St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine 2023

St. Nicholas Day 2023

When St. Nicholas Day approaches, a unique atmosphere of pleasant anticipation, joy, and magic reigns in Ukraine annually. This traditional holiday, which has deep historical roots, is filled with colorful customs and symbolism that remain significant in modern society. Ukraineflora company delivers gifts for Ukrainians from relatives and friends worldwide. It is happy to share with you observations: what gifts are best to give on St. Nicholas Day and how this holiday is prepared and celebrated in Ukraine.

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Let's explore the holiday's history, its cultural significance, and how to share care and a fabulous atmosphere with loved ones, even if a considerable distance separates you.

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When is St. Nicholas Day celebrated in Ukraine in 2023 according to the new calendar

Every year, Ukrainians increasingly move away from the customs imposed by their “eastern neighbors” and boldly root European traditions in their culture. Since 2023, St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine has been celebrated on December 6. Let us remind you that previously, this holiday was celebrated on December 19.

Who is St. Nicholas - history and importance of the holiday

Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most famous saints and actual historical figures. He became the prototype of Father Frost, Santa Claus, and many other characters who are symbols of the New Year holidays in many Christian countries. How did a saint who lived in the Roman Empire at the end of the 3rd—beginning of the 4th century become so popular in both the West and the East?

Nicholas was born in 270 AD in Patara (now in Turkey) and died on December 6, 343, in Myra, where his tomb is located. The boy's family was very wealthy, and his parents preached the Christian religion; however, in the Roman Empire itself, it was still officially prohibited.

When Nikolai was about 11 years old, his parents died of the plague, and the boy remained the only heir to a large inheritance. At this time, he made his first extraordinary decision and distributed all the money to people experiencing poverty. The deep religiosity of young Nicholas provoked this step, absorbed in the as yet unrecognized but already quite “strong” new faith, whose adherents actively formed communities on the territory of the Roman Empire.

St. Nicholas - patron saint of the poor

Left without a family, the boy was “under the wing” of his uncle, who served as a bishop in Mira. At about 18, Nikolai was already a priest, and during this period, his second unusual act occurred - helping three poor sisters. History tells us that the girls did not have a dowry, so they could not get married. The father could not support them and, out of despair, was ready to send his daughters to a brothel. Nicholas secretly threw three bags of coins for each daughter through the window (it is also said that he did this through the chimney). The money ended up in shoes (according to another version, in socks), which were drying by the fire. The girls discovered the gift and purchased a dowry to find their better destiny.

Nicholas probably collected donations or used the remains of his inheritance to perform this one of his first good deeds. In the future, he repeated it more than once with other families, and in the end, in the World, they found out who exactly in their city helps the poor.

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Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors and travelers.

Another story from Nicholas's life is how he goes on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He had to travel by ship and then go with a caravan to the Holy Land in Caesarea. On his way back, he also returned by sea. At one point, a terrible storm hit the ship. The sailors began to pray to the pagan gods. However, their prayers were not heard. Then Nikolai went out onto the deck and said a prayer. His request was addressed to the Christian God, who heard him, stopped the storm, and carried the ship to the shores of Patari.

This story gave rise to many myths that spread throughout the world. Scandinavian Vikings, crusaders, Serbian fishermen, and many others believed that St. Nicholas protected sailors and travelers.

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How Nicholas became a bishop

Once upon a time a bishop's chair became vacant in Myra, and the clergy began to think about choosing a new head of the church. It was decided to turn to the will of God: the person who was the first to enter the church in the morning to pray will become a bishop. This lucky person turned out to be the young clergyman Nikolai.

According to another version, all the townspeople of Mira decided to thank Nicholas for his good deeds and turned to the church with a request to bestow the young priest with an honorary rank.

It is difficult to say for sure which story is more truthful. However, it is known that several centuries later, on the day of St. Nicholas, December 6, in the lands of Germany, it was common to choose a boy, dress him in a bishop’s costume, and give him some power in the church, thereby connecting the tradition of celebration with the history of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Although Nikolai was not a little boy when he was ordained, he was still considered young for such responsibility, and this unusual turn of fate began to be associated with his patronage of children.

During the life of St. Nicholas, the Roman Empire was undergoing a severe decline, and the Christian religion, which did not recognize the divine essence of the emperor, was outlawed - as a result, Christians were persecuted. It is believed that Nikolai spent part of his life in prison, where he was tortured, but did not abandon his faith. This is one of the circumstances in which Nicholas begins to be considered the patron of the innocently convicted and, over time, of all prisoners.

Traditions of celebrating St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine

Many believe that the image of St. Nicholas gave rise to the figures of various “New Year” characters, which are often associated with marketing benefits: they say that Christmas and New Year make people buy more. But we should not forget that Nikolai helped those in need more than just praying—his deeds were quite material. The tradition of giving gifts to children is one of the main ones in Ukraine.

Other vital customs of the holiday are:

  • They are writing letters. Before the onset of the festive night, children write messages to Saint Nicholas, telling about their desires.
  • Festive spruce. On this day, most families put up a Christmas tree and decorate the house for the holidays.
  • Nikolaychik cookies or gingerbreads are baked in the shape of snowflakes because it is believed that snowy winter begins after St. Nicholas Day.

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What gifts can St. Nicholas bring?

No matter how difficult it is or what events come into our lives, miracles permeate every day, whether we notice it or not. You don't have to be a saint or a wizard to spread holiday cheer to your family, friends, and loved ones. Take advantage of our offer to order delivery of gifts to Ukraine on St. Nicholas Day:

  • Grocery baskets with pastries, chocolate, and other sweets. Delicious cookies, candies, and other treats will help create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. These gifts will emphasize the traditional meaning of the holiday, giving it a unique charm.
  • Fruit baskets. This option is an excellent manifestation of care and attention. Fruits filled with vitamins and beneficial elements will symbolize health and well-being.
  • Stuffed toys are a gift for children that gives a feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. For adults, such a pleasant surprise on St. Nicholas Day will remind you of childhood—when the world seemed beautiful and carefree. Toys will create an atmosphere of kindness and warm hearts and fill them with joy.

Winter holidays are a time of miracles that each of us can join. If possible, you can join our company’s initiative and send a gift to children in Ukraine. We are ready to deliver your congratulations to boys and girls who live in orphanages, are in hospitals, or have suffered from military conflict. Contact our managers to place an order and give a festive mood to those who need it most!

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