Everything about caring for orchids

Everything about caring for orchids

Ukrainaflora company delivers flowers and gifts to Ukraine, accepting orders from all over the world. For more than 15 years of work, we have transported a considerable amount of goods, providing customers with sophisticated service, the best working conditions, and our care and love for the business we do. We have noticed that many people want to buy an orchid and give it as a gift for a birthday, March 8 or Mother’s Day, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to care for it properly. Today, our experienced florists will share tips on maintaining this flower so that it delights you with its beauty and grace.

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Secrets of choosing an orchid

This flower, like all beauties, is capricious and picky. For an orchid to please you with a well-groomed, healthy appearance for a long time, it is worth figuring out how to choose an orchid in a store and what features to pay attention to.

  • Do not choose plants with cold, wet roots. In such conditions, when the temperature drops below 20°C and with high humidity, the orchid may “throw off” its flowers.
  • Ensuring the leaves are deep green and free of cracks, yellow spots, and mold is essential. (This should not be confused with minor transport damage, which will not affect the flower's health in the future.) If you notice purple veins, do not be alarmed: this coloring is the norm for varieties whose flowers also have purple shades.
  • The presence of dark, wet spots on the stem, especially at the very base, should also be alarming.

Focus on an orchid with large flowers and a dense green root mass. A plant with such characteristics will likely develop quickly and give true pleasure from its aesthetic appearance.

Please note that the smaller the orchid, the fewer roots it has, and the bush grows through them. It will not be easy for beginners to “get out” of a plant immediately after purchase if it has even minor health problems: black spots on the growth point of the stem, mold on the leaves, etc. Therefore, it is much easier to care for an adult large individual than for a young miniature.

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Caring for an orchid after purchase

Let's consider step by step what needs to be done with the plant immediately after it gets to your home:

  1. Leave the flower in the bag for a day to “get used” to the temperature in the most protected conditions.
  2. In the first days, an orchid may shed several flowers or even all its buds, but with proper care, after six months, it will rerelease flower stalks and bloom for a longer time.
  3. At this time, you can water the orchid only along the edge of the pot so as not to damage the peat glass in which the seedling was located before it was transplanted to the plantation. In the first week, it is better not to water the plant so that it has time to adapt to the new conditions.
  4. Sometimes, after purchase, you may notice that algae has grown inside the pot. This does not pose a danger to the roots, but it means that the orchid was overwatered at one time. To prevent the root system from rotting and to ensure that it is well saturated with oxygen, use a hot nail, knife, or soldering iron to make holes in the pot in the place where it bloomed.
  5. The flower must be kept in quarantine for one month. During this time, the new plant should stand separately from other flowers and remain in the pot in which it was purchased.
  6. Make sure there is good lighting. If placing the orchid on a separate windowsill is impossible, you can put it under a regular LED light bulb, directing the light onto the leaves, not the flowers.
  7. The next period is adaptation. For another three to four months, it is worth carefully monitoring the plant's health. At this time, the orchid does not need to be replanted, fed, or stimulated. Until it takes new roots, there is no need to carry out additional manipulations.

We are often asked, “When can you replant an orchid?” We recommend doing this after the plant undergoes a period of adaptation, produces new ground or aerial roots, and, even better, new leaves. Flowering does not affect transplantation.

Why can’t you fertilize an orchid the first time after purchase? In nurseries where flowers are bred, they are often fed so that they grow as quickly as possible. The orchid absorbs substances very slowly, so if you feed the flower additionally during quarantine and adaptation, it is easy to overfeed it.

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Optimal conditions for orchid growth

To ensure that the plant spends energy only on maintaining the beauty of the buds and not on fighting external irritants, follow the following tips:

  • The temperature in the room should be constant - from 22 to 25°C.
  • You should not often move the orchid to different parts of the room. Moreover, it is not recommended to spin it in a pot. The flower must always be oriented in the same position relative to sunrise and sunset - such conditions are as close as possible to natural ones.

Where to buy an orchid as a gift with delivery in Ukraine

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