Bouquet or arrangement - how to choose?

Bouquet or arrangement: what's the difference and how to choose?

For a long time, it was believed that the difference between a bouquet and an arrangement lies in their purpose: the first ones were given as gifts, the second ones were created for decorative purposes - noble families decorated the premises with them, demonstrating well-being and good taste. But modern florists assure that such divisions are conditional. The variety of shapes, textures, colors of bouquets allows them to be used as a full-fledged decorative element, and the composition is considered a wonderful gift for a special occasion. It is easy to verify this by looking in our catalog and ordering flower delivery to Ukraineflora for an important event.

5 main differences between bouquet and arrangement

To begin with, it is worth drawing clearer boundaries in terms of "bouquet" and "arrangement":

  1. The choice of flowers. The bouquets are made of fresh-cut flowers, which are fixed with floral tape. Often they are supplemented with any kind of wrapper: paper, cellophane, cardboard, cloth. The arrangements can include both fresh and dried plants. More often they are fixed on a base with a special floral sponge for constant access to moisture.
  2. The place to store. Bouquets are placed only in vases with water. Arrangements are placed in boxes, baskets, containers made of wood or metal.
  3. Additional components. Experts assure that the bouquet contains nothing but flowers and greenery. While the compositions often use decorative ornaments, sweets, fruits. Recently, cotton decor or themed products with autumn leaves, Christmas tree decorations, pencils for school holidays are in trend.
  4. The principle of florist's activity. It usually takes more time to create an arrangement - this process is similar to creating a painting or sculpture. Such products are often played up with complex combinations of shades, and when making them, you need to subtly feel the principles of harmony and observe the laws of proportions. It is also not easy to create a bouquet - experts have been training their "artistic streak" for years so that the finished result can impress the recipient. But in comparison with compositions, it takes less time for professionals to compose a bouquet.
  5. Форма. Bouquets are traditionally round, oval, pyramidal. In recent years, asymmetry has become increasingly important. The arrangements are the embodiment of the imagination of their creator and can take the most unusual forms.
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Different types of bouquets and arrangements

Flower presents differ in size, style, purpose, plants present, color. The most popular are round bouquets that resemble a neat ball. In recent years, "rags" that do not have a clear shape have been gaining popularity. To choose a bouquet as a gift, you should take into account the gender and age of the recipient. The most popular classification is as follows:
  • Bouquets for Women - usually includes bright flowers or pastel shades of all sizes and shapes. And in combination with favorite female gifts (perfume, toys, champagne), they become a wonderful way to convey sincere and heartfelt congratulations.
  • Bouquets for Men more restrained both in colors and in appearance. Flowers in them are used in muted or saturated shades: burgundy, purple, blue, and the aroma of the bouquet should be barely perceptible and restrained. Usually, these are products of elongated triangular or pyramidal shapes and are complemented by cakes, sweets, alcohol.
  • Bouquets for Kids usually light and small, because they should fit well in a miniature child's palm. Together with them, it is customary to give toys, sweets, balloons.

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There is also a classification of bouquets according to events: anniversary bouquets are usually large, wedding bouquets are dominated by light shades, in New Year's there are traditionally red and bright green colors, and on Valentine's Day it is customary to give scarlet roses, testifying to passion and strong love. Floral arrangements are divided depending on the base used, the shape, the available decorative elements. The following varieties remain popular in Ukraineflora:

  • Flowers in a box  -  can consist of one or more shades. In the presence of mono-compositions or options, including several types of plants with greenery.
  • Basket of Roses - a spectacular gift that will impress a woman of any age. The assortment includes both miniature versions of 9 species with greenery and elite compositions with 101 premium quality flowers.
  • Roses in the shape of a heart - an unusual gift that is often ordered for lovers and brides.
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Bouquet or arrangement: what to choose?

To delight the recipient with your gift, think about their interests, preferences, and tastes. What feelings would you like to express?

Colleagues, friends, business partners are better off handing bouquets. The same gift is suitable for a loved one whom you decided to please without a serious reason as a compliment. Young girls are advised to choose bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums, alstroemerias of pale pink, white, peach shades. For middle-aged women, more saturated tones of lilies and tulips are suitable. The older generation can be presented with bright carnations or gerberas.

If you want to order a bouquet with delivery in Ukraine for a loved one, for example, for a mother, pay attention to the volumetric options from several varieties of flowers. Mono-bouquets from plants of the same species are also relevant.

Arrangements are a solemn option. They can be donated for anniversaries, anniversaries, big holidays. Items in boxes or baskets are the perfect opportunity to express your liking and interest.

To deliver a bouquet or flower arrangement to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and any other city in Ukraine, florists recommend making an order in advance. Then the specialists will be able to easily realize all your wishes and deliver the gift to the addressee on the appointed date. However, if necessary, we are ready to send a bouquet of flowers to Ukraine very urgently.

In the assortment of Ukraineflora you can find bouquets and compositions of roses, tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, and other popular flowers, which will become a spectacular present and will look harmonious in any interior. To place an order, select the product you like, enter the necessary data and pay for the purchase online using a credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

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