. World expert Stefan Jellinek considers perfume to be an absolute luxury and the finest of all gifts.

The perfume market today is rich in multifaceted fragrances that include several dominant notes. On the skin, they create a unique and enchanting scent, which is revealed differently by each owner. If you decide to order perfumes with delivery in Ukraine, take a look at the most popular fragrances that could win the love of even the most discerning young ladies.

1. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

A light floral-fruity scent enveloping with unobtrusive sweet-sour notes of grapefruit and quince. Exquisite jasmine and hyacinth in the heart of the fragrance give a characteristic depth that does not weigh down the image, but only emphasizes the woman's charm and arouses interest in her. The floral-fruity bouquet is completed by a harmonious combination of soft iris with elegant cedar and musk. If you want to add more joy, positivity, and a good mood to the life of your beloved woman, Chance Eau Tendre Tendre will help you make what you want.

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2. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

A fascinating and alluring fragrance that combines lightness and magnetism, sexuality and flirtatiousness, passion, and tenderness in one bottle. Sensual top notes of coffee and almond combine with sweet vanilla, spiced cocoa, and aromatic jasmine to create a mesmerizing symphony. An ideal gift Good Girl for modern women who never cease to enchant everyone with their charisma and cheerful disposition.

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3. Christian Dior J'adore

A multifaceted floral fragrance that continues to win the hearts of graceful and elegant women. A floral bouquet of honey rose, sophisticated jasmine, and delicate violet harmoniously intertwine with warm notes of melon, pear, and peach. A special feature of the scent is the play of contrast of sweet fruit with spicy vanilla, powdery musk, and exciting sandalwood. This perfume is able to emphasize both the charm of a young girl and the charm of a middle-aged woman. A real classic Christian Dior J`Adore that does not age over the years.

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4. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

A bold, bright, and extraordinary scent that sparkles with cheerfulness. Tart pear and sweetish-sour currant in the top notes smoothly pass into the very heart of the perfume, where a duet of the delicate iris and exciting jasmine lurks. The composition is completed with a pleasant, warm trail of praline, vanilla, and patchouli. A persistent, light, unobtrusive scent La Vie Est Belle for a young woman.

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5. Givenchy L'Interdit Intense

A velvet oriental scent that encourages courageous actions, liberates, and reveals a woman's sensuality. The perfume has a strong contrast of black vanilla, patchouli, and smoky vetiver with fresh notes of orange blossom. The aroma captivates with mystery and hypnotizes from the first seconds after application. Suitable for mature women who want to stand out and not be afraid of rich smells.

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6. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal

Jean-Paul Gaultier knows that "Scandal!" - it's about an extravaganza of feelings. A heady, provocative, and self-contained scent. If at first, it envelops with an unobtrusive scent of orange and gardenia, then gradually the perfume opens up, and the base notes of delicious pulling honey with a subtle caramel scent are felt more and more.

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7. Versace Bright Crystal

A real crystal among floral fragrances that seem to combine the luxury, charm, and taste of sunny Italy. Bright Crystal is able to emphasize both the elegance of a young girl and the sensuality of a middle-aged woman. A perfume that takes you to a summer garden in one application, where the fresh breeze allows you to fully experience the fragrance of flowers blooming at dawn. The top fruity notes of juicy pomegranate and yuzu give way over time to delicate accords of peony, lotus, and magnolia. The symphony is completed by an unobtrusive trail of musk, mahogany, and amber.

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How to Choose Perfumes for the Gift for Woman?

A competent and responsible approach to choosing a scent will make it possible to present a very valuable and desired present. If you intend to order perfumes with delivery in Ukraine but are afraid to make a mistake with the choice, pay attention to several universal recommendations from specialists:

  • Consider the woman's age. Unobtrusive fruity, floral aromas are best given to young girls. More intense musky and oriental scents are considered "age-related".
  • You can choose a perfume according to the type of girl's appearance. Brunettes and brown-haired women often prefer spicy and woody scents. You can give ginger perfume with notes of caramel and incense. The cuteness and fragility of blondes will emphasize floral aromas.
  • Girls often choose a perfume for the type of outfit. Classic perfumes with subtle woody notes will suit office workers and businesswomen. Sweet aromas will be appreciated by fans of the romantic style. The combination of fruits and flowers is considered versatile and will suit your everyday wardrobe.
  • If you intend to order perfume delivery in Ukraine in honor of a holiday, consider the season. Spring is impossible to imagine without flowers. In summer, it is better to give fresh or fruity aromas, and in autumn you can dare to eat products with a more pronounced sillage. For the New Year, you can present a bottle with citrus, caramel, vanilla notes.

Where to Order Perfumes with Delivery in Ukraine?

To be sure of the quality of the presentation, buy it in trusted stores. On the Ukraineflora website, you can order flowers and gifts for every city in Ukraine. We deliver only original perfumes personally to the addressee's hands. If you wish, you can add a luxurious bouquet, soft toy, grocery basket, or any other pleasant surprise to the gift. Write your beloved woman a touching greeting on a postcard to show how much she means to you.