10 Popular Gift Set Options in 2023

10 Popular Gift Set Options in 2023

A large selection of gift sets with delivery in Ukraine can make the process of finding the best compliment for your beloved or dearest person a real adventure, but there is not always time to analyze all the offers. When the holiday is just around the corner, and the gift has not yet been chosen, you can turn to the services of a proven international delivery service Ukraineflora, and get acquainted with the top 10 popular product combinations from the site. Stay up to date with the latest trends and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with our guide to best-rated gift sets in 2023.

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Actual birthday gifts

On the most anticipated, exciting day of the year, you always want to feel special. Warm congratulations, touching phone calls with congratulations, and meeting guests on your birthday bring so many positive and joyful moments that for the next year it is pleasant to return memories to these moments and relive wonderful emotions. Ready-made gift sets in Ukraine from Ukraineflora, like the first spring warmth after a long winter, help you forget about the everyday fuss in order to plunge into an atmosphere of magic and sincere joy. We offer the most sought-after combinations of gifts from our range, which will delight not only with high-quality content but also at an affordable price.

1. Hugs Plus Set - The set consists of 19 fresh, fragrant, crispy tulips, a box of elite chocolates, and an adorable teddy bear. A versatile, but at the same time, attractive option that will convey your most reverent congratulations.

2. Tender Feelings Set. Those who appreciate the perfect combination of nine large deluxe roses and a chic set of luxury products: fruits, sweets, and cheeses, arranged in an elegant basket, are in a hurry to buy this gift box in Ukraine.

3. Original Fruit Basket. The perfect gift with birthday delivery is one that you can enjoy visually and delight your taste buds. A set of delicious fresh fruits is appropriate to complement with a bottle of delicious wine, which is perfect for such a light and healthy snack.

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The best gift sets for a woman in 2023

4. Surprises of Love. When all the components of a gift are perfectly matched to each other, it causes aesthetic delight! Ukraineflora offers a chic floral combination of roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums framed in light greenery, imported sweets and a cute teddy bear that will make sure that the recipient is not left without warm hugs. And the best part is that this set includes a vase, which will not force the girl to be distracted by the search for a suitable vessel, but will simply allow her to enjoy the gift.

5. Strawberry Fun Basket. Champagne with the taste and aroma of strawberries framed by Swiss and German sweets - this is what endless enjoyment looks like! This combination will definitely remain in your memory for many years and will be a wonderful addition to any holiday table!

6. Elite Gifts Set. 25 Ecuadorian roses are created to produce a phenomenal effect! These premium beauties are delivered in a stylish vase and complemented by a box of chic chocolates - a storehouse of the hormone of happiness.

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Gift set for men - the choice of buyers in 2023

7. Respect Basket. When you need to pick up a gift box in Ukraine for a representative of the stronger sex, this option is the best fit. The set includes green and black tea in high-quality packaging, nuts, honey, as well as several types of chocolate and sweets.

8. Luxury Food Basket. If you know that the recipient will be very busy on the day of receiving the gift and may not have time to arrange a festive table, this set will be a real salvation. It contains everything to organize a small, pleasant evening in the company of the closest ones.

Universal fruit sets from Ukraineflora for any occasion

9. Sweet Fruits Basket. When you want to “sweeten” a little (in the most pleasant way!) the recipient's life, pay attention to a selection of selected fruits, served in a cute and practical basket. This option is suitable for both the sweet tooth and the adherent of a healthy lifestyle.

10. Provence Cheese Basket. French and Dutch cheese is a premium appetizer for any celebration. The set also includes fruit jams that will fully reveal the true taste of a luxury product.

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Reliable international delivery of gift sets in Ukraine

Some customers who contact us for the first time are worried about how fresh and high-quality products the recipient will receive, what guarantees the company gives, and how to make sure that the recipient is really happy with the gift. We will share with you the main principles that have been helping us in our work for more than 15 years and thanks to which more than 60% of our clients return to us again:

  • Cooperation with trusted and reliable suppliers only. We choose only responsible companies, we always check the expiration date and quality of goods before shipping.
  • We use fresh products only. Our employees assemble food packages for shipment across Ukraine no earlier than 2-3 hours before being handed over to the courier. Delivery is carried out on specialized transport, thanks to which orders are reliably protected from external factors.
  • 24/7 customer support. You can get detailed information about your favorite fruit basket, bouquet, etc. in the chat mode. Consultants will help you choose the best option according to your wishes.
  • Customers can choose from several payment methods. Use any convenient method (bank card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay) and make secure purchases in just a few clicks.
  • Great bonuses and discounts. Add a free postcard with a translation into any language of the world to your congratulations. Also on our website discounts of 5% are constantly working. Contact our manager to profitably order a basket of fruits, products, bouquets, and other gifts to be sent to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzha, Cherkasy, and other cities in Ukraine.

Attention to another person can change a lot in his/her/their life. Even small compliments can cheer you up, what can we say about a worthy material embodiment of warm feelings - gift boxes with filling in Ukraine? Choose the best for your loved ones, and Ukraineflora will deliver your pleasant surprise to the recipient personally!